After a woman is pregnant, she also comes to the auntie, maybe these big problems may be

Women’s hormone levels in the body will change much after pregnancy. The ovulation stops ovulation. The most direct manifestation is that it will not come to the holiday again. This often becomes the original standard for women to judge whether they are pregnant.But because of this standard, many people mistakenly think that the non -normal vaginal bleeding is coming to the "aunt", but he does not know when he is pregnant.

Ms. Liu recently felt a little uncomfortable, so she went to the hospital for examination, but the result of the ultrasound examination surprised her a big jump: 241 days of pregnancy and 8 months!How can you get pregnant?

After the doctor learned that Ms. Liu had non -menstrual vaginal bleeding, she immediately asked her to do further examination, especially cervical examination.

After consultation with experts, Ms. Liu was diagnosed with cervical cancer and needed surgery as soon as possible.The risk of combined with cervical cancer surgery is very high. Fortunately, with the cooperation of multiple medical staff, Ms. Liu and their babies finally kept their lives.

During pregnancy, vaginal bleeding is by no means a good sign. At different stages of pregnancy, vaginal bleeding has different meanings. Once it is found, you need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

In the first day of the last day to 12 weeks of pregnancy, the bleeding at this stage is still a common phenomenon. About a quarter of pregnant women will occur.Among the crowds, only half of people can be successful in giving birth, one -third of the risk of miscarriage, and the rest may occur abnormal pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy and hydatidal fetus.

If there is bleeding in the early pregnancy, the cause of the reason is required through a series of inspections such as blood drawing and B -ultrasound. Especially for B -ultrasound, you can determine whether ectopic pregnancy or hydatidal tires can be determined based on the location and shape of the gestational sac.If it is caused by vaginal bleeding caused by cervical erosion, you don’t need to worry too much. As long as you treat it, it will not affect the development of the fetus.

The second trimester refers to the period from 13 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. The possibility of bleeding in this stage is lower than early pregnancy. The causes of bleeding include threatened miscarriage, vaginitis, cervical cancer, chorionic epithelial cancer, etc., You must pass a professional examination to confirm the diagnosis.

Some pregnant women may feel that it is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus during gynecological examinations, so there is a resistance to the inspection. This idea is not advisable.Life threats.

The vaginal non -normal bleeding occurs in the third trimester, which generally includes the two conditions of the placental dicing and the front placenta.Early peeling of placenta is often accompanied by abdominal pain. The onset is related to factors such as hypertension, chronic nephritis, and short umbilical cords. The flowing blood can accumulate between the placenta and the uterine wall. The serious situation can cause shock.

If the embryo is planted near the uterine mouth, it can develop into a front placenta in the third trimester. The placenta and the uterus may cause bleeding. The amount of bleeding is less.The greater the situation, the more critical, and the pregnancy needs to be terminated early for cesarean section.

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