A 17 -year -old female high school student was pregnant with a 13 -year -old boy junior high school student.

The 17 -year -old female high school student was pregnant with a 13 -year -old male junior high school student. This was an incident that happened in Hebei, and it was also a shocking incident.

These two minors met through social networks. They chatted every day. They gradually met offline after they were familiar with them. They were still interested in each other.

I do n’t know if it ’s youthful germination or what happened, they often have relationships on the rooftop, basement and other places, and did not take any contraceptive measures during the period.In this way, girls are pregnant.

Girls are only 17 years old, and they are afraid of being afraid after pregnancy. They helplessly ask their mother.

When her mother heard the news, she was shocked and angry, but she still did not blame and scold her daughter, but calmly handled things.She immediately found the boy to negotiate, and then took her daughter to the hospital to check her body, and decided to let her daughter undergo abortion surgery.

The boy is only 13 years old and does not know the consequences and responsibilities of sexual behavior. He will only escape and shirk.

When the girl’s mother found him, he pretended to be innocent and ignorant, and even said "she is voluntary."

Girls’ mother did not eat this set, and threw out a phrase "there was no voluntary in front of the law."

She proposed two solutions to the boy: either to terminate the pregnancy and ask the man to pay 200,000 yuan in compensation, or retain the fetus and ask the man to pay 600,000 yuan for support.

The boy was frightened, and finally decided to take his parents to the police station tomorrow, and the two resolved peacefully.

Is it so simple?of course not.This incident brought huge damage and trouble to the two minors.Girls underwent abortion surgery with her mother and restored their health.But she may leave indelible trauma psychologically.The boy was sent to a psychological counseling institution to receive professional psychological education and guidance.He also needs to face his mistakes and take responsibility.

This incident also sounded the alarm.We cannot ignore the sexual education and family monitoring of minors.We must strengthen sexual education and guidance of adolescents, allow them to correctly recognize the consequences and responsibilities of sexual behavior, and provide appropriate contraceptive measures.

We must establish good family communication and trust, guide them to correctly cope with various challenges, and timely education and intervention.

We must protect the physical and mental health and safety of minors, so that they can grow up healthy.

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