48 days of menopause are not pregnant, but melancholy

"Dr. Fu, my menstruation has expired this month and hasn’t come yet."

Gynecological clinic, 27 -year -old really anxiously asked me.

"Are you pregnant?" I asked.

"There should be no, I tested the pregnancy test stick at home, and I didn’t have the pregnancy, and I didn’t have the same room with my husband in these 4 months." I really answered.

For female friends with sexual life, once menstruation is delayed, the doctor first thinks is she winning the bid?

If you ask the medical history carefully, I understand that the menstrual cycle of the true and flatness is long. Once a menstruation in 37-45 days, the menstrual period is 5-6 days, the menstrual volume is medium, and the mild dysmenorrhea is not needed.The last menstrual period was 48 days ago.

Really good health, 2 years ago, a cesarean section 1 healthy baby girl, denied the history of surgery, and denied the history of drug allergies.Currently condom contraceptives.

The height of the body is 1.62 meters, weighs 56 kg, has no acne, has no hair in the whole body.

Results: Pelvic B -ultrasound returns: In front of the uterus, the size is 6.1 × 5.4 × 4.3cm, the endometrium is about 1.1cm thick, the echo is uniform, and the echo of the uterine muscle layer is uniform.There is no obvious massage in the bilateral accessory area, and there is no obvious liquid dark area in the pelvic cavity.

Sex hormone return: estradiol (E2): 78.5pg/ml, follicle hormone (FSH): 4.05IU/L, luteinicin: 14.6IU/L, prolactin (PRL): 15.8ng/L, progesterone(PRG): 3.48ng/ml, testosterone (TT): <0.20ng/ml.Armor is normal.

The elevation of progesterone 3.48 prompts ovulation, and the endometrium of the B -ultrasound has two possibilities. It is really not pregnant, or it is about to come to menstruation, but in the past 4 months, it has denied sexual life.exclude.

It is certain that it will come to menstruation within 2 weeks.I tell Zhenzhen.

"Dr. Fu, if my menstruation is not here for 2 weeks?" I asked.

"That means that it’s really pregnant." I told True.

"Dr. Fu, you mean that I will go home and wait for you to listen to you, and you will be obedient within 2 weeks?" I really don’t believe it.

"Really, I speculate that your menstruation is approaching within 2 weeks of menstruation. It is judged based on your hormone results. Whether menstruation comes or obeys your sex hormone instructions, it’s not my instructions. You must abide by a healthy lifestyle when you go homeKeep your mood comfortably, work on time, avoid excessive pressure and stay up late, know? "I explained to the true smile.

"Dr. Fu, I understand that when you say this, in the past six months, our unit is working on posts. I have reported a section -level post, preparing materials, competing for jobs, written test first, and then interviews. I have three interviews. I am myself.It is a person who is a heart -minded person who is prone to suffering. To be honest, I have not slept well in the past six months. As a result last month, I failed. Do you say that it doesn’t have to be related to my menstruation? "I really asked about it.road.

It’s really reasonable.Menstruation is a unique physiological reaction of women, but menstruation is a little girl who needs to take care of our female friends to take it seriously that menstruation will arrive as scheduled.

Suddenly or long -term mental depression, tension, anxiety, environmental changes, excessive fatigue, emotional changes, cold, etc., can cause nerve endocrine disorders and cause menstrual delay, or even amenorrhea.

The normal menstrual cycle fluctuates at 21-35 days, and the true menstrual cycle is 37-45 days, which is scarce menstruation.Then I told Zhenzhen that she will come to review female hormones at 9-10 am at 9-10 am at the menstrual period at 9.4 days on the menstrual period. At this timeIdentify gynecological endocrine diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome.

The polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common gynecological endocrine disease, which is clinically manifested in menstrual scarcity (menstrual cycle ≥35 days), acne, hair, obesity, infertility, etc.Patients with PCOS have increased risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, abnormal blood lipids, hypertension and endometrial cancer.

Therefore, I suggest that Chu Chu go home to maintain his emotional comfort and healthy lifestyle, and next time the menstrual period will come to review the sex hormones for 2-4 days.

The grass and trees have the original heart.Life is unsatisfactory. If everything is casual, is this life as bland and tasteless?The bitter sourness is tasted, and life is complete.What we need to do is not to do so, but be ashamed.

At the same time I comfort and encourage, why not comfort myself?

"Dr. Fu, thank you for your wisdom, and your persuasion. Originally, the job competition failed, and I felt that I was useless. I couldn’t lift the head before my colleagues, but listen to you, I can do myself in the future.Don’t care too much about the opinions and judgments of others. Thank you for your words. "True True said to me before leaving.

Watching her walk out of the clinic with a brisk step, thinking of her heavy pace when she came.I also liked my practice just now.

Live in a passionate world.

Life is short, we need to support each other, encourage each other, warm each other, and face this not warm world.

I hope that everyone who is positive will be treated well by fate.

Live up to the future.

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