42 -year -old Zhao Xiaoqiao announced his pregnancy!In the test tube 100 stitches, 25 pills are taken every day, and have failed 4 times

How difficult is the elderly actress? Lin Yichen has tried to get pregnant. Gao Yuanyuan has been discontinued in order to spare tires. They are lucky and have not experienced too much pain!

And the 42 -year -old Taiwanese actress Zhao Xiaoqiao, her begging process was really painful, even her husband was distressed to let her give up, but she told her husband that she tried the last time.

Fortunately, the last test tube was finally successful, and she excitedly announced to the outside world that she was produced in 30 weeks and 10 weeks.The grace of bathing since pregnancy.

It was announced to the outside world because of 7 months because he was afraid of accidents again. Last year, Zhao Xiaoqiao excitedly announced that he had succeeded in pregnancy. The child had been 16 weeks. It is reasonable to say that the fetus has been stable.The fetus suddenly stopped her heartbeat. The reason was unknown. She had to perform induction surgery.

The last "stopping" made them feel worried, physical and psychological pains, and they hit them too much.

Zhao Xiaoqiao and her husband Liu Liangzuo entered the marriage hall in 2017. The man is 12 years older than her, and a son Liu Zizhen. Zhao Xiaoqiao treats the steps as his own. When the stepon told herZhao Xiaoqiao, who wanted to have his own child, was assured and began to concentrate on pregnancy.

She was preparing for pregnancy since she got married in 2017. At the age of 38, she was an elderly mother. The process was difficult. After the first artificial conception failed, she began to try test tubes.

The test tube process was very painful. She once took out 13 eggs, but only 9 survive and 3 successful, but they all failed after being transplanted to the uterus, and then experienced the second test tube, and it was a failure.

After the two test tubes failed, she told her fans about her pregnancy, and she burst into tears. She said that physical pain was tolerated, but after knowing the failure, the disappointment and emptiness in her heart were the most difficult to digest.

With the encouragement of Pokeon, she tried the third egg retrieval again, that is, last year. Fortunately, this time she was successful, but she was happy to declare, but she finally stopped the fetus. She had to induce labor.

After four failures, her husband persuaded her not to try, because it was too painful, but she still didn’t give up and told her husband to try the last time.

In order to test tubes, Zhao Xiaoqiao had to take 25 pills every day. She was a sensitive constitution in itself. After taking the medicine, she would disgusting and dizzy, and she had to lie in bed for a while.

She was still afraid of injections, but in order to succeed in test tube, she had to pierce her belly by herself. She said that when the potion was pierced, it was very painful. It hurt for 5 minutes before she could stop.

Even if she was afraid of pain, in order to test tube, she endured the edema and frequent urination.

Fortunately, this time finally succeeded, Liu Liangzuo, who has always been confidential and worried for his wife, can also be relieved, because when the child was 5 months old, he was not assured. When he attended the event in mid -March, he was asked Zhao Xiaoqiao.Say: "Hope it is the last time, otherwise it is too hard!", Now he can also be at ease

Zhao Xiaoqiao’s agent also revealed: "90%of her relatives and friends around her do not know, this time!" This time! "

After her official announcement, the friends in the circle sent a blessing for the first time. Of course, her good girlfriend Chen Qiaoen was indispensable here. The two made their debut in a group, and then performed the big explosion idol drama "Prince Become a Frog".

She left a message as soon as possible: "Finally can share this good news, look forward to the code, congratulations, dear, happy for you!"

The rest of their friends were also very happy. Pan Huiru said that she was crying, and even the topic character Yang Xiuhui was not absent from the absence of congratulations. Then Xiu Jiekai, Zhang Junning, and Fang Zhiyou sent blessings to the expectant mother.

At present, Zhao Xiaoqiao has broken 60 kilograms. The fetus is stable. Just wait for the child to be born with peace of mind. Seeing Zhao Xiaoqiao’s experience, I really want to say that her mother is too great!

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