42 days after the birth of Baoma, the examination found that I was pregnant again, and the obstetrician and gynecologist: I’m so ignorant.

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For women, giving birth to children is the weakest period of them, so they need to recover to restore their bodies. In everyone’s words, they need to be confinement. During the confinement, the mother not only needs to supplement sufficient nutrition, but also needs to be sufficient nutrition, but also needsPay attention to many matters, such as not seeing the wind, ca n’t cold, etc. This situation is easy to make women fall confinement. If a woman is in case of confinement, it is difficult to recover.

As a hospital, for the health of the maternal maternal, generally if you give birth, you need to go to the hospital for a checkup after 42 days to check the recovery of the mother’s body.But there was something that made her incredible.

Juanjuan is a novice mother. From pregnancy to production, she basically takes care of the elders at home. She doesn’t understand anything. When she came to the hospital for postpartum examination after giving birth, the doctor found that Juan Juan was pregnant again.On the spot, she was angry at Juanjuan’s husband. It was really ignorant. For the sake of his wife’s health, he had to bear it!And this news surprised the Juanjuan couple. Obviously Juanjuan did not even have menstruation. How could she get pregnant?

Obviously, the Juanjuan couple carried out a husband and wife life during the period of Juanjuan, and had not taken contraceptive measures. Many people thought that women had no choice but to get pregnant before menstruation.Juan and his wife’s thoughts are the same, but they can’t get pregnant, so is it more likely to use contraceptive measures?In fact, this idea is completely wrong.

Doctors said: Under normal circumstances, the female ovulation period is carried out around half a month before menstruation. If the egg and sperm are combined during this period, fertilized eggs will be formed.It will begin to develop, and women will become pregnant.Therefore, don’t think that there is no menstruation after giving birth, and there will be nothing to do with each other. Therefore, contraceptive measures need to be taken in the same room after childbirth.

1. Pay attention to postpartum hygiene

During the confinement period, the secretions will increase, so it is necessary to keep clean and hygienic every day. Many people have such a thought that they cannot wash their hair and bath during the confinement period. It is easy to infect the cold and headache.In fact, under normal circumstances, the maternal can wash and take a bath one week after giving birth, but remember not to be cold. Do not use a pot bath during a bath, so as to avoid sewage or bacteria into the body and cause infection!

2. It is best not to have the same room during confinement

During the confinement period, the mother has not fully recovered. It is a state of weakness and is easily infected with bacterial infections. Therefore, during this period, the same house is dangerous for the mother.The occurrence of confinement disease, so everyone must restrain their behavior, especially male comrades. For the sake of his wife’s body, tolerance should be forbearing.

In short, female friends have many precautions during confinement, such as: warmth, eating, exercise, etc. need to pay attention. For the perfect recovery of their bodies, we must pay attention to various behaviors during confinement.

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