A woman in Qingdao was driving after suspicious wine. After a car accident, she asked her boyfriend to top the pan.

On July 17, a woman in Qingdao, Shandong drove after drunk, and took a sting with a taxi. After the police arrived, they intended to let my boyfriend top the pan, and shouted at the taxi driver again and again: "I am:" I amI have been pregnant for four or five months, what are you, you dare to move me? "The boyfriend who was his peers had always maintained the woman and told the police that they just scratched the taxi, but the taxi driver opened his mouth 50,000.Is it just a person?

According to the online video, the woman wore a gray dress. Although she could walk upright, her legs and feet were floating, her head seemed to be blurred, her language was chaotic, her emotions kept venting their emotions, and she said that she was driving with her boyfriend more than once.However, according to the taxi recorder of the taxi, the woman’s white Mercedes -Benz car triggered an accident, and as soon as the accident occurred, the woman came down from the driver’s seat.

After being interrogated by the police, the woman not only did not realize her mistake, the more arrogant, and she shouted with her mobile phone: "I’m looking for my mother!" And pointed at the taxi driver and said, "I am pregnant, four or five,A month, what can you do if you can take me! "

First of all, drunk driving is a very dangerous behavior. my country is very strict with drunk driving. Not to mention that you are pregnant, even if you have children on the street today, you will still investigate your legal responsibility.Secondly, drinking during pregnancy is a very harmful health, especially for the fetus in the abdomen.Drinking will not only lead to abortion and deformity, but also affect the development of the central nervous system of the fetus, leading children to more likely to suffer from mental system diseases.

Since men’s knowing women are drunk, why not drive or drive by themselves?The woman’s emotions have always been in a fierce situation after the accident, and they will greatly cause contractions and even abortion, and the woman has been saying her stomach pain, so the men who peers should soothe her emotions carefully. The pregnant woman was originallyIt is easier to have emotional fluctuations than normal people, and it is not easy to be reasonable. So as a boyfriend and his peers, do you even have the ability to deal with problems?

Instead, after the accident, she kept sheltering the woman and asked others: "She is pregnant, what responsibility can she take?"Legal consciousness, this woman is just pregnant, not the responsibility of no behavior.There are also women who kept calling for mothers. Although they can understand the mood that is not easy to control during pregnancy, it is recommended that psychological maturity is recommended to consider the child’s affairs.

The taxi just occurred. In the video, the tires of the taxi only scratched the tires of the taxi. It was really too much to open the mouth for 50,000 yuan, but it was also a girl driving first.It is also possible to solve this matter privately, but this kind of thing is questioned by netizens if it can be called extortion?

This still depends on whether two people can solve this matter through friendly negotiation. Women are indeed suspected of driving, but there is no major traffic accident. The most serious punishment is nothing more than detaining and revoking driving licenses.As a victim, the driver has the right to require girls to compensate for mental loss and vehicle maintenance costs through this incident, so 50,000 can indeed be within a reasonable range.

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