After conceived the baby, it becomes fart and the nose is extremely sensitive. Are these normal performance?

Since pregnancy, many women have found various changes in their bodies. For example, I do n’t want to eat spicy strips before, and I have especially wanted to eat during pregnancy.There was no constipation, and after pregnancy, I became constipated.People are still confused all day, either to sleep or want to vomit.

And these can also adjust through sleep and diet.What makes women very wondering is that after pregnancy, she loves farts and her nose is extremely sensitive. What is going on?

Is it normal to show farts after pregnancy?

Many pregnant women think that farting is a very embarrassing thing. Although I feel wrong, I am not willing to communicate with people.

In fact, expectant mothers don’t have to worry or feel restrained. This is a normal expression.According to the survey, the average number of farts per day for ordinary people can reach 8 to 20 times, mostly because of the passing of too much in the belly; food that can produce gas that can produce gas, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, white radish, etc.;It will increase the number of people fart.

This is not unusual in pregnant women. Pregnancy is a special stage. During this period, the level of estrogen of women will be affected. In addition, the gastrointestinal peristalsis becomes slower and the amount of exercise will be reduced.

Avoid this situation, expectant mothers also need to try to exercise each day as much as possible. In the early pregnancy, you can choose to ride bicycles, swim, and jog. In the third trimester of pregnancy, you can choose to walk and pregnant women.The standard of the American Society for Maternity and Gynecology for Pregnant Women is. Do not do less than half an hour of exercise every day every week. Pay attention to safety during the period.

However, drinking dairy products, according to the amount of calcium supplementation of pregnant women, the daily dairy intake of 500ml of pregnant women can avoid too much gas production; ensure that nutritional balance is guaranteed and reduced farting.

After pregnancy, the nose becomes extremely sensitive, is it normal?

After many women, after pregnant women, they noticed that their sense of smell has changed, becoming extremely sensitive, and stimulating foods with a lot of foods, fats and fats.The odor is sensitive.

This performance is also normal. Most of them are related to the high level of estrogen in pregnant women. For this situation, pregnant women do not need to worry about choosing the food they like to eat; to ventilate and clean the place where they live in time; avoid the large places with large oil fumes.; I often go outside to take a walk, breathe fresh air outside, as a normal situation.

In addition to the above situations, expectant mothers may also have black hairs, acne, urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, etc. on multiple parts such as belly, face, and other parts. It is normal. If it is serious, you need to go to the hospital for a doctor.

What are the obvious changes in your body after pregnancy?Which one is the most unbearable?Welcome to leave a message to share your breeding experience.

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