After breaking up with her boyfriend, what should I do if I find that I am pregnant?

Sometimes people are really eager for mercy, standing at a high place to pity others.The best way to comfort a person is not to make sense to her, but to tell her that there is something worse than this in the world.After breaking up with her boyfriend, but found that I was pregnant, what should I do?

When the man is in love, the man holds you in your palm. When the enthusiasm fades away, you can’t stand it, and you will break up as the final ending.But do you understand the hearts of men after breaking up? Let me analyze some of the thoughts of the man in the heart of the breakup.Why not busy when you are in love?Why do you look at your phone all day when you are in love?Why don’t you think too much when you are in love?When a boy draws out from the period of love, he may begin to invest more energy into other places, and may even be put in other girls.Therefore, boys will also feel annoying girls who have taken a lot of time.

However, when you think he is more and more excessive, you tell him to break up, but he tells you no, but he will save you.Is this true? Actually, it is also fake. The boys are just afraid of losing, because they do n’t expect more things in their hearts, and they do n’t want girls to pay more. They want to keep their original state.They are afraid that they will regret it after breaking up, fearing that they will be unpredictable after breaking up, and they will bear some infamous infamous after the breakup.Therefore, they will not try to get more like girls like girls. On the contrary, they will retain girls, so as to keep the status quo as much as possible.

In any case, if a boy likes a girl, even if he is afraid of trouble and is afraid of responsibility, he will work hard to be friendly to the female, and all this, girls can feel easily.And if your boyfriend starts to be annoying and starts to escape you, it will prove from the side that his love for you has began to fade away.

Men’s state after breaking up can be divided into two types, one is never going to you, and the other is to contact you regularly.So women mistakenly divided men into two types, long love and widow.In fact, men are determined the same after breaking up.If there is a technology, you can clearly see a person’s heart, and you will be surprised by the special psychological function of men. Once decided to give up, their feelings are like a manual gate.Not even a seam.

A man will never go to you again. They quickly throw away the past that they no longer want, as if throwing away an old toy. This is a good habit of maintaining mental health, at least not guilty.A man will also contact you, maybe every few months, a short length.Sometimes they ask you to see you.Do not think of them, just like a corpse cloth as a wedding dress, but it never represents blessings.

They just regarded you as a souvenir.They occasionally see you, just to miss the years of being young and excited to sadly, in order to affirm the emotional story they once possessed in a bland and mediocre life, or to look at the steep mountain peaks they conquer again, from you again, from you, from youIn the appointment, I will find some self -confidence of my male charm.

This kind of man is somewhat narcissistic, but you are still waiting for him, like an abandoned station, there is only one license plate number on the stop sign.That car has already changed, and you are always standing there, waiting for him to encounter roads or weather occasionally, you will take a detour to you and stop. By the way, visit the onto -platform ruins to remember warm old things.

As a souvenir, your significance is no longer a gradual change in time.For him, the meaning of your existence is always the one you get along with him in a certain period of time in the past.He searched for you in the present you, in fact, looking for the shadow of his past, because that image had stayed in the eyes of your past.

You are changing, maybe it’s getting older.If he is kind, he will hate your changes, because you gradually cover up the past he wants to see.If he is not kind enough, he will observe that you get old and get old, because he is hurting his aging, he needs to prove that you become faster.

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