38 weeks pregnant, the baby has no response, you don’t have to worry!

Introduction: "Once pregnant, giving birth in October", for each expectant mother, the most anticipated moment is the moment of production.However, in the process of breeding, some babies will be born early, but there are also some babies who are greedy for the warmth of the mother’s uterus and refuse to come out. What is going on?

Recently, in the mother’s parenting exchange group, a expectant mother asked very anxiously: "I have been pregnant for 38 weeks. Isn’t it already full of month?? "The mothers in the group responded to her, so she had to worry and relaxed her mentality. Although it was full of 38 weeks, isn’t it yet not reached the expected date of date, there are still half a month. MoreoverOne day is more beneficial to growth and development.

Let’s talk about the answer first. At 38 weeks of pregnancy, the baby has no response, which is normal.

Besides, we usually say that we will be pregnant in October, not in the traditional sense of ten months. The entire pregnancy is usually 280 days, that is, 40 weeks. Generally, the fetus is 37 weeks.Moon.At 38 weeks of pregnancy, the baby does not have any response, and it is normal. After all, it is only 40 weeks to the due date. What about 2 weeks?I remember going to the hospital for examination at 38 weeks. The doctor saw my medical records and said: It is already full, and I might start at any time to let me pay more attention.One day at work, I suddenly felt stomachache. For the first time, I was inevitable that I was nervous. I thought I was about to give birth, so I hurried to the hospital.After the doctor’s examination, he said that the cervical canal was still very hard. It would be estimated that it could not be given to it for a while. It was inevitable that I told me to do a good job and rest.At that time, I was not so anxious, but I never expected that the child was born in 42 weeks. When the placenta was born, the placenta was already calcified. Fortunately, the child was very healthy.

After the baby is full of full moon, a little unable to sink, mothers may be anxious, always thinking about when to give birth, and why not respond.In fact, the more you should pay more attention. The following precautions hope to help you expectant mothers.

1. The activity of the fetus in the third trimester will increase, which may cause discomfort. Sleeping at night will be affected. It is inevitable that mothers will be anxious. At this time, they must relax and maintain a happy mood.Listening to soothing music or talk to the children more, disperse attention.

2. Listen to the advice of the doctor, do various examinations in time, and pay close attention to observing the fetal heart and fetal movement. If the fetal movement is abnormal, the frequency is too fast or too slow, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

3. It is not easy to supplement during the third trimester. You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to avoid excess nutrition and cause children to grow too fast and increase production difficulty.

4. The belly is large in the third trimester and the body is relatively bulky. In order to facilitate the smooth delivery, you can take a walk to take a walk, climb the stairs, etc., accompanied by the family, so that the child can come down and speed up the child’s mobility, which is conducive to the birth of the child.

Important tips: Xiaobian always believes that in the case of satisfying the birth of the mother’s body, production must still be followed by the culprit. Whether it is for children or adults, it is better than disadvantages.If you really encounter a child, you have been delayed without response. After the expected date of due date, the doctor will also take measures to intervene.At the last critical moment, relaxing the mentality, and peaceful waiting for delivery is the most wise choice!

Today’s topic: 38 weeks of pregnancy, the baby has not reacted, do you think it is normal?

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