A "buzz" sound came from a resident of Shanghai at night, accompanied by the floor vibration, when can I sleep firmly?

Late night

Under the floor of Mr. Yang’s house

There was a burst of "buzz" sound

The measured decibel exceeds 60

It makes him difficult to fall asleep

Such a situation has continued for months

What is the source of sound?

Is there a way to eliminate it?

After 10 o’clock on November 30th, citizens record noise decibels

Oil and disturbing the old problem, noise vibration and new sorrow

Mr. Yang’s house was available at 299 on Qingxi Road, Pudong New District. The residential area was completed in 1999.Since 2006, the first floor along the street has been used as a shop operation. About 7 restaurants have been opened within 50 meters.Since September this year, Mr. Yang’s downstairs moved into a beef noodle restaurant, breaking the tranquility of life.

Due to the operation of the machine under the house, Mr. Yang’s house on the second floor often feels the shock of the floor. Although he found the property and urban management coordination, the store also cooperated with the sound insulation cotton, but the noise reduction effect was very small.

Mr. Yang:

My old father in the second stroke in July

I am old and my body is not good

I can’t get a rest now at night

My main demand is the most important thing is

Solve the vibration problem

Why is the movement of the noodle shop so big?The law enforcement officer of the Urban Management Squadron introduced that the original store carried out "ceiling installation". It was connected to the machine with a connecting rod.Noise still exists.

In addition to the disturbance of noise, the row of restaurants downstairs also brought oil stains to residents of the community.Because the back of the store is the inside of the community, all the sewage pipes enter the community, causing the environment to be dirty and grass.This is also one aspect that Mr. Yang and other residents want to improve as soon as possible.


How can residents and shop owners be coexist in harmony?

On the one hand, it has been the problem of oil fume and oil pollution that has been existed for many years.

Community properties said that as long as residents feedback, they will clean up oil pollution, but in fact this work exceeds their scope of duties, and due to the shortage of people, it is difficult for the property to keep this area clean and tidy.

In response to noise, Zhang Yongfeng, hosted by the Takahashi Squadron of the Pudong New District Urban Management Bureau, said that because there is a mixture there, there are multiple noise sources around the surrounding area, and the detection is difficult.In terms of urban management, professional institutions will further test the noise.In addition, because the effect of noise reduction measures in the early stage is not satisfactory, urban management will also find equipment in the opposite pavilion of a professional noise reduction company for noise reduction.He predicts that the above work will be completed in one to two weeks.

On the other hand, affected by the epidemic, the operating pressure of restaurants is also high. It is understood that the store rent of this store is about 10,000 yuan per month.Mr. Ma, the person in charge of the noodle restaurant, introduced that their business hours are basically from 8 am to 11 pm. Sometimes the business hours are prolonged because of some guests. The installation of noise is mainly opened when the noodles are boiled and fried.

Mr. Ma Ma: Mr. Ma:

I used to follow the requirements of the urban management department

Step by step rectification

I will also follow the standard in the later stage

Actively cooperate

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Residents need a livable environment, and the shops need to operate. How can the interests of the two parties be satisfied at the same time?At present, urban management has been involved in rectification, and the shops have also expressed active cooperation, but from the perspective of residents, it must be that the effectiveness of rectification is more significant and faster.In addition, we are also contacting multiple parties to learn more information. If the rectification effect is still not ideal, can we reasonably adjust the format of the first floor to make the residents of this community more neat and peaceful.

Reporter: Xue Jin, Wu Zhenhua

Source: Shanghai News Radio

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