A total of four cycles, four are not absolute safety periods

Middle -aged mother with a daughter, the most worried daughter’s four things, the daughter’s academic career, the daughter’s green tea girlfriend, the scum partner, and the physiological course education.

In the vast rural areas, towns, this physiological course is indeed very small, but it does not mean that Chinese mother does not care about her daughter.I have been to many countries, and I feel that my children are most concerned about their children.It is just that they don’t know how to tell their daughter’s knowledge about gynecology.

"I, the safety period, unexpectedly," The little girl who came to the hospital was lost in this period of safety.I thought the safety period was safe until accidental pregnancy, but there was no absolute safety period.

As long as women don’t want to get pregnant, they must take safety measures.If you forget it, you will be remedied afterwards.

Girls’ menstrual cycle is divided into follicle period, ovulation period, luteal stage, and menstrual period.

What we call a safe period refers to the non -ovulation period.

Everyone knows that menstruation does not necessarily come so time on time every time, sometimes early, and sometimes delay.Then correspondingly, other periods of the menstrual cycle will change.It means that ovulation may be advanced or delayed, and uncertain.Therefore, the safety period will also be advanced or delayed, and it cannot be determined.Then the safety period becomes unsafe.

Egg cells will change with your emotions. One day you are in a good mood, your egg cells come earlier, your mood is not good, and egg cells are not coming.The safety period is contraceptive. I didn’t get pregnant before, but now I am not pregnant, but it does not mean that I will not get pregnant in the future.

Contraceptive misunderstanding

1. Safe contraception: The girl above has explained to us that the safety period cannot be absolutely contraceptive.Dr. Pang will not repeat it here.

2. I can get pregnant: sperm is alive, even if it is not ruled out that some will slip in.I had a patient before, just a newly married, and she didn’t want children for the time being. Her husband was not in it at the end.As a result, a move!And still ectopic pregnancy!Intersection

3. Men’s mouth, deceiving ghost: You must not believe that your boyfriend said to you "can’t go in". You need to know whether they can not help hold back the beastly hair.And even if he goes in, he may not be able to control himself, let alone guarantee it with you.

There are no way to contraception in the world, but the two methods are much stronger than the above.

Correct contraception, grab the two purpose

Prevention before the purpose: Simple forward contraceptives are wearing sleeves and taking short -term contraceptives

1. Male condoms (contraceptive rate 87%): Men’s condoms should be more common. Is there any damage to checking sleeves before wearing?

2. Women’s condoms (contraceptive rate 83%): Women’s condoms are relatively small, such as cervical caps, which are used to get stuck on the cervix to prevent sperm from entering, so as to achieve the effect of contraceptives.

The risk of damage in condoms, so it may also cause contraceptive failure.However, wearing a suit cannot be contraceptive, and it can also prevent the infection of certain sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Short-acting contraceptive pills (contraceptive rate 93%-99%): See clearly!It is short -acting contraceptives instead of emergency contraceptives!There are many commonly used short -acting contraceptives, such as Mom Fulong, You Siming, Meixinle and so on.

Remedy after the purpose of the purpose: emergency contraceptive pill

Emergency contraceptives (80%contraceptive rate): Common emergency contraceptives are Zuo Nuo progesterone, which is Yuting.It can emergency contraception within 72 hours after the incident.

After taking emergency contraceptives, it is easy to produce side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, and wanting to vomit, but generally it will return to normal when 24 hours, don’t worry too much.But you ca n’t always take the idea of taking emergency contraceptives afterwards to contraception. Frequent eating really may cause infertility!

Having said so much, Dr. Pang summarized that although it cannot be successful in contraception, you must choose a scientific contraceptive method.At least choose the method of correct research.Or if you have ideas, you can also choose ligations, subcutaneous buried agents, and upper ring.

Grandma Pang wants to ask everyone if there is any experience in contraceptive failure to share it?The incredible the better!

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