4 kinds of fruits "not welcome" in the uterus. It is recommended that women eat less and understand as soon as possible

Introduction: The uterus is very important for women. Many young people think that the uterus is just a fertility tool, and some people do not want to have children, so they directly ignore the health of the uterus.

Under normal circumstances, the abdomen cannot touch the uterus. Only when the uterus grows foreign bodies or pregnancy will increase the phenomenon. These belong to the unique organ of women and are also an indispensable part of the body.

In the process of pregnancy, it is accompanied by the destruction and functional obstacles of the potential tissue structure. After giving birth, the uterus is drooping, and it is easy to occur in urination, urgency, and pelvic repair after giving birth to babies to avoid falling from falling.Sequelance.

The role of the uterus:


Women with a uterus will produce menstruation. The first menstrual period starts from the development of youth. It will come once a month. The menstruation comes from the uterus, which can reflect whether it is pregnant or sick.

The recurring hematopoietic and blood loss caused by menstruation can strengthen the hematopoietic system and speed up the metabolic speed. From the gradual thickening of the endometrium from the proliferation period to before the menstrual period, due to the decline in hormone levels, the endometrium falls off, forming menstrual blood.


Breeding life, human reproduction is essential.

The uterus is an important place to complete human reproduction and continuity. It is a sign of a mature woman. Human life is born in bed in the uterus. The uterus is the "place of life" of human beings.The fetus, the uterus becomes larger, and even increases to 20 times the non -pregnancy state.

Endocrine function

The uterus can secrete multiple hormones to maintain endocrine balance and prevent other diseases caused by endocrine disorders. The uterus also participates in metabolism many growth hormones, such as prostin, prolactin, glycry insulin cell growth factor, cytokines and enzymes.


4 kinds of fruits "not welcome" in the uterus, it is recommended that women eat less

One: watermelon

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of planting technology, there will be watermelon not only in the summer, but also watermelon in the four seasons.However, it is best not to eat it for girls during menstruation. Women are most afraid of cold during menstruation. Eating watermelon can cause pain in the lower abdomen, cold body, and cause damage to the body.Once the palace cold intensifies, it is easy to cause women with irregular menstruation, blood clots, low menstrual flow, infertility and other diseases. Therefore, female friends must pay attention to protecting the uterus and avoid the cold of the palace.

Second: Fire Dragon Fruit

Fire dragon fruit is bright, sweet, rich in juice, can nourish the skin, and is loved by girls. It is recommended that women do not eat dragon fruit during menstruation because the dragon fruit is cold.Fewer and fewer.

Third: persimmons

The sweet and soft persimmons are very delicious and are favored by people. However, it is not recommended that female friends eat more persimmons.

Eating cool fruits during menstruation can easily cause uterine health to be damaged, and abnormal manifestations such as irregular menstruation and menstrual disorders.Women who often dysmenorrhea cannot eat persimmons, which will exacerbate dysmenorrhea.

Fourth: Sydney

Sydney has the effect of clearing heat and lowering fire, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and its cold nature can easily lead to obvious palace cold.

It is best not to eat pears during menstrual period, because pears are cold foods. Eating pear will accumulate cold evils in the body, causing dysmenorrhea caused by abnormal palace cold or menstrual flow, and extended menstruation.

How to maintain the health of the uterus:

—— Reduce high -fat food

A large amount of high -fat foods can promote hormonal release. Female uterine fibroids are related to long -term stimulation by estrogen. Therefore, diet should taboo spicy and alcoholic foods. Drink plenty of water.

—— Pay attention to keep warm

Most of the women’s constitution is cold, so they are more afraid of cold, and the uterus is even more chilling. Therefore, women should do a good job of keeping warm and try not to wear naked belly clothing.

When sitting in the office, it is best to stay away from the air outlet. At the same time, take a small blanket or a piece of clothes to cover the knees, belly, and waist. It is a good suggestion when necessary.

—— Regular uterus examination

Regular inspections can timely solve the environment in the uterus. When abnormal conditions are found, you can also treat symptoms in time to avoid harming women’s health. The uterus is one of the most important organs of women. Go to the hospital to check the uterus regularly and take a look at the endometrium.Whether there is a thickening situation is very important for women’s health.

—— Keep exercise

Lack of exercise will affect the normal cycle of qi and blood. If you want to maintain the health of the uterus, you must exercise reasonably.

Among them, the swimming exercise insists on traveling three or four times a week, helping to promote the function of uterine contraction and help protect the uterus.

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