42 days after giving birth are the critical period of physical recovery. Three points will make you confine and become younger after childbirth.

In the past few days, the news of Guo Tianwang’s daughter became hot search, and Tianwang Fang Yuan also entered the confinement stage.

All the nutrients of the fetus are provided through the mother during pregnancy. The mother’s flat belly, slowly growing like a balloon a day after day.When the mother’s stomach could not turn around, the baby was launched, and the fetus changed from the fetal baby to a newborn in the pain of pain.

In the pain, the mother has also changed from a pregnant woman to a mother. The pregnancy life of more than 9 months has made our uterus bigger, and even the organs, muscles, and joints of the body are escorting the fetus.Mom’s body needs a certain time to recover. This time is the confinement we said.

When the child is born, the uterus, vagina, perineal, and even heart, bladder, and our skin, joints and ligaments require a certain time to recover.The recovery of these organs cannot be recovered with recovery. Their changes are 9 months, and recovery takes a certain time. This time is generally 6 weeks to 8 weeks, only 42 to 52 days.So confinement after childbirth does not mean a month, but at least 42 days.

Whether the confinement is sitting well is critical to the mother’s body recovery, and the mother during confinement will help the body recovery.

About 10 mothers are about 2-3 mothers who will have postpartum depression. Most mothers’ postpartum depression occurs during confinement.Mother who is depressed after childbirth is unhappy, and may often cry involuntarily or feel that life is not interesting. Postpartum depression is very unfavorable to the recovery of the mother’s body.

And prenatal mothers must understand that their mood changes are normal. The family members must also understand the symptoms of postpartum depression, and timely discover the realization of the mood of the mother, so as to cope normally.

Mom can also choose to talk to friends, often listen to music, and keep her feelings.

Mom feeding mothers in confinement may need to meet the needs of newborns at any time, and newborns usually drink milk once or two hours, and the mother’s sleep at night becomes fragmented.

Moms during confinement are best to let you fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Except for breastfeeding other things that do not need to be wet, these things that do not need mother to do it can allow other people in the family to do.

In particular, some children like to cry, and they need the help of others at home to coax their children to make the mother better sleep.

During the confinement period, it will not be able to sleep well, the mood will be affected, and the secretion of milk will be reduced.

Mom Jing remembers that when she was confinement, her sleep was better. When my baby was sleeping during the day, I would follow the sleep for a while. In addition to feeding, I was in addition to breastfeeding.So my sleep is relatively sufficient.And children’s feeding is also very smooth.

Many elderly people said: If you are confinement, you ca n’t take a bath or brush your teeth. In fact, it is not like this.

No matter if there is an air conditioner or not after giving birth, the body will have a lot of sweat, that is, the mattresses sweat. These sweats are discharged from the body’s previous body fluids in the body. When sweating, we will open.Dust, garbage will be blocked in pores.

Long -term without bathing pores will blocked the occurrence of folliculitis, and severe can even cause abyltllaria.

Generally, you can take a bath on the second day after delivery, and the cesarean section can take a bath 3 days after giving birth.

Pay attention when taking a bath:

Use a shower instead of sitting.

The bathing time should not be too long, about 5 minutes to 8 minutes.

It is not too hot to take a bath water. It is about 36 degrees of water temperature. Try to avoid water when you touch the wound.

Topic: Have you slept well in confinement, have you taken a bath?

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