48 -year -old Mei Ting was suspected of three babies, her belly raised her eyes black, and the mansion in the family was exposed accidentally

On April 25, Mei Ting updated her personal dynamics online, but netizens found two things. One was that she was suspected of having three babies, and her luxury homes in her home were also exposed. What was going on?

Mei Ting shared a photo of her, she was taken in front of her mansion at home. She wore a very loose shirt and posted a very poetic action.But netizens found that her stomach was much bigger, and it looked like she was pregnant.Some netizens found that there were some obvious changes in her face and showing signs of pregnancy.

Netizens said in Mei Ting’s comment: "I feel that the official announcement is pregnant," there are still many netizens who have left a message. Everyone feels that Mei Ting is pregnant.It may be that some female netizens have the experience of having children, and their ability to observe is still very powerful.

From the recent photos of Mei Ting, her real state has also changed a lot. Her eyes are a little black, and there are spots near her nose. She looks like a state of pregnancy.However, Mei Ting, now 48, is a bit older. If she is really pregnant with her third child now, it is not stressful for her. It should be a kind of happiness.

A few days ago, Mei Ting also shared the daily life of her and her children at home. She was wearing a red skirt and a glasses and sitting on the sofa.Her daughter stood on the ground barefoot and took a camera to take a picture of her. The picture looked very warm.

Interestingly, Mei Ting was wearing three glasses. She did not make up at home, and her face was a bit black. It may be why her skin was like this.The table blocked her stomach and couldn’t see it clearly, but her figure looked thin.

One month ago, Mei Ting was still on the stage. She watched her belly slightly raised, and her belly was obviously larger.I don’t know if Mei Ting has really pregnant, and she did not reply to netizens.But her performance on the stage is still dedicated, and her movements and expressions are very professional.

Mei Ting also photographed the outside of her mansion. She posted a text that Ling Xiao, who was difficult to clean up on the wall of the family, and shared her usually at home. In addition to bringing children, she likes to raise flowers and grass.He is a very life -like person.

Mei Ting’s mansion is a villa with two or three floors as high as tens of millions. For her, such a house is actually very average. It is important to have her attitude towards life. When she is happy with her husband and childrenIt is what Mei Ting wants.

Mei Ting had two marriages, and she was a very conservative person for marriage.Her first marriage was to know the famous director. In 2000, the two met each other, and they had been dating for a while. The two chose to get married.After marriage, they did not have children. One of them was the actor and the other was the director.

But unfortunately, the two still did not escape the strange circle of itching for seven years, and the marriage between Po Po and Mei Ting also had problems. He was rumored to have a scandal with other female stars. Mei Ting was very sad. She also saved it., But the last two were divorced.

After that, Mei Ting met the current husband, Zeng Jian, and he was flat, just a photographer of a crew.But for the first time Mei Ting saw him, he felt that Zeng Jian was very interesting and found that he could bring everyone laughter.

It may be fate. Mei Ting and Zeng Jian filmed in a crew. She took the initiative to express her thoughts, which surprised Zeng Jian. The two then communicated together and found that both sides were interesting to each other.

In 2012, Mei Ting and Zeng Jian got married. After the marriage, they lived a daughter and a son. The family of four lived very happy.The two did not have a marriage problem. Now netizens have speculated that Mei Ting had three babies, which should be good news for her.

How do you think Mei Ting’s acting skills are?

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