A happy moment, the girl is pregnant

1. A child ran to the mountain, and inadvertently shouted at the valley: The sound of "Hey" has just fallen, and the echo of "Hey" from all directions from all directions promised the child to be surprised, and shouted again: "Who are you? "Dashan also echoed:" Who are you? "The child shouted," I am a big brother ~ "Dashan also said," I am a handsome guy ~ "The child fights with Dashan, but the mountain is like a repeat machine.If you only repeat the child, the child can’t help but be angry, shouting, "I hate you." Where did he know that the sound from the entire world was: "I hate you, I hate you" the childCrying back home, told his mother and mother said to the child, "The silly son is an echo. You go back and shouted to the mountain and shouted ‘I love you’. What will happen to the result?" The child ran to the mountain again.He shouted to the mountain: "I love you ~" Dashan: "I love you" 80 years later, the old man was lying on the top of the mountain to see the sunset old man: "Thank you!" Dashan: "Thank you!"The wind blows through the old man’s desperate guardian, the mountain is crying

2. Daughter: "Dad, dad, are you adults, you will be fulfilled if you have said it." Dad: "Yeah, what’s wrong" Daughter: "You don’t talk about it, if I have scored more than 90 points, you willGive me 100 yuan? "Dad:" Yes, wait, girl, dad gives you money. "Daughter:" Dad, dad, no need, I saved you 100 yuan for you.

3. The girl is pregnant!The mother asked angrily: "Who did it … half an hour later, the Ferrari sports car came, and a master -style middle -aged gentleman entered the house. The gentleman said politely:" Ling Yuan is pregnant, although he cannot get married, but I will knowResponsible!If you have a girl, I will leave 3 stores, 1 villa and 2 million US dollars."If you have a boy, I will let him inherit two companies plus 2 million US dollars."But if there is a miscarriage …" At this time, the silent girl father suddenly stood up and said to the gentleman, "Then conceive again

4. My dad has dared not go home for two days.This is the case. A few days ago, my parents got the 25th anniversary of marriage, and my dad gave a ring to the mother, and the mother’s beautiful people showed it.Early in the morning yesterday, my mother roared and asked my dad where I went?! I shook my head and said I didn’t know. When I asked, I knew that my mother went to the vegetable market to buy a chicken yesterday morning. I saw a copper circle of the chicken feet.It is exactly the same as the "ring" sent by his dad.

5. When I was in elementary school, I was at the same table of "Shi". One day everyone was waiting for class quietly. Only he and another classmate were making trouble. At this time, the teacher suddenly came in, and he shouted at the same table at the same table:"What are you excited?" Who knew that my two goods said at the same table, "I don’t have surnamed dung, my surname is history!"

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