46 years old?Taiwan media said that Big S has been pregnant for 2 months. Fans: Is this not life?

Love is our second reborn.—— Balcak

People who have only increased the popularity in the entertainment industry. They are Da S and Ge Junjun. From the flash marriage to the same roof, many people watch the whole process and participate in it.It is a happy thing to be wrapped in sweetness, but life is full of taste, and the test of "one place" can not be avoided.

At the age of 46, a third child is pregnant?Has 2 months pregnant?The big S, which had just stopped long, had news about the 2 months of pregnancy in Taiwan media, and once again attracted the attention of everyone.The focus of this time is not the newly -married husband Gu Junyu, but on her belly. What is going on?

Some time ago, Gu Junzhang set foot on the Korean variety show "Liu Quiz on the Block" with his exclusive material.It is described in detail, knowing each other with Da S, and walking into the inside story of marriage.

He seemed to expect that this incident would hang the appetite of everyone, so he kept confidential content and photo.The meeting of the two people in the mouth of Gu Junyu is like the plot in the movie.This legendary "love" also revealed the mysterious veil and presented in front of everyone.

When Ge Junye said that when she was young, she confessed her from the bottom of her heart when she fell in love with Da S.When asked why the two people broke up, he was very frank as an artist. With his girlfriend, he would be very hard. Under the factors, he made such a decision.

On the day of the breakup, the two people cried for a night, and the next day, Jun Junjun sent the big S to the airport, and his eyes watched his beloved people gradually disappear.Later, the two people had a good joy, and the big S married Wang Xiaofei, formed a family, and Gu Junyi returned to work.

But every time you see the mango, the face of the big S will appear in front of him, but this love can only be buried in his heart.Although Ge Junzhang also had several love history and appeared on a love variety show, he has not found a happy "harbor".

In the 50s, Ge Junzhang, life is still single.It wasn’t until he heard the news of Da S’s divorce that he suddenly realized that he had never let go of himself for so many years.He drumped the courage and dialed the other party’s phone. I didn’t know how to speak, and finally said "Hi, I am a bald head."

Big S was stunned at the time. This first love that has been gone for many years will appear at this time.It was like the arrangement of fate, and the thoughts of the two were instantly pulled back to the "past past".Gradually the dusty memories in my heart were revealed one by one.

In the video of the two people, I saw a familiar face.One is no longer green, the face is covered with traces of years, and the other is still coquettish, adding to the exhaustion of points.The seeds that looked at "love" were ignited again, and Gu Junyi, who didn’t want to miss anymore, and courage to get married.

The big S, who has always been my own, immediately agreed to the request. At that time, Gu Junzhang kneeling on one knee at the time, and the two were crying and immersed in a happy atmosphere.Discuss the rings and follow -up meetings, how to inform the parents of both parties and share this good news with everyone.

Although I don’t know how Gu Junzhang’s mother looks at this matter.After all, in the love variety show, her attitude towards the "divorced woman" was obvious to everyone.But since you are Junjun, you can go to Taiwan and meet your wife. Presumably, he must have done a good job of his mother.

See you more than 20 years apart, and the scene is a spectacular.After completing the isolation, Ge Junzhang came to Da S’s mansion for the first time.The moment the elevator door opened, the two cried together, snuggling together, crying for 30 minutes.He also clarified the rumors of rumors that "mother oppose Jun Jun and Xu Xiyuan".Indicates that her mother loves Big S very much.

It has been emphasized many times that the mother -in -law likes herself very much, and she loves her son -in -law very much. She is called "son" directly.It can be felt how happy this person is in the middle age.The whole person is like a reborn and bone, and after the divorce of Big S and Wang Xiaofei, the new chapter of life is opened. The two people have the same wonderful work.

I didn’t want to stop for a long time, and Taiwan media reported the news that "Big S was pregnant for 2 months".The news also mentioned the "mother -in -law" far away from South Korea. It is called Jun Jun to get old. His mother was excited to take antihypertensive medicines, and many people questioned this.

After giving birth to a second child at the 40 -year -old S, he almost did not get out of the operating table.At that time, Zhang Lan, the mother -in -law, was only in the photo of the grandson of the show in the circle of friends. Of the 36 texts of the 6 pictures, no one mentioned the big S.At that time, in order to continue the incense for the Wang family, she was pregnant with a second child regardless of her weak body.

On the day of the production, symptoms such as seizures and drug allergies appeared. After two rescue and 1 night ICU, they barely recovered their lives.After giving birth, she has a good relationship because of her medicine. She loves health and beauty, how can she repeat the same mistakes?From this point of view, the rumors of Taiwan media are not too high.

It is worth mentioning that, as the only child in the family, Ge Junye was once asked if he would have a child with Da S, and he was silent.After thinking about a small meeting, it was said that because of the previous fertility, Big S’s body may not allow fertility, and his expression embarrassedly said, "If the situation is allowed to want one."

Once his mother, when recording a variety show, she said that "no children can not have children."The mentality of Ge’s mother represents the hearts of most parents in the world, but from the perspective of the big S family.The second child was like what happened yesterday. How could the mother make her daughter and go to the ghost door and go away. The 46 -year -old big S is already an elderly mother.

But she is a person who dares to love and do everything.When I was married to Wang Xiaofei, Zhang Lan’s sentence broke her "rules" she adhered to for many years.Before marrying the Wang family, the most important thing of the big S was "becoming beautiful".In order to lose weight, she only eats 2 meals and a little milk.

The habit of eating vegetarianism, she insisted on it for more than ten years, with 82 pounds of weight control throughout the year.However, Zhang Lan asked Big S to eat ravioli because of such nutritional intake, which is more suitable for childbirth.In order to provide children with better nutrition, Big S broke the principle of vegetarian vegetarianism.After giving birth to a child and a daughter for the Wang family, he gave Wang Xiaofei everywhere.

I earned 200 yuan a year. She had no complaints, and accompanied by Wang Xiaofei peacefully.Take a closer look, this is a company reported by Wang Xiaofei in 2015.The "net profit" column is visible to the naked eye. The net profit is only "00,200", which is 200 yuan.What’s even more outrageous is that after Wang Xiaofei divorced, he issued a document, and Da S refused to accompany him to "start a business".

As the private life was chaotic, Wang Xiaofei was anxious, and all the anger blame all the anger on Da S, and listed her taking WJ medicine, regardless of her past love.Never thought about this woman, I almost couldn’t come down on the bed.

Such a past and shadow have nothing to do with Ge Junye.But for Big S, it is difficult to overcome the "shadow and difficulty".In combination with this, the rumor of "2 months of pregnancy" is really a bit unstable, a bit unreal.

The fans have also started a fierce discussion. Some people feel that "in order to please her mother -in -law", is Big S, do you want to die?Looking at the response of Gu Junyu, everyone is concerned.Of course, there are fans who ask "Is it worth"?Big S’s body cannot bear such a process of breeding.

Even if you do your best to give birth, it will cause some harm to the body.The crystallization of love is a happy thing for two people, but the premise of fertility must be to ensure their own health.So far, "rumors of pregnancy" have not been confirmed, and authenticity needs to be verified.

It is a wonderful thing to experience the difficulty and continue the front edge of the two.Big S is just happy to be yourself. With Wang Xiaofei’s child, Ge Junyi can feel the taste of being a father.There is no need to try boldly and make bets with health.

Gu Junxuan loves Big S so much, it should be understood.After all, both people are no longer young, and the marriage is not easy and cherished, hoping that the two will go happily.As for "pregnancy rumors", wait for the official good voice, what do you think of this?

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