42 -year -old Xie Na was exposed to pregnancy and was spit out by a certain petal. Netizens: "Born not to be her freedom


Xie Na after marriage

There are three children in total

The first twin daughter

The second child is also a daughter

Now when you visit the mall

It was exposed to the abdomen bulge

Suspected three child

Heated discussion

There are still on a certain petal

Xie Na

But in the end

Be born and not born

Is the freedom of women

Why use yourself

That world view

Forcibly add

Other people

First star


Do the word independence

Unsteady star

Big city

Millions of annual income (after tax)

There are nanny at home

No need to cook

Hand in person


Nanny is essential

Including the family of both men and women

I won’t be idle

Will come to help

normal family

Really worked hard

Some not only have to look at the baby

Have to go to work to watch the baby

Star time

Relatively free

Especially implementation

Early wealth accumulation

As well as fame

Have more time to accompany the child

So a few more children

Can understand

Not to mention Zhang Jie

Successful career

Don’t say three children

Even if there is another

Nothing at all

So life is not born

It’s all her freedom

How many people love to give birth

Just give birth

No need to envy

Cecilia Cheung

Also spit out by netizens

Because of online rumors

She has four signs of four babies

So online

Some unpleasant voices

But this rumor later

It’s not too much

Although in the entertainment industry

Many female stars

Born a child

Or two children

Is the mainstream

There are individuals

Choose a lifetime

No fertility

That too

One of the freedom

Earlier years Xu Jinglei

Admit it generously


but now

49 -year -old

Still lively

In the end

See Xie Na online

Suspected of pregnancy

Many people start again

Introduction to men and women’s opposition

Really unnecessary

This is the freedom of others


I feel suspicious of pregnancy

I feel

Forced to have a son

I really thought it was in a TV series

The picture in the Niangdao

Xie Na now

The social status

There is also the level of wealth

Have long been ahead

99 % female

Of course you can also

Men are also counted in

After all, it is a high -income group

What do people want to do

Just do it

As long as you don’t violate

Laws and regulations

absolutely okay

Plan according to your own

Not to mention

That’s all special car pickups

Add the babysitter to see the child

There is also an assistant to worry

The studio is here to help Xie Na

Solving other things

Xie Na only needs

According to yourself


Just plan

Some stars

For two months

Take three months

That’s not new

Early wealth accumulation

Already earned enough

Why continue to fight so hard

Just slow down and enjoy life

Do ordinary people dare to slow down?

Leaders will every day

Constantly drawing cakes

Slightly not good

Cover your head and face

After experiencing the workplace PUA

Look at the salary

Farly different from house prices

Some children

Some still live

Two rooms and one living room

Not only do you get working every day

Only weekend can you play with your children

Go out and bring your children to play

Mall amusement project

Play a few

Add to buy some clothes

Eat a meal


It’s gone

This is still

When you don’t buy too expensive clothes

So see the star

Travel with children

How many nanny accompanied

arrive home

Hundreds of flat villas

Auntie can make rice well

Can also clean the home

Fruit also cuts in front of it


There is such a life

Don’t say let Xiaobian live two

Even if you have three

That’s also happy

So don’t hold it

Life status

Suggesting star

Originally lived in

Two different worlds

We call

Most of them have no "money"

This is the biggest

Cognitive deviation

And no matter whether it is bad

Xie Na lives

Make many people


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