A woman in Zhengzhou is pregnant with a twins. How can I conceive it?Can these fetuses be kept?

According to reports, recently, a very rare thing happened in Zhengzhou, Henan. When a pregnant woman was pregnant, she was found to have eight fetuses in her belly, which also means that she is pregnant with eight twinsEssence

You know, in reality, twins are not so common. Basically, after women are pregnant, most of them still have only one child. So, how exactly this Zhengzhou woman is pregnant?Is there anything special about her constitution?

According to the introduction of this woman, when she was preparing to get pregnant, because she had been irregular menstruation and was worried that she would affect pregnancy, she went to local hospitals for inspection and conditioning.With multiple eggs, I was pregnant with eight twins.

Of course, this is an extremely rare situation. After all, even if most women take drugs to promote ovulation even if they are pregnant, it is difficult to get pregnant at once.

Although pregnancy is a good thing, it is the long -awaited thing this woman’s long -awaited expectation, but one time with a twins, whether it is for pregnant women and the fetus in the abdomen, or a series of problems that they will face in the future, the facts are facts.The emergence of Babu twins has caused this family to be greatly troubled.

From the perspective of ensuring the health of pregnant women and fetal health, doctors recommend that pregnant women reduce their fetus. In short, although they are pregnant with eight twins, they do not leave so much. After allAll are retained, so the development will not be too good, and when production, it will also lead to a greater risk of pregnant women.

Although they are all their own children, but this woman also agreed with the doctor’s suggestion to prepare to reduce the tire as soon as possible.For example, at least 4-5 fetuses should be left, but the woman’s mother-in-law said that the economic situation at home cannot raise so many children. It is recommended to keep up to 2 fetuses at most.

I believe that many friends have such questions: Now that Barbin twins have developed, how did the tire reduction surgery operated without a "dead tire"?Is there a health risk for other preserved fetuses?

In fact, the so -called tire reduction surgery is not randomly selected. The fetus that pregnant women do not want to remove them, but to evaluate the health and development of the fetus, and leave the healthiest and most developed fetus.In this way, you can ensure the survival rate of the fetus, and at the same time, there are many complications of pregnant women.

Of course, tire reduction surgery is not when it can be done. Generally, it starts from the beginning of pregnancy. Within 11 weeks of pregnancy, the sooner the better.

However, it is not taken out of the unwanted fetus from the pregnant woman’s body, but in the heart of these fetuses, inject potassium chloride, so that these non -retained fetuses die directly in the pregnant woman, and they will stay in the pregnant woman’s body.After the expiration of pregnant women’s pregnancy, it is accompanied by the natural production of pregnant women, or it is taken out during cesarean section surgery.

Therefore, in fact, there is no risk of tire reduction surgery. Only when you are pregnant with a twive, if you do not obey the doctor’s order to reduce the tire, then whether it is a fetus or a pregnant woman, it is a risk.biggest.

In human history, the most recorded fetus with a record was in July 1971. At that time, a Italian woman was pregnant with 15 twins, and they were all produced. However, these fetuses were born shortly after birth.Because of all dysplasia and died light weight, it died, that is, this Italian mother worked hard to conceive October, but in the end, a child did not keep it.

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, in April 1964, a mother in Brazil gave birth to 10 twins at one time, and all of these fetuses survived, but this situation was relatively rare.

After all, if the number of fetuses is too large, the development of these fetuses will not be too good. After birth, it will also be much smaller than the normal fetus, and they also need to take care of them in the intensive ward.

For example, in 2019, a woman in the United States gave birth to six twins. The largest ones of these fetuses weighed only 2.5 pounds, and the smallest was only about 1.5 pounds. Within 5-8 catties, it is the healthiest. Among them, 6-7 catties of fetus is the best, and fetal development is also the best.

It is conceivable that the situation of the six blood twins is at least half of the weight than the normal fetus. If this time the Zhengzhou women’s eighty twins are retained, then the probability of all the eight fetuses is also the probability of all healthy survival and survival.It will not be big.

Therefore, it is the best to reduce tires in science from ensuring the health of pregnant women and fetuses, and the burden will not be so heavy in the process of raising in the future. What do you say?

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