Afraid of cold and fatigue during pregnancy may be related to endocrine "hypothyroidism", which will affect the baby’s IQ

Endocrine affects human health, especially during pregnancy. In addition to the need for conventional obstetrics and gynecology examinations, it must also pay attention to early screening and diagnosis of endocrine diseases.Qin Shuang, chief physician of the Department of Endocrine Department of the Second People’s Hospital of Chengdu, introduced that many studies at home and abroad show that pregnant women have different degrees of thyroid dysfunction (clinical hypothyroidism, sub -clinical hypothyroidism, low T4 leather) can cause fetal brain Development disorders have led to a decline in the level of intellectual levels of future generations. At present, the clinical hypothyroidism in the first half of pregnancy in my country is 0.6%, and the dysploids of sub -clinical hypothyroidism are 5.27%, and the prevalence of low T4 ledmia is 2.15%.Due to the hidden symptoms of thyroid disease and the relatively lack of popular science knowledge education, the public has a low awareness rate of thyroid disease during pregnancy.

What are the dangers of hypothyroidism?Qin Shuang introduced that pregnancy hypothyroidism will affect the fetal development of the fetus. Compared with women born with normal thyroid dysfunction, the IQ scores of the baby born by hypothyroidism have decreased by 6-8 points on average.The first 12 weeks of women in the early pregnancy of women are the first fast period of fetal brain development, but at this time, the fetal function of the fetus itself has not yet been established, and the thyroid hormone required for brain development depends on the supply of the mother.If the expectant mothers suffer from thyroid dysfunction at this time, that is, the maternal thyroid hormone continues to be lowered, it cannot provide sufficient thyroid hormone for the fetus, which will affect the intellectual development of the fetus.

It is worth noting that in addition to the decline in the baby’s IQ, the decrease in pregnancy armor will increase the abortion of pregnant women, resulting in many repeated abortion of the cause.Pregnancy armor reduction will also increase the complications of pregnancy, and even increase the proportion of birth defects such as the brain, kidney, heart defects, and lip cracks, cleft palate, and multiple fingers.

The clinical manifestations of pregnant women with hypothyroidism are mainly afraid of cold, fatigue, mental illness, memory loss, etc. In addition, they will not eat much, but their weight gain and edema.This edema is not the same as the general edema. Pressing the skin with fingers is not sunken, and medicine is called "mucopytophagal".Blood disorders, decreased heart rate, decreased cardiac blood volume, the sedimentation and edema of adhesive protein, sticky polysaccharides in the mesomyocytes, thickening of capillaries, pseudo -hypertrophy, pale and soft heart, increased weight, reduced myocardial tension, and myocardial tension decreases., Thereby forming a hypothyroidism heart disease.

Qin Shuang reminded that once the pregnant women have the above symptoms, they should go to the hospital for examination in time.If it is determined to be hypothyroidism, treatment should be carried out early.Treatment is mainly to use alternative treatment of thyroid hormones.Domestic and foreign academic organizations all recommend that women with risk factors with thyroid diseases during pregnancy or 8 weeks before pregnancy or 8 weeks before pregnancy actively screen thyroid function and intervene early to meet them.

Shang Lanting Cover Journalist Zhou Jiayi

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