40 days after pregnancy, what will be found in the B -ultrasound?The sooner these things are pregnant, the better the better

Every pregnant mother who has been preparing for pregnancy will be very happy after learning that she is pregnant. At the same time, she is also curious about the baby baby. I hope to further determine the specific situation of pregnancy by doing B -ultrasound, but what can be detected in 40 days of pregnancy?Is it too early to do B -ultrasound in 40 days? Many pregnant mothers may have doubts about this.

So what can B -ultrasound be checked at 40 days of pregnancy?This problem that everyone cares about is better to understand early.

The first is to determine whether ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is generally due to the failure of the fallopian tubes or pelvic inflammatory disease, which causes fertilized eggs to not reach the uterus smoothly. It is bed in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix and other places, and starts to develop.Ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous. If it cannot be found in time, it may cause a large amount of bleeding and endanger the safety of the life of pregnant women. The B -ultrasound is the main means to discover ectopic pregnancy.

If the B -ultrasound is found to have a pregnancy sac in the uterine cavity, you can exclude ectopic pregnancy. If you do not see the pregnancy sac, and accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain and bleeding, it may be ectopic pregnancy., Avoid further deterioration.

The second is to see the gestational sac and calculate the gestational weekly according to the size of the gestational sac.

At 40 days of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs have developed into a pregnancy sac, with a size of about 1cm. As a small fetus, the baby’s heart has begun to supply blood, the nose and eyes are clearly distinguished, and the limbs have grown young.And the nerve tube begins to connect the brain and spinal cord, and all parts of the new life are being prepared.

At this time, you can see the pregnancy sac in the uterine cavity through the B -ultrasound. The pregnant mother can breathe a sigh of relief, at least excluded ectopic pregnancy.When you see, you don’t have to worry about it. You can just check on time according to the doctor’s guidance.

At the same time, B -ultrasound can also speculate on pregnancy time and due date according to the size of the pregnancy sac, because the pregnant mother’s own memory or irregular menstruation will have a judgment deviation, and the B -ultrasound is inferred by the data of the test results, which is relatively accurate.

The third is to determine whether it is a single or twin.

For 40 days of pregnancy, I do B -ultrasound. If the two gestational sacs are found, the characteristics of twins are pregnant. If there is only one gestational sac, it is very likely to be a single child. Because you can not see the fetal heart buds at this timeAfter 50 days, the inspection is more accurate.

Although you can see the pregnancy sac at 40 days of pregnancy, the fetus is very fragile in the early pregnancy. If it is normal and natural, there is no symptoms of ectopic pregnancy such as abdominal pain, bleeding, no history of abortion and infertility treatment. B -ultrasound is not necessary to check for 40 days of pregnancy.It can be postponed to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, the inspection items must be arranged according to their specific circumstances and the doctor’s suggestion during the checkup.

How long do you do the B -ultrasound?What are the results of the inspection?Welcome to share a message.

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