After 00, the woman ate 20,000 yuan grapes after pregnancy. Because of her vanity, her mother -in -law is very happy.

I believe that every expectant mother is very much looking forward to the advent of the children in the stomach. They all hope that they can give birth to a cute and beautiful baby, so many expectant mothers can be more beautiful in the future for their children, so they listen to the letter.Some online methods, what to eat can make children’s hair dense, what to eat can make children grow beautiful double eyelids, and what to eat can make their children’s skin white, but do these methods really use it?

After 00, the pregnant woman is single eyelids because of her and her husband’s eyes, and they are very small, so they listen to the rumors on the Internet, saying that eating grapes can make the child’s eyes larger, so they eat grapes crazy during pregnancy, and buy grapes.The cost was as high as 20,000 yuan, which eventually caused a miscarriage when the child was eight months. So what is going on?Let’s look down together.

Xiaoyu and her husband were both after zero, and they were also classmates in junior high school. After graduating from junior high school, they did not continue to school. Instead, they chose to go out to work together.After several years of running -in, the relationship between the two of them was really gold and not afraid of the fire. In the end, the two parents were witnessed that the two also entered the palace of marriage.

After marriage, Xiaoyu was also pregnant quickly, but after these two zero zero, they both love beauty. I hope that the children who will give birth in the future can be beautiful, but they both have a fatal disadvantage.And it is still single eyelids. They are very scared. After the child is born in the future, if it is single eyelid and small eyes, it will not look good.In the future, children will be brought out after birth.

So they started searching on the Internet how to give birth to beautiful big eye babies. Seeing many people said on the Internet that eating more grapes during pregnancy can make children’s eyes larger, so during the whole pregnancy, from the beginning of pregnancy, starting from pregnancy.Xiaoyu let her husband go to the supermarket to buy the freshest and expensive grapes for her every day.

From pregnancy to more than eight months, Xiaoyu basically ate every day. Later, the grapes were eaten too much.He believes that as long as he eats enough grapes, he is definitely a big -eyed baby.

But unfortunately happened, just eight months of pregnancy, Xiaoyu felt a little pain in her stomach, but at first Xiaoyu didn’t care, but she was very crazy to eat grapes every day, but after a few days, XiaoyuThis situation became more and more serious. Until one day, she felt severe pain in the stomach, so he felt wrong, and immediately went to the hospital.

But on the way to the hospital, Xiaoyu’s lower body became red. Although the hospital was rescued by the doctor, the child was still abortion.Xiaoyu was because of eating a lot of grapes, which caused diarrhea.

At first Xiaoyu didn’t care, but did not expect that diarrhea was infected with the fetus in the stomach, which led to the occurrence of abortion of the fetus. When she heard the doctor’s explanation, Xiaoyu’s mother -in -law slapped her son on the spot.Grandson

Through this matter, Rui Rui’s mother has something to say that the diet of pregnant women during pregnancy is very critical, and eating fruits is also essential, but you must pay attention to the right amount. Do not overeating, which is very unfavorable to the fetus.So what should I pay attention to during diet during pregnancy?Let ’s share with you some of them. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. In order to prevent gestational diabetes, it is recommended to have a bowl of rice per meal. Do not eat too many high -calorie powder and cakes with meals. There must be appropriate walking and other exercises to pay attention to the appropriate growth of weight.

2. The required dietary requirement for the proportion of sugar, protein, and fat amounts of macro volume is appropriate. It is simply believed that adding an egg and a cup of milk during pregnancy is not enough to meet the reasonable amount and proportion of protein. You can ask doctors to guide according to individual conditions.

3. Pregnant women can eat 200-400 grams a day, which is one to two fruits.Compared with fruits, it is recommended to eat more vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, and its vitamins and dietary fiber are difficult to replace.

4. Specific mothers must eat meat regardless of whether they drink soup.In addition to the thermal energy that can provide part of the body activity, it is more important to need a lot of protein in the process of growth and development.

5. Nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, high -quality proteins and rich vitamins. It is indeed a good product for fetal nourishing brain puzzles, but the heat of nuts is very high. The total daily intake should not exceed 1 or two.

6. Supplementary supplies cannot replace the normal balanced diet, and many supplements are medicinal. Pregnant women need to use it with caution or eat under the guidance of a doctor.

7. Food has cold and cold temperatures. As long as the food is diversified, according to the common method of mixing (such as fried cold vegetables, put some ginger and garlic), there will be no problem if you can’t eat it.

In short, pregnant and having children are a major event in life, especially if you are diet, you must not care about it. You should avoid your mouth. You should eat less if you eat less.Health and responsibility!

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