A female dog’s abdomen was raised on the dog car, and the guy noticed that it was wrong: Is it pregnant?

What kind of psychology is it?

Before someone bought a dog, the excitement that could not be concealed in his heart couldn’t wait to bring a puppy home.

After raising it for a while, I didn’t like it, and I was as indifferent as I was.

On the dog car cart, a female dog’s abdomen bulge

A small soil dog is filled with a dog with a dog.

It was lying desperately and looked at its belly from time to time.

"What happened to the belly?"

Only then did the man notice that it was wrong. Its belly was much larger than other dogs.

Is this pregnant?

Considering this, the man can no longer calm down.

There may be several lively lives in its belly, waiting for the birth.

He stopped the dog car.

Later, I learned that this little dog was just sold by its owner. As for whether he was pregnant, he didn’t know.

The man bought a small earth dog

Even a little possibility, the man couldn’t bear it.

So I bought it with the owner of the dog meat shop.

In order to confirm whether it was really pregnant, I took it to the hospital for examination the next day.

After the doctor made a B -ultrasound for the doctor, it was really pregnant.

There are about 5 cubs in the dog’s belly, and it will be born in these two days.

Strengthen nutrition for dogs

After listening to the doctor, the man was even more distressed.

They are all mothers who are ready to be delivered at any time. How did the owner sell it on the dog car?

So after taking it home, the man quickly made delicious supplements to supplement it.

Add a few boiled eggs to the dog food, and boiled chicken legs for it.

Dogs have never eaten such delicious things, and they have finished eating.

"Poor Mao Child!"

Give gave birth to 5 little milk dogs

After two days, Xiaotu dogs really produced.

It is almost the same as the doctor expected, with a total of 5 puppy milk.

Watching their family sleeping in the dog’s nest 6, the man was also very pleased.

Fortunately, it saved it that day, otherwise so many lives would fall.

In the following days, men will also cook fish soup for the bitch and cook chicken breasts to enhance their nutrition.

I hope puppies can grow healthily.


In the dog’s world, only the owners are the closest.

So if even the owners have abandoned them, how big it is for them.

I hope that if each shovel officer is chosen to raise a dog, please be responsible to the end.

If you do n’t really like dogs, but if you are rising for a while, please, please do n’t raise dogs.

The picture comes from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact the veterinarian Xiaoming.

If you have the problem of pet health and pets, pay attention to the veterinary Xiaoming for consultation.

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