A married man in Liuzhou had a relationship with female netizens. After pregnancy, the woman was sued to invade the reputation.

I wanted to talk about love well, but was accidentally aggrieved by Xiaosan, and Wang Liu’s Wang was very aggrieved.

On this day, she came to the community where the "ex -boyfriend" was located and directly attached the printed paper on the "ex -boyfriend" car.

The content on the note was surprising. It turned out that "ex -boyfriend" Liao Mou was derailed.

This is a new thing.

Residents in the community stopped to check, and by the way, Liao was famous.

What the hell does this happen?

Wang is 26 years old, and the family feels that she is not small to get married.

Three years have passed since the last time in love, and Wang did not know where to meet newcomers.

At a friend’s party, Wang met Liao.

Liao said that he was 30 years old and was unmarried and was the head of a small company.

Wang was attracted by Liao’s good conversation and manner, and expressed his favor.

Liao also fell in love with Wang at first sight, and the two had a relationship that night.

In the next two months, Wang and Liao Mou were inseparable, like a loving little couple.

But Liao disappeared at this time.

The anxious Wang looked around, and finally learned about Liao’s place through the middlemen.

It turned out that Liao lived next door and was indeed the head of a small company.

But he was not 30 years old, but 35 years old, and also married.

Wang then realized that he turned out to be Liao’s lover.

The anger Wang wanted to find Liao Mou to ask a clear, but found that he was pregnant.

In the past two months, Wang has been with Liao, and the child is Liao.

Without a call from Liao, there was no news on WeChat, and Wang didn’t want to keep the child.

Accompanied by a friend, Wang had a abortion surgery.

Abortion surgery hurts the body very much, and Wang couldn’t swallow it.

Through Liao’s company, Wang found the community where Liao Mou lived.

So there is a scene of paper on the beginning.

Liao knew that the derailment was about to hide. In the face of his wife’s questioning, he stiffly said that Wang was framed him so that his company closed down.

While Wang asked Liao to compensate for the mental loss fee, Liao also went to the court to counter Wang to infringe his right to reputation and demand compensation.

After investigation, the court rejected Liao’s counterclaim.

Liao, who did not give up, wanted to escape the responsibility on the grounds that his child was not himself.

But before the results of the hospital’s examination, he could only admit that he was derailed and caused Wang to get pregnant.

1. In this case, in the face of Wang’s interview in the community, the relationship between the two and the relationship between the two, Liao Mou sued Wang by infringing the right to reputation.So is Wang really violated Liao’s reputation?

Article 1044 The civil subject enjoys reputation.The reputation is the social evaluation of the morality, prestige, talents, credit, etc. of the civil subject.

The Civil Code stipulates that everyone has the right to reputation and is protected by law.

However, the premise of infringing the right to reputation is that the fact that the infringer explains is completely fabricated out of thin air, not a real thing.

In the absence of his wife and children, Liao also had a relationship with Wang and caused her to be pregnant.

This is the fact that it is nailed on the board. It is not fabricated, but it does not constitute the right to infringement.

2. On the grounds of wearing a condom as a condom, Liao questioned that Wang’s child was not his own.So when sexual relationships occur, do you definitely not get pregnant when wearing a condom?

the answer is negative.

Under normal circumstances, 98%of the probability of wearing a condom will not be pregnant.There is also a 2%probability that it cannot be guaranteed.

There are three reasons for 2%:

The first is the late time when the relationship occurs.Only by bringing well before the relationship can you guarantee that you will not get pregnant.

The second is that the size of the condom is inappropriate, and too large or too small can cause pregnancy.

Third, the quality of condoms is not good, so don’t be cheap at this time.

For the above reasons, even if Liao Mou and Wang have taken safety measures when they have a relationship, they still have the possibility of pregnancy.

3. Liao Mou knows that he is still with Wang with Wang and leads to the woman’s pregnancy. Is Liao a crime of marrying?

Article 258 [Crime of the Divine Marriage] If a spouse is married, or knowing that others have a spouse and get married, they will be imprisoned or detained for less than two years.

According to the Criminal Law, one or both parties must be married by one or both parties, but they live together in the name of husband and wife, that is, a factual marriage has occurred.

Although Liao Mou became a male and female friend with his wife and Wang, but until Wang discovered, the two were couples.

It is a couple, not a couple, and does not constitute a crime of getting married.


Derailment is not illegal, but shame.

Especially a man like Liao Mou knows that he is married and conceal his identity with Wang.

Afterwards, Wang was pregnant, and he did not admit it. He argued for himself with various reasons.

I knew it was before, why bother.

Before doing things, you must think twice.

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