A woman in Beijing was drunk, woke up naked, and was pregnant soon, but she felt not a boyfriend!

Although drinking is not a good thing, many people are inseparable.Whether it is a friend’s birthday or salary increase, the promotion or celebration cannot be separated from the wine on the banquet.

Especially girls, they are indeed a dangerous thing to drink outside, because some girls are easy to confused after drinking alcohol, and they are not sober.

Cao Wen (a pseudonym) in Beijing encountered such a thing. During this period, Cao Wen was invited to participate in the wine bureau, but unexpectedly was taken advantage of the leadership.

Cao Wen is a salesperson of a BJ’s gold and silver jewelry. Due to her excellent performance that month, the manager (pseudonym) of the department invited Cao Wen to participate in the company’s leadership.

Cao Wen is dumb, but his personal ability is very strong. With a serious and responsible attitude, he has more than a blame in this industry.It also made her win the title of the sales champion several times.

This month, Cao Wen completed the sales task again in advance. As a prize, Manager Wang specially invited Cao Wen, but Cao Wen was in tangles.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go, but that she knew that Manager Wang was a person, which was beautiful and serious.Moreover, it is a leader at that time, and Cao Wen, who is relatively rusty for this occasion, is afraid of losing people.

Thinking about it, Cao Wen rejected the good intentions of Manager Wang in person. He did not expect that Manager Wang was unhappy. He said that only the company’s sales are worthy of this honor. His face can be given.Bar.

Under the persuasion of Manager Wang’s good words, Cao Wen decided to go to the wine bureau.

On the way to go, Cao Wen had already figured out his strategy, and immediately left immediately when he found something wrong.

"Cao Wen, you are here."

Manager Wang watched the beautiful girl today, and he was happy.As he came over, he stretched out his hand to meet.

Cao Wen was scared by such a scene and quickly stepped back.

Seeing this, Manager Wang stopped.

"Look at you, we are all old employees, can I still eat you?"

"Manager Wang, you laughed."

After speaking, Cao Wen nodded, and then found a empty position and sat down.

After a while, the leaders were all in Qi, and the leaders greet each other for a while. Cao Wen was just a foil at this time, because she didn’t know what to do, and she could only sit on the stool silently.After the manager Wang saw it, Cao Wen came over.

He picked up the wine in his hand and touched Cao Wen.

Cao Wen, who had a bad amount of alcohol, directly rejected Manager Wang. I did not expect that Manager Wang smiled and said whether Cao Wen looked down on him.

So many people looked at Cao Wen. In order to "end" the so -called entertainment, Cao Wen drank a drink with Manager Wang.

As everyone knows, Manager Wang’s heart is under another abacus.

Cao Wen, who was alcoholic, drank two glasses with Manager Wang. She couldn’t drink anymore and quickly refused.I did not expect that Manager Wang said that such a good Moutai was wasted.

Cao Wen saw that Manager Wang drank another cup. He did not expect that after this cup, Cao Wen’s head began to dizzy and his body trembled.Seeing that he was happy, Manager Wang quickly explained to the leaders that Cao Wen was drunk and wanted to send her home.

Manager Wang took Cao Wen’s return home, in fact, he was planning his shameless plan in his back.

Sure enough, Manager Wang was a pseudo -gentleman. He did not send Cao Wen to home, but "sent her into" the hotel.

I usually think about Cao Wenchao at work. This time, Cao Wen, who was lying in bed, was not saving in bed. Her charming figure and good face made Manager Wang of the gallbladder finally removed the camouflage and faced towardsCao Wen went …

After the incident, Manager Wang hurriedly put on his clothes to leave the hotel in order to be afraid of this. He quickly put on his clothes and left Cao Wen alone in the hotel.

The next day, Cao Wen finally woke up. She couldn’t remember how much wine she drank yesterday. I just remembered that she felt confused after two cups of belly at that time, and someone sent her to the room. As for this person, this person wasWho she really can’t remember.

Cao Wenzheng was about to get up to work, but he did not expect that he was a naked state. How could this be?She didn’t remember she took off her clothes yesterday.

If you don’t think about it, Cao Wen quickly put on his clothes back to the company to work.

Next, Cao Wen started to work again, and went home for two o’clock life models. Of course, there was the most important thing to accompany her boyfriend Zheng Fan (pseudonym).

Zheng Fan and Cao Wen are college alumni. They belong to the love at first sight. They have been together since the freshman. They have also seen parents of both parties in the middle. They are very satisfied.Moreover, parents of both parties prepare to get the little couple to get married next year.

After a period of time, Cao Wen suddenly felt unwell, and always had symptoms of disgusting vomiting. In fact, she also thought about it. Because Cao Wen didn’t have her boyfriend for a long time, she quickly denied that conjecture.

A colleague who had been pregnant with a child, after seeing Cao Wen’s response, she carefully reminded Cao Wen’s symptoms like her reaction when she was Huaibao. She suggested that she go to the hospital for examination.

After hearing his colleagues’ suggestions, Cao Wen did not dare to delay more. He hurried to go to the hospital to check his body with his superiors. As a result, Cao Wen was indeed pregnant!

Zheng Fan didn’t know where to know the news of Cao Wen’s pregnancy. He was very happy and excited and couldn’t wait to marry Cao Wen into the door.

But Cao Wen’s heart was not calm.

how could be?It shouldn’t be!Cao Wen made countless question marks in her heart, because she was sure that she would not be the boyfriend of her boyfriend at this time, so who would it be?

Cao Wen did not dare to leak the news of his pregnancy and still go to work on time every day.

On this day, the company organized another dinner activity. Considering that he was now special circumstances, Cao Wen rejected the dinner campaign without any hesitation.

I didn’t expect a colleague around me to tell Cao Wen: "You rest assured, it’s okay, then Manager Wang will send you home."

This sentence is like the thunderbolt stabbing Cao Wen’s heart. She was stunned. She did not expect that it was her manager Wang, who was sent by this hypocrite of Manager Wang, so she could understand that she could not hang up in the hotel.

After Cao Wen was cold, in order to ensure that there was no accident in the future, she found Manager Wang.

"Manager Wang, I heard that I took me away that day when I was drunk. Where did you take me? How could I not wear clothes? Please give me an explanation!"

"I, I don’t know your home address, only to send you the hotel, but I left you on the bed and left, and I don’t know the others."

Watching Manager Wang deliberately pretended to be confused, Cao Wen didn’t pretend to be, and told Manager Wang directly about the news of his pregnancy, and also told him that he would call the police if she didn’t know she.

Manager Wang originally thought that that thing was seamless, but he did not expect that Cao Wen knew it so soon.

In order to be afraid of his own responsibility in the future, Manager Wang vowed to tell Cao Wen that he was sure that the child in Cao Wen’s belly would not be his.

However, Cao Wen didn’t believe it and had to perform parent -child identification. Although Manager Wang was guilty, he chose to drag two hair from the head and hand it to Cao Wen out of his head.

Cao Wenma, who got her hair, rushed to the hospital non -stop. As a result, the examination showed that the child in Cao Wen’s belly was Manager Wang, which means that the drink fruit was really infringing her.

When Cao Wen told Manager Wang’s result, he had been flashing his words and answered confused. Cao Wen was not accustomed to him and directly brought Manager Wang to the court.

Seeing that it had become a fact, in order to shirk responsibility, Manager Wang actually had the initiative to have a relationship with him, so he was not forcibly used violence.

After hearing Manager Wang’s speech, Cao Wen and her family were very angry and never seen such shameless rogues.

Fortunately, the law is fair. After a series of investigations, the proof also restores the incident and overthrow the false certificate created by Manager Wang.

Skynet is restored, sparse without leakage.Manager Wang will eventually pay the price for his actions.The court sentenced Manager Wang to six years in prison, meaning that he is about to be transformed in prison.

Although this incident has passed, it has brought great harm to Cao Wen’s psychology and spirit. She did not expect that because she participated in a wine bureau, she paid so much.Not only was his reputation affected, but even his boyfriend thought Cao Wen was a casual girl.

Originally, the two were about to enter the marriage immediately, but because of this incident, the relationship between the two people gradually drifted away. I have to say that Manager Wang is really a social losing class and directly ruins Cao Wen’s happiness.

Cao Wen’s affairs also gave us a wake -up, entering and leaving the society, drinking can not be avoided. We still have to do it. Do not drink for drinking. We must pay attention to observing people and things aroundterritory.

The wine culture has been passed down for thousands of years. It not only represents the long flow of wine culture in our country, but more importantly, I hope that our generation can inherit this culture.

Nowadays, no matter in the workplace and family gatherings, use wine to enjoy.Drinking with people who are familiar with the recent people are a kind of old narrative.But drinking with people who are not familiar with is a "danger".

Some dangers are not detected. They use sugar -coated artillery shells to convince you, just to let you drink the next glass of wine, and then you will use you. No matter what you do, it must be harmful to you.

The girls who just entered the workplace are our ability to make money, but drinking is another matter. You can push it as much as possible.Tell your family to let them pick you up on time so that your safety factor will increase greatly.

Don’t let yourself fall into a passive situation for a moment. This is not generous, but stupid.Sometimes proper rejection of others is also protecting yourself. What do you say?

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