5 major precautions in the third trimester, especially the fourth item, are related to the safety of fetal treasures and pregnant mothers.

During the period of 28 weeks of pregnancy, we call it "third trimester".The prospective mother in this period began to endure all kinds of "physical and mental torture".

For example: I feel that I will be full and have no appetite; it is difficult to fall asleep, it is not easy to lie down, it is not easy to turn over; sitting for a long time, the feet are easy to edema; there is a lot of way to walk, and the appearance of stretch marks leads to psychological collapse …

In short, expectant mothers in the third trimester have both expectations of early unloading and struggle with physical and mental discomfort.Therefore, you can understand the precautions in the late pregnancy in advance, make a good way to prepare, and you can live more comfortably in the third trimester!

A set of authoritative official data shows that expectant mothers in the third trimester need to consume sufficient protein and iron, and the required capacity is 85g and 22g, respectively.

Therefore, the Chinese dietary guide recommends that you can eat it in the third trimester:

First, drink two cups of 300 ~ 500g of pure milk a day.Milk is not only rich in a large amount of high -quality protein, but also contains a variety of trace elements such as calcium and vitamins.Two cups of pure milk a day ensure the protein and calcium nutrients such as expectant mothers.

Second, add 20 ~ 50g animal blood products or liver twice a week.These are foods with high iron content. The human body absorption rate is high and the iron supplementation effect is good.Specific mothers will bleed a lot during childbirth. The iron nutrition required before the baby half -year is the iron reserve at this stage.

In addition, eat more foods containing fatty acids and dietary fiber in the third trimester, such as walnuts, peanuts, soy products, and fruits and vegetables.Drinking a lot of water is also necessary, which can relieve constipation.

In terms of diet, adhere to the principle of "eating less and meals, controlling weight", avoid eating more support, and eating and eating.In this way, it not only reduces the risk of premature birth and huge children, but also helps to give birth smoothly.

The prospective mother in the third trimester was unbearable when she was sleeping.You can often hear such complaints: "You can’t lie flat when you sleep, you must sleep on the left and right sides. While sleeping for a while, you are tired and you need to turn over. It is particularly difficult to turn over and toss for a long time before you can turn over."

The sleeping position in the third trimester is a huge test for expectant mothers.

It is recommended that the pregnant mother during this period is better to sleep on the left side.If necessary, you can pinch a comfortable pregnant woman pillow between your legs.

Sleeping in this way can reduce the swelling of the hands and feet, and it can also ensure the flow of blood and nutrition to the placenta to the maximum extent.

As for whether you can lie flat, it is recommended to avoid it.Because when lying flat, the weight of the uterus will be passed on to the back, causing discomfort such as pain, and it will adversely affect digestion absorption and blood circulation.

In the third trimester, expectant mothers should reduce the time when standing or seated for a long time, let alone bending down and heavy objects.These inappropriate actions will exacerbate the unproof separation of the pubic bone.

The combined distance of the pubic bone in normal state is 4 ~ 6mm. As the fetus becomes larger, the pelvis is supported, and the ligament is naturally relaxed. This spacing will increase by 2 ~ 3mm, causing mild separation.

The prospective mother who exists in this problem will feel faintly painful, and it will also cause pain, turn around, and hurt the upper and lower steps.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the expectant mothers in the third trimester should take as much as possible.

Specific mothers with good physical conditions can do some exercise moderately, such as: walking, yoga, swimming, and Kiger movement.

For the third trimester of delivery, it must be done regularly.From 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is guaranteed once every 2 weeks, and 1 month before giving birth.

During the checkup, we must pay attention to the results of each maternity test and the change of fetal position, and make a good preparation for the birth or cesarean section to change.

During this period, there was another important major event- "digital movement".This is the skill that every expectant mother must master in order to better understand the development of the baby baby.

Specific mothers can choose one time period every morning, middle, and evening, last for 1 hour each time, and feel the baby’s fetal movement once, even if it is once.Finally, the sum of the number of fetal movements in 3 time periods is 4, which is the number of fetal movements in 12 hours.

The formula is as follows: 12 hours of fetal movement = sum of the number of fetal movements in the early morning, middle, late and night

As long as the baby’s 12 -hour fetal movement is more than 30 times, it indicates that everything is normal and there is no need to worry.There may be certain problems in the insufficient number of times, and if necessary, go to the hospital for a doctor.

The prospective mothers in the third trimester must not be lazy, without counting the fetal movement.Once the danger occurs, the consequences are unimaginable.

Some people say, "The best prenatal education during pregnancy is the mothers’ emotional management."

Stretch marks, various pain, sleep and dyspnea on the body of the third trimester will make the expectant mothers’ anxiety, sensitivity, and irritability in this period, and in severe cases can also cause depression.

These emotional changes of expectant mothers will more or less affect the physical and mental development of the baby.Therefore, expectant mothers in the third trimester should pay attention to regulating their emotions, maintain a happy mood, and stable mentality.

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