After children’s snack burst, it is expected to become a new business growth point for pregnant women?

In recent years, children’s snacks have set off a new round of consumption, and they have eaten the dividends of the sub -category. Following this path, pregnant women’s snacks have gradually shown signs of a circle.

According to Douyin’s data, pregnant women’s nutritional recipes, confinement meals, pregnant women snacks and other popular search words TOP lists. In addition, according to the research data of Ai Media Network, 18.2%of post -95 pregnant mothers will purchase snacks during pregnancy.Among them, the number of high -frequency consumers during pregnancy accounts for 6.1%of the group of pregnant mothers.Based on the increasing demand for users, the exclusive snacks of pregnant women have gradually emerged, and more and more brands have begun to lay out.

Taking the adequacy of the pregnant taste of tens of millions of yuan A+round of financing in the near future, it was established in 2017 and provided exclusive diet for pregnant mumans.A variety of explosive products such as series.In addition, brands involved in the field of pregnant women’s snacks include flavors, mummy diaries, three squirrels, Volon, Liangpu shop, little deer blue and other brands.New growth points for leisure snack companies.

Is it a real trend or a pseudo -demand for a pregnant woman’s snack track under the brand’s entry?

From the perspective of taste and nutrition, pregnant women’s snacks can indeed meet the appetite of mothers during pregnancy.It is understood that after women, the placenta will secrete choric membrane to promote hormones, and this kind of hormone will inhibit the secretion of gastric acid. Therefore, the taste of mothers will change greatly during pregnancy, or it is more sensitive to the smell of food, or it is more sensitive or more sensitive to the smell of food.It will change the previous dietary preference. According to relevant data, about 76%of pregnant women think that their taste has changed after pregnancy, so a variety of taste and nutritious pregnant women can meet the needs of mothers’ food therapy during pregnancy to a certain extent.Help mothers with a part of energy supplement during pregnancy.

However, behind the demand, the problems and growth limitations of pregnant women’s snacks themselves cannot be ignored.

The first is that pregnant women have a strong alternative.There is no distinctive line between pregnant women’s snacks and snacks. At present, many snack products have begun to develop in the direction of nutritional. Focusing on high calcium, low sugar, low -fat, high protein and other functional snacks are endless.Finding a replacement product in snacks naturally does not spend high prices to buy unsatisfactory crickets.In addition, under the influence of factors such as the decline in birth rate and low profit margin in recent years, major dairy companies have also entered the field of adult milk powder to deploy pregnant women’s milk powder series products, and pregnant women snacks are used as emerging products.Products such as milk powder have high recognition.

The second is that the snacks of pregnant women are timeliness and the audience is small.Needless to say, pregnant women snacks generally refer to foods that need to be needed during the October and after childbirth.Compared with 3-14 children’s snacks and leisure snacks of unlimited age, the timeliness of pregnant women’s snacks is relatively short, and the audience is relatively limited, which also means that the pregnant women’s snack market is difficult to continue to expand and easily saturate.

Generally speaking, although pregnant women’s snack tracks are very potential, they are limited by factors such as the particularity, timeliness and alternativeness of consumer groups. It is not known how far can go in the future.On June 26-27, the "Exit Road · 2023 Ninth Global Mother and Baby Conference & Regiment of the Leadership Conference", hosted by the mother and baby industry, will be in high energy in Shanghai.Opportunity ~

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