A vegetative belly in Jiangsu became larger, and after the examination, she found pregnancy. She woke up after giving birth to her son.

as big as World, nothing is nonexistent.In February 2011, an unheard of strange things happened in a hospital in Muyang County, Suqian, Jiangsu.Gaodejin’s wife caused a variety of unconscious plants due to a car accident. The belly was getting bigger and bigger. The results of the inspection were actually pregnant. In addition to the joy, Gaodejin considers that the economic problems were required to be rejected again, and the miracle eventually happened.

How should citizens make a reasonable lawsuit?After the wife was hit, she became a vegetative, and her husband repeatedly asked for compensation. How should the legal level be interpreted?Does the husband’s behavior belong to extortion, will the law support?This article will be interpreted for everyone.

The man is Gaodejin, and his wife is Zhang Rongxiang.He and his wife had two daughters, and the happy family should have encountered a car accident on December 1, 2010.

On this day, the Gaodejin couple drove a tricycle to send the study information to Gao Yun, a high school daughter on the county seat. What I didn’t expect was that when a family of three walked to the road intersection of the county industrial park, a sudden car was a car.Back.

At the moment when the car hit, Zhang Rongxiang, the mother, subconsciously held her daughter in her arms, and let her and her daughter and her daughter be fiercely fell on the road in the form of a parabolic line.In the end, her daughter was not severely damaged, but her own head was severely damaged.

After Zhang Rongxiang was sent to the hospital, she was delayed that she had not recovered. The doctor determined that she had become a vegetative and the probability of being able to restore a soberness was minimal, unless a miracle happened.

After investigation, the case handler found that Zhao Gang’s driving speed was fast on the day of the incident and did not slow down in time.Gaodejin and his wife drove a tricycle with a smile, and did not observe the surrounding situation in time.Both sides should take responsibility.The driver Zhao Gang considers that the Gaodejin couple was indeed seriously injured, so they cooperated with the court’s verdict to give Gaode Gold a 40,000 yuan medical expenses.

Unexpectedly, after a while, Gaodejin once again brought Zhao Gang to court and continued to ask for compensation.

Three months after the car accident, Zhang Rongqiang was still unconscious, but her belly was bigger every day. After the doctor’s examination, she found that she had 4 months of conception, and the child had it before the accident.Gao Degin refused to give up this hard -won child and insisted on giving birth to the child.

In the blink of an eye, 5 months later, the medical staff had a son who was unconscious through a cesarean section.Their children were unexpectedly healthy, and Gaodejin began to worry about the economic problems at home, and had to raise the child, and had to take care of his wife.Thinking about it, Gao Degin brought Zhao Gang to court again.

Zhao Gang was unwilling to ask for claims three times, and insisted on compensation.Because the child was born before the accident, Zhao Gang, who caused Zhang Rongxiang to be unconscious, should indeed bear joint responsibility.

Therefore, the court judged that Zhao Gang compensated the Gaodejin family of 530,000 yuan at one time.From then on.Gaodejin could no longer continue to compensate Zhao Gang for the reason for the previous matter. The grievances between them have been completely over.

In May 2014, Zhang Rongxiang, who was unconscious for a long time, suddenly returned to consciousness.Since then, the incident has finally had a complete ending.

It can be seen from this case that Zhao paid compensation after the accident and did not choose to escape.When Gaodejin filed a lawsuit for the second time, Zhao Gang also agreed to compensate. It can be seen that Zhao Gang, as a citizen, is actively responsible for his legal responsibility.

But the money is not enough to pay the medical expenses of the Gaodejin family and the support for his son.In this case, Gaodejin chose to file a civil lawsuit with the court three times, asking Zhao to give reasonable compensation, which is a legal act.Even if you are in trouble, you still choose to use legal means to protect your rights instead of doing extortion.

Everyone is equal in front of the law. When the rights we have, we must use legal weapons to protect our rights and interests to protect ourselves.Similarly, the rights and obligations of citizens are corresponding. As social citizens, we must actively fulfill our obligations while exercising power.

Whether it is civil cases or criminal cases, pay attention to retaining evidence at the first time! Evidence includes medical records, photos of traffic accidents, and proof of proof.

For the handling of traffic accidents, the police should be called and notified the insurance company; for a slight traffic accident, you can choose to negotiate; if it is a major traffic accident, you should contact the insurance company and the public security organs in time to ensure that your rights and interests are guaranteed.

When a disability occurs, the disability assessment should be performed as soon as possible, and compensation is applied according to the results.If the amount of compensation is unreasonable or the other party does not agree with compensation, it can consider filed a civil lawsuit with the court and supports our litigation claims according to evidence.

When maintaining our rights, we should always maintain calmness and rationality, and try to avoid impulse, especially do not compromise or sign agreements.At the same time, we must learn to safeguard their rights and interests, apply for appropriate compensation in a timely manner to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of their family are protected.

Seeing the audience friends here, how do you think of rights protection?What do you understand about Gaodejin’s behavior?Welcome everyone to discuss together!

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