A pair of father and son in Zhejiang drowned, and in the last moment, Dad hugged a 2 -year -old son tightly!Several fainted wives in pregnancy …

July 25th

A pair of father and son in Taizhou, Zhejiang

Falling the water unexpectedly in Xinhe, Dingtao District, Heze, Shandong

When the rescue staff found them

Father still holds the child tightly

When rescued,

Father and son no longer have the signs of life …

The two had drowned when they were saved

The captain of the Dingtao Zebra rescue team, responsible for the rescue, introduced that at about 6:40 pm on the 25th, the rescue team received a call from Mr. Wan, a citizen, and someone in the Xinhe in the Bowen Washington Community fell into the water.At that time, Mr. Wan was fishing there.

After receiving a call for help, the Dingtao Zebra Rescue Command Center immediately organized more than a dozen players on duty to the scene.After the Zebra rescue players rushed to the scene, they immediately assisted in public security and fire rescue.

Because the water is deep in the water, the water and stones at the bottom of the water are gradually dark, which makes it difficult to rescue the difficulty.

After the public security, fire protection and zebra rescue teams and the joint efforts of caring citizens, around 8 o’clock in the evening, the water fell was salvaged on the shore.

Unfortunately, when they rescued, they had no life signs.

At the last moment, Dad hugs the child tightly

The two drowned, one was a man in the age of thirty, the other was a child about 2 years old, the relationship between father and son.

Witnesses said that children accidentally fell into the water while playing by the river.His father immediately jumped down to rescue. Because he did not know water, his father and son were killed.

The rescue team said that his father hugged his child tightly when he found it.The rescue staff took a lot of effort to separate the two.First fish ashore, and then pull the adult out of the water.

The child’s mother who came to hearing the news fainted a few times.My mother was pregnant with two -child baby, it has been five or six months.

In order to prevent children from accidents, several female rescue players accompanied her with each other.

The rescue team said, we cried several, too miserable!

It turns out that my father can’t swim

It is understood that the father and son of Luoshui are natives of Taizhou Road, Taizhou, Zhejiang.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the man’s father -in -law Zhu Qiang (a pseudonym), and he was rushing to Shandong.

Zhu Qiang told reporters that the daughter -in -law was doing glasses in Shandong, bought a house over there, and was next to the place where the accident.In the afternoon of the same day, the son -in -law drove a battery car and took the child out to play.The gap between the guardrail of the observation deck is relatively large. When playing, the child accidentally drops.The son -in -law jumped in a hurry, but both had an accident. "The child’s father would not swim at all."

The reporter learned that this river is about 1 meter 7 meters on the side, and the deepest part of the middle is more than 3 meters in the middle.

When rescue and salvage father and son, the scene was filled with the masses.Some citizens living nearby said that they often saw a family of three come out to take a walk, talk and laugh, and love and love.

"In a few months, my daughter was a family of four. Now …" Zhu Qiang said that his heart knife was painful. "The son -in -law is the only child in the family.If you can’t hit, hide it first, how long can you hide it? "

You must know the danger of these "door"!

The elevators, grass, parking lots, manhole covers in the community … Because they are familiar with the environment, parents often easily ignore the hidden dangers in front of the house, leading to tragedy.You must also pay attention to safety matters at your doorstep. You must also know that you must be vigilant for places that may lead to danger.

Source: Taizhou Evening News (TZWB999),@来 来

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