After 80s, I worked hard in Shenzhen for 20 years, and I achieved financial freedom at the age of 40. I have 10 million wealth

I, named Chen Hua, was born in 1982. At the age of 40, she is a financial company in a small company in Shenzhen with a salary of 5,500 yuan.Her husband is a truck driver. Although our salary is not high, the family wealth is as high as 9.5 million. There are houses and cars in Shenzhen, with a monthly net income of 19,000 yuan.Today, I will share with you, how do our husband and wife get rich?

I am now

I was born in the countryside of Ganzhou, Jiangxi in 1982.When we were young, our family was poor.The mother will make tofu at home from one, three, and five nights every week.After doing it, at 6 o’clock the next day, the mother would get up, pick the burden of tofu, and go to the village to sell it home.Mom’s craftsmanship is very good, the plaster is well placed, the tofu made is very tender, and everyone in the village loves it.Although it is very easy to sell, I can’t make a few money. I only make a dozen dollars each time and subsidize the home for use.

Once, my mother was in the summer, and in the morning, she picked up a lot of tofu and went to other villages to sell.Although the road was flat at the time, but the mother went around the road, this path was very close, but it was very steep and not easy to walk.This day happened to be rainy and rainy, and the road was a bit slippery. When the mother was not careful, she fainted and fainted on the path.

Rural Jiangxi

That day, my brother and I kept waiting for her to come back, but I didn’t come back for a long time.My brother and I always shouted in the village, but did not respond.At this time, a uncle in the village told us that going to the road on the mountain to see.At this time we reacted, and after he got there, he really saw his mother lying there.The moment I saw, I couldn’t help crying.She was mud all over her body, and her hair was wet by light rain.

I hugged my mother, my brother hurried home, called his father over, and finally took it to the hospital for treatment before his mother woke up.It was a matter of 1992. Through this incident, I felt that I grew up at once and knew the hardships of my parents.Thinking about it in the future, be sure to make a look.

Make tofu in the countryside

After I went to junior high school, I went to school to live in school.Every Sunday afternoon, my mother cuts dry radish or sauerkraut and stir in the pot.This kind of dish should put a lot of oil when fried.Every time she has to stir -fry a large pot. After the dishes are cold, I use 3 glass of white fungus to put it, then put a few pounds of rice, and put them in the schoolbag together.Carrying a schoolbag and walking a 20 -kilometer road to school.

At that time, taking a car from the house to school, the fare cost 1.5 yuan, but we couldn’t bear it and we could only walk.The three cans of dried vegetables and rice are brought. I want to eat in school for a week.To be honest, it is really hard to eat.I have to eat for 5 days. Only when I return home on Friday night, I have fresh vegetables.At that time, pork was a luxury for me.Only the Chinese New Year can you eat it.When I was in school, there were also aunts around the school who would make a little vegetable and sold to the gate of our school. A spoonful of only 1 cents of dollars, which is expensive for 2 cents.But it’s so cheap, we still don’t have money to buy.You can only eat your own dried vegetables in the dormitory.

In school, for me, the biggest difficulty is the problem of eating.At that time, each of our students had an aluminum lunch box. Every time we had to wash the rice by ourselves, then put the rice in the lunch box, and poured water on it.After the lid is covered, put it on the wooden frame of the school cafeteria. The aunt would be lifted to the stove to steam.

Aluminum lunch box

Every time after class, we have hundreds of students, a honeycomb to the school cafeteria, and our own meals.People now can’t experience that kind of scene.A total of hundreds of students were around, and they were looking for their own meals on the three layers and three layers inside.Because everyone’s lunch boxes are almost the same.In that case, it is easy to make a lunch box.I have several times, and the lunch box has been taken away by others.In the end, I can only take class.It is estimated that Jiangxi netizens should know these things.

In 1997, I graduated from junior high school.In the past, when we graduated from junior high school, they usually went to work, or went to a teacher or technical school, and rarely went to high school.With the support of my father, I went to the Ganzhou City to study technical school, Jiangxi Applied Technology Vocational College, and studied accounting.

At that time, the quality of teaching was not bad. I learned a lot and had a certain accounting foundation.By 2000, I came to Shenzhen from Ganzhou alone.At that time, work was really difficult to find.It was difficult to find the general workers at that time, let alone the office.

Technical school

In Shenzhen, I found it for more than a month, and finally was admitted by a logistics company in Yantian, as an accountant in it.At that time, the salary was 400 yuan. Although the salary was not high, it was very satisfied. After all, there was a foothold.

By 2003, our company came with a young man from Shaoyang, Hunan to be a trailer driver in the company.He is silent and does not like to communicate with others, but people are very practical and work hard.Every time the company arranged to give him a list, he did not push it off. As long as he had a work, he did it seriously and never picky.

After two months of doing it, I found that the company’s trailer driver had the highest salary.At that time, he had thousands of wages.For me, it is a proper Gao Fushuai.Every month, I want to settle his salary, and he will come to me.At that time, it was all cash payments, not as convenient as it is now.

Shenzhen Yantiangang

Once, he received more than 3,000 yuan.When he first got his hand, he suddenly asked me: "Beauty, go to dinner together? I invite you at night." Because I was very impressed with him, he agreed on the spot.

That night, at the stall near the company, he asked me to have a meal.We talked very well, and felt a bit like it.Since that day, our relationship has become closer and closer. After half a year, we have come together.

After two years of love, in 2005, we got married smoothly.At that time, I told my family that my boyfriend was from Hunan, and my mother did not agree.He said that I wanted me to go back to the blind date and find a family to marry.My mother was worried, I ran away with others and could not receive the gift.My mother meant that I marry someone, with a lot of gift money, and I can just marry my wife in the future.At that time, this was a common phenomenon in the countryside.


At that time, our village married a daughter. Cai Li was generally 20,000 yuan, and the amount was still a lot.In order to dispel my mother’s concerns, my husband and I gave 30,000 yuan to the mother’s house.At this time, my mother reluctantly agreed to marry Hunan.Mainly, it is difficult for mothers to see me in the future as convenient as now.Now think about it, in fact, the previous worries were superfluous.

After we got married, the first task was to build a house in the rural home of her husband Shaoyang.In order to build a house, I didn’t even dare to get pregnant. After thinking about building a house, I regenerated the child.

By 2007, after 6 or 7 years outside, we finally had the first deposit, up to 200,000.To be honest, my husband also suffered a lot.Since he was with me, he did not smoke or drink, and would not sing outside.Because I am the company’s finances, his salary income is clear.Therefore, he made money and kept it alone.

Husband’s occupation-trailer driver

That year, we dismantled the soil houses of our hometown and planned to build a luxurious new house.When the family was playing the foundation, suddenly the company had a colleague, saying that he bought a house in Longhua.He said: "You look at the house prices in Shenzhen before more than 3,000 yuan, and now it will be more than 6,000. In the future, the price of house prices will definitely rise. After the rise, I will sell it back to my hometown for pension and do not work." That day, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I ’mAfter listening, I was very interested.So I asked my colleagues and asked the real estate sales phone.

After a week, I came to this real estate based on the address provided by the sales.This real estate is called Jindi Meilong Town.At present, the price of this real estate is 70,000 yuan, and the price is more than 5 million to buy a house.However, in 2007, the promotional price of the real estate was more than 6,000 yuan in that year.At that time, it was sold for me with a 107 -square -meter three -bedroom.Because the floor is better, the price is 7,000 yuan, and the total price is 750,000.

Jindi Meilong Town

At that time, my husband and I had more than 200,000 deposits, which was just enough for the down payment of this house.After watching the house, I couldn’t wait to call my husband: "Husband, I’m looking at the house in Longhua, here a 107 -square -meter house, I like it, I want to buy it."

At that time, her husband said excitedly: "You are crazy, we are not civil servants, and there is no stable job. What kind of house to buy in Shenzhen? Now the house in the house is just dismantled.What money is built? Okay, let’s not talk about it, I’m driving, talk about it at night. "

Because my husband was driving, I didn’t dare to disturb too much, afraid he would not be safe.At this time, the sales on the side have always told me: "Beauty, the house here is very good. The floor you just saw, you see that the kung fu on your call is snatched by others."

Rural disassembly in hometown

At that time, I was very simple, and I did n’t have the experience of buying a house. I was afraid that there was no house to sell it late.Without listening to her husband’s advice, he paid the deposit that day and set the house.In the evening, I reported the matter with my husband truthfully.After seeing the document for buying a house, her husband directly lifted the dining table at home.The tableware on the table was broken in one place. This was the first time he had lost his temper to me.


He scolded me angrily: "I really didn’t expect, how could I marry a woman like you? These 200,000, but we worked hard for the money, what is the meaning of buying this house?"

I said to him at the time: "You have to believe me. In the future, this house will increase the price. When the price is up, I will sell it and build a villa for your hometown."

Jindi Meilong Town

Her husband only has junior high school culture, he doesn’t understand these things at all, and he has always been fierce.After a few days, the father -in -law’s father -in -law also knew about this.The old house in the house was demolished, and they moved into the temporarily built tin house to live.They heard that after I took the money to buy a house, all of them patted their thighs, and also said, "We are old Liu’s family, really unfortunately, how can we marry such a loser woman?"

Because of this, the father -in -law thought that the feng shui at home was not good, and he deliberately moved his ancestor’s grave from this mountain to another mountain.It is said that after moving like this, the family will not be defeated.

Because of this house, more than 500,000 models were loaned in the bank, and her husband’s pressure was getting greater. He went out early every day.If it is a factory in Shenzhen, he dragged a container and made 3 cabinets a day.He said: "I don’t want to owe money, I owe 500,000, always uncomfortable."

Jindi Meilong Town

By 2009, the price I bought rose to more than 10,000, which was equivalent to earning more than 300,000.When my husband saw it, he felt much better.I am much better than before.

In that year, we spent 130,000, and simply built a house in their hometown.There is no decoration in this house, just brushing the wall simply.Mainly the elderly, who has always lived in the iron house, and I can’t go.At the same time, this year, I gave birth to a son.

Rural house

After my son was born, my father -in -law’s attitude towards me immediately came to a 180 -degree change.From this moment, their whole family began to understand me slowly, without the negative emotions of the previous period of buying a house.Because of the arrival of my son, I am more and more treated.There is no way, the old man is very serious about men and women. If I have a daughter, it is estimated that there is another attitude.

Jindi Meilong Town

After the child is born, I feel that my secondary school degree is obvious in the big city in Shenzhen.So, I left my son in his hometown in rural Hunan, brought his father -in -law, and applied for the self -study exam of Shenzhen University by himself, thinking about taking a college diploma.

After having this idea at the time, my husband supported me and said that I was very advanced.Since applying for the exam, I have no free time for 3 consecutive years. As soon as I go to the evening or weekend, I have been soaked in the book.Kung Fu was reluctant to be careless. Finally, in 2012, I got a college degree from Shenzhen University.I am 30 years old.

The company’s boss, after knowing the progress, loved me more and more after learning.In the past few years, the company’s business has developed rapidly, and the company’s accounting has gradually increased from the beginning to 4 people.With years of experience and older qualifications, in 2013, I successfully became the company’s financial manager, and my salary reached 13,000 yuan.

Shenzhen University

This year, two of our husbands and wives had a bit of savings.Her husband kept noisy, saying that he would pay off the bank loan of Longhua’s house.I couldn’t hold him, and I went to all the savings of the two to the bank.

After without a mortgage, my husband said, "I used to listen to you before, can I meet me a request this time?"

I said, "What do you want?"

Husband said, "I want a car."

In fact, I don’t agree with him to buy a car. I feel that the car is consumable in Shenzhen and there is no room for appreciation.But seeing him for so many years, and the money was kept here, he barely accepted his request.I spent 15,000 yuan to buy a popular Jetta car through my friends, a second -hand car, and enjoyed him.Thinking of this now, I feel that I am particularly pulled, and my husband was successful by me.


Our good days have just passed one year, and in 2014, I started to think about the house again.At that time, a friend of his own bought a house in Vanke Langrun Garden, Tangxia.The house price there is 9,000 yuan, and the total price of more than 90 square meters is only 800,000.

Seeing this, I was excited again, but I was struggling to have no money.I thought of my financial background and thought of a way.So, I said to my husband: "Husband, you accompany me to sign to sign the bank. I want to mortgage Longhua’s house and go to a money."

Husband said, "What do you want to loan? How much is you loan?"

I am now

I said I want to loan 800,000, and go to buy a house.At this time, her husband disagreed anyway.

So, I started not to cook at home, nor did it clean, and even didn’t go to work at home. As soon as he returned, I cried.Even in front of him, he said with tears: "If you disagree, I will divorce you."

When her husband heard it, he was so scared that he immediately agreed.The next day, we took the real estate certificate. He obediently went to the bank with me and made a 800,000 loan.At that time, the loan was 3 years, and the principal and interest was repaid.It is mainly that we have a house, and it is still a red book. It is a high -quality customer in the bank.At that time, the assessment price of our Longhua house was as high as 3 million.

Vanke Langrun Garden

After one month, I took 800,000 and went to Vanke Langrun Garden in Tangxia, Dongguan to buy a 96 -square -meter three -bedroom.This house is relatively cheap, with a total price of 820,000, and the unit price is about 9,000 yuan.Because I paid at one time, the developer finally gave me another discount, and the last 790,000 bought it.

Why did I choose to buy a house again?Mainly, I often deal with people in the bank. They told me that the mortgage interest rate will be reduced, and house prices may rise next year.Because of this information, I went to the layout in advance.It turns out that my decision is correct. By the next year, the house prices in Shenzhen and Dongguan have been soaring in 2015. After 2016, the house I bought rose to more than 2 million.

Vanke Langrun Garden

By 2017, 800,000 mortgage loans in Shenzhen were about to expire.So I took the opportunity to sell the house in Dongguan.That year, the property market in Dongguan was not bad, and my house sold 2.1 million.Finally, after getting this money, I made 1.1 million after paying back the loan in Shenzhen.

After getting this money, I felt like I was addicted to buying a house.So, I went to Dongguan Songshan Lake to buy a 90 -square -meter three -bedroom room, which cost a total of 2.6 million.I paid 1 million down payment and loans of 1.6 million.At that time, many people said that there was no room for houses in Songshan Lake, and there was no need to buy it again.But when I saw Huawei, more and more employees moved there, and I felt that this was a very potential place. I resolutely bought it.

Dongguan Songshan Lake

I feel that my luck has always been good. By 2020, the house price of this real estate reached its peak period and rose to 50,000 yuan.Seeing this opportunity, I took the opportunity to list again.This house was bought 2.6 million, and after 3 years, it sold 4.05 million.The 1.5 million loan owned by the bank is 2.55 million.

In 2020, my 38 -year -old age is also a highlight in my life. The bank is as high as 2.55 million cash and a house of Longhua. This house is worth 7.5 million. In this way, my assets are as high as 10 millionIt’s right.

Subsequently, because of the arrival of the epidemic, her husband was unemployed and had no income.At that time, I felt that money was not so profitable, and we were older, so I didn’t want to toss anymore.Therefore, I took the full 2.5 million to the bank and deposited a schedule. I found a small bank. There were more than 80,000 yuan a year, with an average of more than 7,000 yuan a month.Although there are not many money, it is enough for our lives.


This year, the company gave me me because of my position to let the younger brother of the boss.In the end, there was no way, and I was unemployed too.At the beginning, I thought I was very easy to find a job, but after a few months, I didn’t find it. People have abandoned me 40 years old. They are too old and have no high degree.In the end, I lowered the requirements and entered a small company for finance.This company’s affairs are simple, but the salary is very low, only 5,000 yuan a month, and I seem to return to the original point again.

This year, my husband and I discussed it to rent Longhua’s house, and then rented a small house near work.Now our family, a monthly stable rental income of 7,000 yuan, plus 7,000 yuan interest for bank deposits, and my salary of 5,000 yuan. One month’s family income is almost 19,000 yuan.

Jindi Meilong Town

Now I will go to get off work every day, and I won’t be so desperate. If the company does not want me anymore, I don’t care, at least I still have a stable income.Now my husband is lying down completely at home, playing games every day to watch TV.I don’t want to care about him either. Since he has married me, he hasn’t had much rest. I want to make him more comfortable and enjoy life.

The two of us have no academic qualifications. They have worked on our own efforts to fight in Shenzhen for 20 years, and now we have a wealth of 10 million.Although it is not as good as those rich, it is already content.

I think this is not how smart I am, but I am brave and catch up with the good era.If I didn’t buy a house at the beginning, I guess I was still working hard to raise my family.Life is much better than before.

I am now

Oral: Chen Hua

Writing: Shenzhen Xiaowei

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