50 -year -old Zhong Liti wants to have a baby?In order to drink Chinese medicine that is difficult to swallow, Zhang Lunshuo also urged

50 -year -old Zhong Liti still has to have a baby?In order to drink Chinese medicine that is difficult to swallow, Zhang Lun said that it is still urging

Hello, everyone, welcome everyone to pay attention to Xiaobian, I wish you all a happy holiday!

Recently, I have eaten a melon that has just been released.Many people in Zhong Liti’s name should like her very much.

Zhong Liti

Everyone knows that after the second marriage of Zhong Liti, she married Zhang Lunshuo who loved her. The two were 12 years old, but they were not a problem. It was important that the two really loved each other and felt really happy.Also, Zhang Lunshuo’s zero scandal made everyone very assured.

In a variety show, Zhang Lunshuo’s mother was not satisfied with her daughter -in -law. Mother Zhang said that she had a wish that let Zhong Liti regenerate one.How can a daughter -in -law rejection.

No, he came here. Recently, Zhong Liti lived online. She lived a large cup of medicine, her expression was very painful.She stopped several times halfway and said that it was too bitter. Obviously, the medicine was difficult to swallow, so netizens estimated that it was Chinese medicine.Make fans really hurt.

The comment is very similar to the live broadcast. Many netizens think that drinking Chinese medicine is to get pregnant.Therefore, although the medicine is very bitter, isn’t it for giving birth to a baby, netizens comforted "hardship", and experienced netizens taught her to drink it, saying that she was also the person who came, and I wish you all the best.

Zhang Lunshuo watched his wife drinking medicine and grinding. It may be that he was afraid that the medicine would be weakened, so he continued to urge and seemed to want children to look like a child.

Everyone knows that Zhong Liti has three daughters. Zhang Lunshuo usually loves Zhong Liti very much. He often takes his family out to travel. Zhong Liti now can’t see 50 years old. It seems at most 30 years old. It may be related to the living law and mentality.

Well, the above is all the content of today. What do you think of 50 -year -old Zhong Liti drinking Chinese medicine for a baby?

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