A major murderer of a female infertility, the endometrium is too thick, and the early transfer will be pregnant early

The uterus is a very important organ for women. The breeding and reproduction of life starts from here.However, the uterus is also a very vulnerable organs.In gynecological diseases that women may face, uterine diseases account for a lot.And these diseases develop to a certain point, which may cause female infertility.The endometrium is too thick, which is one of the gynecological diseases that may lead to infertility.

How thick is the endometrium too thick?

Many women are too thick to endometrium and have no clear concepts.According to the current medical observation, the thickness of the endometrium between different individuals is a bit different.Women’s endometrium thickness will have a periodic change.According to most people’s endometrium changes, women’s endometrium is the thinnest than 2 mm, and it will not exceed 10 mm in the end.When the results of women’s examinations show that the thickness of the uterine endometrium exceeds 10 mm, it can often be regarded as the thickening of the endometrium.

How to treat the endometrium too thick?

1. Keep warm

Warm keeping is very important for women. If there is symptoms of hyperlofllar endometrial, you should pay more attention to keeping warm.Avoid wearing navel in life, eating less cold food, and maintaining your positive and healthy psychological emotions.If emotional fluctuations are great, it is not good for physical health.

2. Diet

There are some foods in life, which is very good for the uterine endometrium, such as kelp, soybeans, bananas and other things.Women with too thick endometrium, try to choose foods that benefit qi and blood, soy milk, black fungus, etc.These foods are very good for women, and it is very helpful for conditioning the thickness of the endometrium.

3. medicated diet

When it comes to conditioning, many people will definitely think of Chinese medicine.In traditional Chinese medicine, there are indeed many medicinal materials, which have the effect of nourishing the body.For women with too thick endometrium, things such as squid bone stewed chicken, litchi dried lotus seeds and other medicated diet are all good ways to nourish the body.

How to treat the endometrium too thick?

The conditioning method is targeted at the symptoms.If the endometrium is too thick and a more serious condition occurs, it is best to choose a more professional treatment method.For women of different ages, there are currently more popular treatment methods:

1. Reproductive period

For women in the reproductive stage, the best treatment for the endometrium is too thick in the uterine endometrium.When the endometrium is too thick, the symptoms of bleeding have occurred, and the curettage can control bleeding to a certain extent.If there is still symptoms of bleeding after the curettage treatment, you need to conduct deeper examinations such as hysteroscopy.

2. Extraction period

Patients in this period generally use the curettage to stop bleeding.If there is a large amount of porridge in menstruation and a long period of time, it is treated with progesterone. Generally, one cycle is performed every two months, and a detailed examination is performed again after three cycles.

3. Late menopause

Women in the later period of menopause can try to replace with simple estrogen.If the curettage is performed, it can not be used for temporarily without alternative therapy and uses progesterone.The treatment of progesterone can effectively hyperplasia in the endometrium, which is very effective for women with too thick endometrium.

Since the endometrium is too thick, there must be an excessive endometrium.What kind of specific content is the endometrium?The next article reveals the answer.

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