After breaking up with her boyfriend, she found that she was pregnant, and Guizhou girls who had flowed to Enshi chose to do this …

Love Wujiang Half -year Tracking and Welcome to New Year’s Eve

Special reporter Xu Feihong

"Give birth, a girl, more than seven pounds! Mother and daughter are safe." On the morning of March 11th, Tan Lian, director of the Family Planning Office of the Ogasurge Street Office, received a telephone news from the Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Essence"This mother Xiaoran is a migrant person in our aviation road community. The household registration is in Guizhou, and the production process has been complicated. In the past six months, the community has been tracking her news.","

Things have to start from October 2018."I remember very clearly that when she found that she was October, the weather was a little cold. She only wore a shirt and lay on the bench by the roadside of our community.arrive.The woman found is Xiao Ran."At that time, she was a bit abnormal and my face was a little strange. I stepped forward to find out the situation."

Through its self -report, Wang Yi learned that Xiao Ran came from Guizhou and moved to the jurisdiction of the aviation road with her boyfriend Wang, who was also a boyfriend of Guizhou in June 2017, and lived together.Due to the contradiction in April 2018, Xiao Ran broke up with her boyfriend and returned to her hometown.In August, Xiao Ran discovered that he was pregnant. He wanted to discuss Wang as soon as possible, and delayed his trip because he wanted to take care of his sick father.Until October, Xiao Ran came to Enshi again, but she could only sleep on the streets.

"She was helpless at the time, she was very tattered, and she couldn’t eat well. I was worried that she had something wrong with her body.Xiao Ran was moved, and Xiao Ran opened his heart."She is unfamiliar with her life and has no money, she can only ask us for help." Wang Yi said.

In the next month, under the coordination of the community, Xiao Ran and Wang met with repeated negotiations and finally reached an agreement: Wang paid 6,000 yuan, Xiao Ran issued the receipt bill for induction of labor.Because both of them were migrants and did not obtain a marriage certificate, they did not have the conditions to induce labor in Enshi City.

"The mediation is also successful. I thought that things had ended, but this little girl … Hey, it was also poor. In January this year, I came to our community again. At that timeRan didn’t want to break up with her boyfriend, and couldn’t bear the child, so he had not performed labor surgery."Children have been big in the month, and it is not a thing to drag." Community staff came forward again, but Wang resolutely opposed reconciliation with Xiao Ran and did not want children.Under the multiple mediations of community family planning and comprehensive management, Wang agreed to pay one thousand Wu Qianyuan as Xiao Ran’s future living expenses, and agreed to accompany Xiao Ran to return to his hometown in Guizhou to sign and induce labor.

"Xiao Ran, the girl, was too stubborn. At that time, she only wanted to reconcile with her boyfriend, gave birth to a child, and asked the other party to pay for maintenance costs, but the man resolutely opposed it. After visiting, we verified that the man had a fiancee.Compound is impossible. "This time the mediation was unsuccessful, and Wang then moved away from the airway community, contacted Xiao Ran, and left the original rental house to his brother.

Forced by the pressure of life, Xiao Ran once again asked the community for help and wanted to negotiate with Wang in person.Community staff contacted Wang many times and finally let Wang appear.The two accompanied by the staff of the community, and went to the Xiaochangshi Judicial Office for mediation.

"The man’s mind is going to cut off the relationship with Xiao Ran. This Xiao Ran just wants to reunite with the man. In this way, the mediation is still failed." Wang Yi recalled the scene of the mediation at the time, with some headaches."It was near the Spring Festival, and the weather was very cold. She was still with children in her stomach. We asked her to bake fire and eat meals in the neighborhood committee and give her some thick clothes to protect the cold. The man had completely ignored her. We had to persuade her to go home first first homeIn the New Year, it is not a thing of wandering by yourself. "

"She didn’t listen to persuasion, and people disappeared like this. Our community has been looking for her for a long time, afraid of her accident. Later, through Wang’s brother, that is, the people in the rental house now learned about her news." According to the community verificationXiao Ran returned to the original rental house and pushed into the door. Wang Mou’s brother lock into the door and reported to the police."The child is big in the month, and she has no money again. We do work for Wang’s brother, and at the same time contact Wang, let them agree that Xiao Ran is waiting for the original rental house."

Since then, the aviation road community has arranged daily leaders and grid staff to visit Xiao Ran and care about their living and mental conditions.At the same time, contact the Office of Family Planning Office, Civil Affairs Office, Enshi Family Planning Service Station, Enshi Maternal and Child Health Hospital, finding a way to meet her production needs.According to the calculated due date, the Maternal and Child Health Hospital will receive her to the hospital on March 6.The Aviation Road Community, the Office of the Civil Affairs Office of the Office, and the enthusiastic people of the society sent her the children’s clothing, diapers and other urgent needs in time.On March 11, Xiao Ran gave birth to a baby girl, and her mother and daughter were safe.

On March 13, Tan Lian and Wang Yi took several community staff to carry some infant supplies and the good fish soup to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital to visit Xiao Ran’s mother and daughter."The child is so good, come, I hug, you drink soup." Wang Yi took the child from Xiao Ran."I really don’t know how to thank you, always take care of me and my children." Xiao Ran was a little shy, and he was a little happy to watch the child."Mother and son is the biggest gift. See how cute this baby is. As a mother, you also have to consider future things." Tan Lian talked to Xiao Ran with teasing the child.

Under the sun, a healthy baby is lying steadily in the arms of adults, and the immature face shows the vitality and hope of new life.

(Source: China Selenium Metropolis Network)

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