After "Eryang", these three methods of coughing are effective

Recently, the epidemic in some areas has begun to rise slowly, among which there are many cases of "Eryang".Many netizens have also shared their feelings, not only the "blade throat" reappeared, but also the symptoms of coughing.In this regard, the following three cough tricks can provide friends with similar situations for reference.

First, the right medicine.Facing the cough of the new crown, intervention with medication in time is the key.The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s "Guidelines for the Intervention of Chinese Medicine Intervention of New Crown Viruses" and the diagnosis and treatment plan and home guidelines of more than ten provinces and cities have recommended many Chinese medicines, and the treatment effect is good.For example, the commonly used Lianhua Qing cough tablets, the treatment of new crown cough can quickly reduce the number of cough and sputum in the unit time. Studies have shown that its clinical symptoms have reached 98.61%.Moreover, the World Federation of Popularity Prevention and Control Plan for Children’s New Correction Virus Infection is also included.

Lianhua Cough tablets have the characteristics of "fast cough, clearing the lungs and phlegm".Adding subtraction and tailoring, the components such as ephedra contained in the prescription can make the bronchial smooth muscles more loose, thereby making sputum better; ingredients such as mountain silver flowers, forsythia, and mulberry skin all have antiviral, bacteriostatic, antibacterial, and antibacterial, antibacterial, and inhibitory, and inhibitory, bacteriostatic, and inhibitory, and antibacterial, bacteriostatic, and inhibitory.Anti -inflammatory effects can alleviate inflammation in the airway, can also protect airway mucosa, reduce sputum production, and effectively improve the symptoms of cough and sputum caused by the new crown.

Secondly, rinse my mouth with salt water.Add a little salt to drinking water, you can taste the salty taste, and then put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate. After brushing your teeth every morning and evening, you can clean the throat environment, stimulate and activate the mucosal immune capacity, thereby reducing the pharynx.Dry itching, reduce the occurrence of cough.

Furthermore, knead the Yuji Point.We spread the palm of our palms. There is a fish intergemental point at the middle point of the thumb roots and the wiring of the wrist. It is often pressed to solve the table to clear the heat and the throat.Chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, fever and other symptoms.

There are also some precautions to keep in mind that during the medication, everyone should avoid spicy and greasy foods, and if the symptoms of medication for continuous medication are not alleviated, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately to avoid delaying the condition.


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