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The day before yesterday, a fan sent a picture of a pregnancy test, asking me if I was pregnant. The pregnancy test stick in the picture showed two bars, one of which was very clear and the other was a bit vague.Although it is not a particularly clear two bars, as long as two are displayed, it is usually pregnant, and then I suggest that she go to the hospital to take blood to confirm.

Women found that pregnancy is basically in the next few days of menstruation, because they should have come to menstruation but have not come, which means that they may be pregnant.

If you use a test strip with early pregnancy, two bars show that you are pregnant, and then go to the hospital to take a blood test to confirm that the elevation of progesterone and HCG can be proved to be pregnant.

Because pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation, so this is basically about 5 weeks of pregnancy at this time, that is, the second month of pregnancy. In the second month of pregnancy (5-8 weeks of pregnancy), the fetus will be availableWhat are the changes and what are the special matters that need to pay attention to?

5 weeks of pregnancy: Most of them have just found pregnancy, the fetus is still incomplete to the fetus, and it is just a small embryo. It looks like a "small hippocampus".

After the sperm eggs are combined to form fertilized eggs and smoothly bed in the inner wall of the uterus, they begin to develop rapid and double differentiation. Each organ of the body begins to form quickly differentiation.With the body, it looks like a hippocampus shape and cute.

6 weeks of pregnancy: Although only a few days, the length of the small embryo has grown to 0.85cm, and the weight is about 3g.

The organs of the head and face have been basically formed, and obvious eyes can be seen; and began to grow young buds, which will gradually develop into the fetus’s limbs."People" are the same.

In addition, the fetus’s kidneys and hearts have prototypes, and some fetuses can already see the fetal heart beating under the B -ultrasound.

7 weeks of pregnancy: In this gestational week, the embryo has grown again, with about 1cm, and the weight is about 4G.

Black spots; and there is also a small tail (the later disappearance will be disappeared). Like a small tadpole, the amniotic fluid in the amniotic cavity has begun to produce, and the umbilical cord tissue is also developing.

If you do n’t see pregnant women who do n’t see fetal hearts at 6 weeks of pregnancy, you can basically see the fetal heart at about 7 weeks to do B -ultrasound.

8 weeks of pregnancy: Entering 8 weeks of pregnancy, it is basically a fetus, with a body length of about 1.2cm and a weight of about 6g.

The facial features of the fetus will develop more finely, the nose becomes strong, the ears are formed, the outline of the oral cavity is obvious and developed; the limbs are obvious, but the fingers and toes look together;The regular pregnant mother can basically see the fetal heart at the B -ultrasound.

In general, 5-8 weeks of pregnancy are an important period from the deformation of the embryo into a fetus, and at this stage, the heart of the fetus is formed, and the fetal heart breities can be seen under the B-ultrasound.At the end of the second month of pregnancy, the fetus looks like a flexible little baby.

① Stay away from any factors that may affect the normal healthy development of the fetus.

As mentioned earlier, 5-8 weeks of pregnancy is an important period when embryos form a fetus. At this stage, the organs of the fetus are formed rapidly and developing, and it is easily distorted by external factors. Therefore, pregnant mothers should stay away from any factors that may cause fetal malformationFor example, drugs, chemicals, X -rays, various pollution, viruses, etc.

② Pay attention to the appearance of fetal fetal heart buds.

If women usually do menstrual rules, most of the fetal heart buds can be seen at 7 weeks of pregnancy. You can see it at 6 weeks of pregnancy earlier, but there are also later on 8 weeks of pregnancy. If you usually have irregular menstruation, you may also be irregular.See the fetal heart around 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should correctly understand the time when the fetal heart appears. Not all pregnant mothers appear in 7 weeks of pregnancy. If the fetus HCG doubles, you must be patient.Heart, and HCG doubles, it may indicate that the fetal development is not good, and you must listen to the doctor’s advice to deal with it.

③ Take more rest and relax

In the early stages of pregnancy, the mood of pregnant mothers is often complicated. It is found that pregnancy is happy and excited, but then she will start to worry about the development of the fetus. After all, early pregnancy is a high incidence of abortion and fetal stopping.

However, if the embryo itself develops well, it will generally do not stop or have a miscarriage, but if the quality of the embryo itself is not good, most of the tires are useless, so pregnant mothers should try to relax and pay more attention to rest.

④ Correct understanding and response to early pregnancy

After pregnancy, due to the rise of hormones in the body, pregnant mothers will have various discomforts, such as drowsiness, chest pain, minor abdomen pain, frequent urination, nausea and vomiting, always feel hunger, and emotional changes. These are normal.Pregnancy reactions, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, try to face it easily.

If the pregnancy response is serious, you can eat it lightly. Don’t wait for the hunger every day to eat something. Try to maintain a good mood, pay attention to rest, drink lemonade, etc., which will help relieve the pregnancy reaction.Go to see a doctor to avoid danger.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but it will be very hard in the early stages of pregnancy. After the pregnant mother finds that after pregnancy, the pregnant mother should incorporate the role as soon as possible, correctly understand the early pregnancy response, and deal with it correctly to go through the early pregnancy.What are the most memorable feelings and things in early pregnancy, come and leave a message.

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