4 people should not drink mung bean soup!Have you stepped on the thunder?


A bowl of mung bean soup in summer

Detoxicide to Summer Sai Xianfang

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Mung bean soup is a household

Essential summer summer artifact

But it is not everyone can drink

Drink or not injured

Come and see if you have a thunder

These 4 types of people should not eat mung bean soup

1. Patients with gout

Mung beans are medium purine content (containing 50 ~ 100 mg purine per 100 grams). Patients with gout (especially joint inflammation) are best not to eat.

2. Menstrual women

Women of menstruation do not drink mung bean soup.Women are cold during menstruation. If they drink mung bean water, they will cause qi stagnation and blood stasis, causing abdominal pain and even aggravating dysmenorrhea.

3. People with cold and spleen deficiency

Mung bean is cold and protein, and people with weak spleen and stomach have poor digestive functions. It is difficult to digest mung bean protein in a short time, which is easy to cause diarrhea due to poor digestion.

4. Those who take warm Chinese medicine

Mung beans can solve the medicinal properties of temperature and thermal Chinese medicine. Eat mung beans when drinking Chinese medicine will reduce the efficacy of the drug.Therefore, people who are taking warm Chinese medicine should not eat it.

4 major taboos that eat mung bean soup

1. Can’t cook mung bean soup with iron pot

Most of the active ingredients of mung beans are in the epidermis. If it is cooked with an iron pan, the flavonoids and metal ions will cause a deeper complex. The cooking mung bean soup is black, and it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort after eating.If you have a casserole at home, it is most suitable to cook the mung bean soup!

2. Do not add alkali when cooking mung bean soup

The rich vitamin B in mung beans can effectively make up for nutritional losses during sweating, which is conducive to relieving heat.Although the alkali can quickly boil the soup, it will destroy vitamin B and flavonoid antioxidant ingredients.Therefore, do not add alkali to cooking mung bean soup.If you want the bean soup thick, add some oatmeal or glutinous rice to cook.

3. Drink mung bean soup on an empty stomach

Mung beans are cold, and drinking on an empty stomach can cause harm to the spleen and stomach.In particular, friends with cold limbs and cold back and legs, if they drink on an empty stomach, they will aggravate the symptoms, causing diarrhea and even digestive diseases such as diarrhea and even chronic gastritis.

4. Do not drink mung bean soup too much

Mung beans contain hypotonal, excessive drinking can cause flatulence, damage the spleen and stomach, especially female friends. Excessive drinking can cause dysmenorrhea and other problems.

Therefore, mung bean soup should not drink every day. Adults drink 2-3 times a week, each time the best bowl.In addition, the gastrointestinal function of young children should also reduce the amount of food appropriately.

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