A girl in Shenzhen can fall asleep in 48 seconds!Don’t be envious, the old man who is sleepy may have this disease …

Contemporary young people have an unsolved mystery: why can’t they sleep?

Twenty years of professional insomnia, what I want most is the sleeping skill, but is it really the best skill in second to sleep?


Recently, a 23 -year -old girl in Shenzhen has been sleeping after class since junior high school. She can’t control itself, and sometimes she can fall asleep when she stands. It takes only 0.8 minutes as soon as possible, that is, fell asleep in 48 seconds.

This is really not lazy, and don’t envy. This is actually a kind of seizure of sleeping. After reading it, you know how dangerous this disease is.

What are the symptoms of seizures?

The main symptoms of seizures include overwhelming sleeping, sudden attacks, paralysis of sleep, sleeping illnesses, and night sleep disorders.About 1/3 patients have all the following symptoms.

1. Excessive sleep during the day

All patients with seizures have excessive sleep during daytime, manifested in sudden irresistible sleep seizures, regardless of time, place, and occasions. It lasts for several minutes to tens of minutes, which can occur repeatedly a day.

2. Suddenly

In essence, the bilateral muscle tension of the body that is induced by emotional (such as anger and laughter) is suddenly partially or completely lost, such as tongue tongue, facial muscles weakness, speech unable to words, upper limbs sagging, knee bending, and even collapse of the whole body. The author’s consciousness is clear.No memory disorders can be fully recovered.

3. Sleep paralysis

Most of them appear when they fall asleep or get up. Patients with seizure sleeping occur from REM sleep.Normal people also have this situation, but the frequency and degree of patients with seizures have increased significantly.

4. Sleep illusion

The illusion of appearing in the period of awakening and sleep conversion seems to happen, as if it really happens, it is difficult for patients to distinguish between dreaming or real.

5. Sleep disorders at night

There is often no difficulty in sleeping, but it is easy to wake up and dreams. It is often awakened 2-3 hours after falling asleep, and it is difficult to fall asleep.Patients feel tired and fatigue, decreased appetite, dull thinking, and poor memory.

Obesity is common in patients with seizure, and there is often an increasing weight gain at the beginning of the onset.Patients can be accompanied by anxiety and depression, and about 20 % have social phobia.

If the daytime sleeping continues for at least 3 months, and with other symptoms, you need to consider whether you have a seizure of sleeping. You need to go to the hospital for sleep.

What are the causes of seizures?

The cause of seizures is unknown, and it is generally considered to be the result of the interaction of environmental factors and genetic factors.

Virus infections, especially HIN1, type A influenza virus infection, immune dysfunction, and brain tumor diseases are all related to seizure sleep.

More than half of patients have certain causes before they have symptoms, such as emotional tension, stress, excessive fatigue, etc.About 8%-10%of patients have family history, and the prevalence of the prevalence of the second-generation direct-based relatives of patients is 20-70 times that of ordinary people.

Human seizures have a high degree of correlation with human white blood cell antigen (HLA).The hypothalamic binoccolin has a awakening effect. It is synthesized by a small amount of nerve cells distributed in the back of the hill and is widely projected into all parts of the brain and spinal cord.Human seizures are due to immune damage caused by apoptosis in the hypothalamus, which leads to a significant reduction in the level of hypothalamine in the cerebrospinal fluid.

How to treat seizures?

For patients with seizures, it mainly depends on drug treatment.

1. Treatment of sleeping during the day

Although non -drug treatment can also improve patients’ sleeping symptoms, many patients still need drug -assisted treatment.Pyrodium hydrochloride is currently the largest drug in the world to treat the disease.Modotici was first applied to the treatment of seizures in French hospitals. For patients with poor efficacy, it can be used with small doses of methamphetamine.

2. Treatment of Sudden Sudden

Third -ring antidepressant, such as propyzine, pasta, and chloropami, etc., are the earliest drugs used to treat seizures.However, there will be adverse reactions such as dry mouth, blurred vision, panic, and decline in sexual function.

3. The treatment of hallucinations and sleep paralysis before falling asleep

Sodium γ-hydroxyate is the only drug with exact effect effects.Merge emotional disorders can choose cognitive behavior therapy and sedative effects such as SSRIS and SNRIS; psychiatric symptoms can choose appropriate drug intervention.

Non -drug treatment is the basis for treating seizures, especially for patients who are not suitable for drug treatment (pregnancy and early childhood). Non -drug treatment is a necessary method.

People with a seizures should avoid depression and sadness, and should not be too excited, because excessive excitement can induce suddenly swelling.

Develop good sleeping habits, such as staying up all night, not suitable for sleeping time, early and late, and should maintain regular and sufficient night sleep.

Give effective psychological intervention.

In terms of career selection, you should avoid choosing a work with major responsibilities to avoid accidents.It’s best not to travel alone.

Participate in sports activities and exercise in moderation, which is very beneficial for inspiring spirit.

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