60 things you don’t know about the first pregnancy

1. Folic acid: Eat it in the first three months of pregnancy and the whole pregnancy (0.4 or 0.8mg per day, if the stomach is not good, eat it after meals or meals)

2. Calcium tablets: Start eating at 4 months of pregnancy (the effect will be better during meals).

3. DHA: To make up early, find that you start to replenish it when you find it.

4. iodine salt: iodized salt during pregnancy/pregnancy (need to consult a doctor with thyroid disease)

5. Milk: 300-500g every day after pregnancy (1-2 boxes, separate from calcium)

6. Eggs: 1-2 per day during pregnancy (can be added, high-quality protein, etc.)

7. Vegetables: 300g-500g per day (green and red and yellow vegetables above 2/3)

8. Nuts: 10g per day (supplement DHA, unsaturated fatty acids, develop well for fetal brain)

9. Fish, shrimp: 2-3 times a week (good for fetal brain development)

10. Iron agent: The best time to supplement is between two meals (black after taking the iron)

11. Lean meat: 40-75g per day before and early pregnancy, 75-100g in the middle and late pregnancy

12. Animal blood and liver: 1-2 times a week in the middle and late pregnancy

13. Coffee/tea/calcium/milk will affect iron absorption (at least 1 hour interval with iron)

14. Eating crabs will not have a miscarriage (if you are allergic or you haven’t eaten it before, don’t eat it)

15. Coffee and tea can be used to drink (daily caffeine intake <200mg)

16. Goose eggs cannot be poisoned (if you eat goose eggs, eggs are reduced)

17. Do not drink alcohol and alcoholic drinks (alcohol affects the baby’s nervous system)

18. You can eat cold drinks during pregnancy (if you are uncomfortable, don’t eat it)

19. At least 130g of carbohydrate compounds in early pregnancy (the harm to fetal poisoning to the fetus)

20. Stretch marks are affected by genetic factors.

21. Control weight is the most effective way to reduce the probability of reducing stretch marks

22. Mi (probiotic+probiotics can be relieved)

23. Frequent urination during pregnancy is very common (uterine enlarged stimulation, it will disappear slowly after giving birth)

24. Leg cramps are prone to occur during pregnancy, most of which are caused by calcium deficiency

25. It is best not to cook during pregnancy (material in the oil fume is not good for the fetus)

26. Fetal snoring pregnant mothers can feel (most of the most after 20 weeks)

27. It is recommended to donate umbilical cord blood. It is not necessary to save at your own expense (the probability of being able to use your umbilical cord blood is 0.0005-0.004%)

28. There is no requirement for sleeping positions in the early pregnancy. You can sleep on your stomach. It is recommended to sleep alternately on the left and right after pregnancy.

29. Group B vitamin and vitamin C can reduce pregnancy

30. You can use body milk during pregnancy (try to choose no fragrance, no irritation)

31. Putamite oil cannot be used during pregnancy (safflower oil can pass through the placenta)

32. Do not put the camphor pills in the wardrobe during pregnancy (camphor pill is toxic)

33. Soak your feet during pregnancy

34. During pregnancy, you can use household electrical appliances such as induction cookers, microwave ovens, mobile phones

35. There is generally no need to wear protective clothing during pregnancy

36. Pregnancy can take a bath, but you need to ask for your doctor’s order

37. Don’t worry too much about the navel cord around the neck, but pay attention to fetal movement

38. Emotional changes during pregnancy generally will not affect fetal development

39. Pregnancy is not recommended to make photon skin rejuvenation (pigmentation and proliferative scars are likely to have a high probability)

40. It is best not to use air fresh agents during pregnancy

41. Aerobic exercise every day during pregnancy will help control weight (the doctor’s advice is followed by the doctor)

42. Control weight during pregnancy, baby 2.5-4kg is suitable

43. Eating bird’s nest during pregnancy can not make the baby smarter

44. After each maternal inspection, ask the doctor if the next birth checkup needs an empty stomach

45. Bring snacks during the checkup, you can eat it directly when you are hungry

46. Generally, after 3 months, the B ultrasound does not need to be urinating.

47. Pre -delivery amniotic fluid is broken, you can’t walk, lie down and raise your hips to go to the hospital as soon as possible

48. The first tire from contraction to 6-24 hours of finger, must be prepared for psychological preparation

49. After opening a finger, it will hurt. When the pain can be tolerated, you can endure it.

50. After opening two fingers, you can enter the delivery room

51. After entering the maternal room, measure the fetal heart for about half an hour to have no problem to be painless

52. During the production, the screen gas is hard and cannot shout

53. If you try to ask for fun as much as possible in the production room, it will be more comfortable

54. Let your baby suck after giving birth, help to open milk

55. Generally, the discharge is generally discharged at 3-4 days, and the discharge of 4-7 days of caesarean section

56. You can eat it after giving birth to a baby.

57. Painlessness will not affect the child

58. After giving birth, you cannot supplement iron to make iron supplement

59. You can blow the air conditioner in confinement

60. You can wash your hair in confinement and take a bath, but do not take a bath”6″

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