52 -year -old Yang Yuying is pregnant?Pretty big belly wearing high heels and falls, the assistant expression was frightened and helped

To talk about the beautiful song, we will definitely think of Yang Yuying. With a song "Tell You Gently", she has red all over the north and south of the river.

But it is regrettable that she has lived alone and has not married and have children.

Recently, some netizens showed a video of Yang Yuying’s participation in the event, which is noticeable that her raised belly.

In the video, she walked very carefully, and the two assistants around her were also very nervous.

I don’t know if she stumbled her feet, she almost fell, which scared the assistant next to her and hurried to help her.

Seeing this video, netizens have doubted that this was pregnant?Seeing this belly is not like a blessing, it seems like there are children.

Yang Yuying’s most well -known is her fierce love with Lai Wenfeng.

At that time, Yang Yuying was a singer who was in justified career, and Lai Wenfeng was a successful manager.Two people seem to be the right pair to outsiders.

In order to catch up with Yang Yuying, Lai Wenfeng has made a lot of effort, constantly creating a chance encounter, helping her career, and sending her various gifts.

The beauty of the beauty was eventually moved by him.

After being together, as long as Yang Yuying appeared, he could see Lai Wenfeng, and he was laughed that the two were "one -sized babies."

They are their first love for each other, and they are also devoted to this relationship.

As long as Yang Yuying mentioned that Lai Wenfeng was full of smiles, the words were all appreciated with Lai Wenfeng.

Everyone is optimistic about them and feels that Lai Wenfeng will marry Yang Yuying into the door.

At that time, Yang Yuying was preparing to withdraw from the entertainment industry and relieved her to teach her children at home.Netizens all felt that good things were near, and they sent blessings.

It is not thought that the two announced the breakup. The reason for the breakup did not say carefully, and Yang Yuying only said that "the personality is not in line."

But not long after breaking up, Lai Wenfeng became a prisoner.This can’t help but doubt whether Lai Wenfeng has ended with illegal things.

And Yang Yuying was naturally implicated, and her career was also greatly affected.

Later, according to the news of the insiders, Yang Yuying had missed many times for Lai Wenfeng. The news completely shattered Yang Yuying’s jade girl.

For a while, various public opinion rushed to her, and then she chose to temporarily withdraw from the entertainment industry.

After breaking up with Lai Wenfeng, Yang Yuying never came up with news again.

On the contrary, after being released from prison, Lai Wenfeng quickly found his life partner. The two got married and had children, and now they are very happy.

In an interview after returning, Yang Yuying’s last time I talked about her and Lai Wenfeng in the past three years.

Obviously re -revealing your scars requires great courage.

There was no grudge in Lai Wenfeng in her words.This relationship occupies a lot of weight in her life, and she hopes that it will always be beautiful.

Yang Yuying is a very kind person. Even if the man did a lot of harm to her, she never said something that was not good for him.

Unfortunately, this relationship hurts Yang Yuying too much. She has set into her career and love, and it is difficult for her to reach the height of the year after returning.

During the interview, Yang Yuying said that she hoped that there were many children in the future. When she said this, her eyes were all light.

And now she thinks that feelings are just embellishments of life, and she becomes more and more mature, and she will never come back in the previous eager love.

The stunning teenager finally stayed in time, and they always had two parallel lines to walk to their own lives.

Yang Yuying has appeared more and more times in recent years, and later participated in "Sister who rides the wind and breaks the waves".

She is still the same as in memory. She speaks very gentle, and has not changed anymore.

It is worth mentioning that even if she has withdrawn from the entertainment industry for a long time, her singing skills have not retired at all.

A good mentality is the key to maintaining young.Yang Yuying is now enjoying life, gathering with friends, traveling out, and being very wanton.

Judging from her social dynamics, she likes to record her life with photos. In the photo, she smiles brightly, and she will not feel lonely.

Yang Yuying’s emotional life has always been the focus of the attention of netizens. Netizens hope that she can find a person who really enjoys and can have a happy family.

But for so many years, she has been alone, and there is no news of love.

Seeing Yang Yuying’s raised belly this time, and her a little round face, netizens were very excited and speculated whether it was a good thing.

Although I don’t know if Yang Yuying is really pregnant, we still respect her choice.

If a person who loves her can accompany her, it is better, and there are cute children, which is her previous life.

I hope Yang Yuying can live a happy life and live the life he wants.

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