50 years old, daughter -in -law and Yuan married daughter pregnant at the same time, daughter -in -law made a phone call, let me finally make a decision

Speaker: Aunt He

Hello everyone, my name is Aunt He. I am 50 years old.This year’s daughter -in -law and daughter are pregnant at the same time. Both of them want me to take care of them. I am embarrassed now. I don’t know who to take care of it.

My daughter was married, and there were more than 1,000 kilometers from our family. I have been married for three years. I am finally pregnant. At this time, if I am pregnant, I will not take care of her family. This will not be over.

Although the daughter -in -law is close to her family, she just married for a year, and I stared at it. If I left my daughter -in -law at this time to take care of my daughter, even if the daughter -in -law did not care about it, others would inevitably not think much.I can’t let my daughter -in -law be wronged for my daughter.

The back of this hand is full of meat, but it is embarrassed.

The neighbors told me: "The water splashed out of the daughter of the married daughter, your daughter has her mother -in -law to take care of it.When you help her, you will read you in the future. If you throw off your daughter -in -law at this time to take care of your daughter, you will take care of people if you are sick in the future.It’s. "

I think neighbors say a certain reason.But after all, my daughter is so far, and now I definitely need me.No parents love their children.As long as my daughter lives well, even if my daughter can’t keep her care for me in the future, I will not account for anything.

But in the future, I will definitely take care of my son -in -law, which is also realistic.

My wife thinks that I should take care of my daughter. In the future, my daughter -in -law can take care of her again, and in normal times, we often help my son and daughter -in -law to share some pressures, and we often use salary to subsidize housing loans. We have done our best to help our son’s house.It’s right.Instead, he did not help his daughter any busyness, and he owed something in his heart.Now that my daughter needs me most, I should take care of my daughter.And the daughter -in -law’s house is close, I go to take care of my daughter, and I can come to take care of her daughter. Isn’t this a matter of everywhere?I also think my wife is right.

Just when I was in trouble, a move of my daughter -in -law made me finally determined to take care of whom.

One day, my daughter -in -law called me to clean up things and go to their house.The daughter -in -law on the phone said, "Mom, my stomach is getting bigger and bigger. You have cleaned up things these days and come over."

On weekdays, my daughter -in -law is very sensible. Why did I want to let me pass before I decided not to wait.

Although I was a little dissatisfied, I still packed things to see the situation first.At that time, depend on the situation and then decide who to take care of.

In fact, I have selfishness. I think my wife is good. I should take care of my daughter. After all, my daughter -in -law’s family is close to my son and son. There are many people who take care of her.I can’t rest assured.

I went to my son’s house, and my daughter -in -law saw that I didn’t get my luggage, and I didn’t say much.Instead, I took out a lot of luggage.I thought it was because I didn’t agree to take care of her. She was angry in her heart. When I was going to go back to my mother’s house.My face sank immediately.

The daughter -in -law seemed to see what I thought in my heart, but smiled out.

She came over and pulled my hand and said, "Mom, I asked you to pack your luggage yesterday and call you to come. It’s not for you to come and take care of me."

My heart is puzzled and I don’t understand what she meant: "What do you let me come over?"

The daughter -in -law pointed to the luggage next to it and continued: "These things are all prepared. When you take care of the auntie, bring her to use it. This is a little bit of my brother and her brother."

"Ah, what, do you let me clean up and take care of my daughter."

The daughter -in -law said sensible: "Yeah, I didn’t know that my aunt was pregnant before, so at first I wanted to let my mother take care of me.

But he heard that his aunt was pregnant, although you did not tell us that the big sister also wanted you to take care of her. It is estimated that he was afraid of us.

My husband and I discussed it and decided to let you take care of your aunt. You do n’t have to worry about me. In a few days, I asked my mother to come and take care of me.You can take care of it with confidence."

After listening to my daughter -in -law’s words, I pulled her hand and said, "Good boy, I have blame you wrong before."

My daughter -in -law said, "Mom, I blame me to explain to you on the phone before, we are all a family. At this time, we should understand each other."

Watching my daughter -in -law is so reasonable, I was also happy. After returning home, my wife and I discussed.I went to take care of my daughter, and then took out 20,000 yuan from our savings to find a nanny for her daughter -in -law to take care of her.

My wife also agrees with my method. My daughter -in -law asked me to take care of my aunt. It was the daughter -in -law who was sensible, but as a mother -in -law, I had to do my heart and not let my younger generations be wronged.

When I went to my daughter, my daughter received something that my daughter -in -law asked me to bring me.

After all, after marriage, she and her brother sister -in -law did not have much time for a year and less contact. Her daughter -in -law could think so thoughtfully for her, and she also thanked her sister -in -law from her heart.Then her daughter also prepared a lot of things for her daughter -in -law, thanks for gratitude.Watching their aunt can get along so well, we are also happy to be parents.

Conclusion: Aunt He finally took care of the pregnant daughter in the persuasion of his daughter -in -law. This incident made us see Aunt He’s daughter -in -law generous and willing to do things for others.But at the same time, Auntie He, she took out another 2,000 yuan money to ask her daughter -in -law to take care of her daughter -in -law for her. This was also warm.It’s right.

Aunt He can have such a daughter -in -law who is a matter of reason, and life will definitely live in his later years.Let’s like her daughter -in -law.

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