After drinking, I found that I was pregnant, can children still ask?

If I ask you: Can I drink alcohol?

Presumably you will definitely say: Of course, you can’t, smoking and drinking will cause malformations.

That’s right, alcohol can be said to be a "teratogenic substance", which will affect the physical and intelligence of the fetus, and at the same time increase the risk of abortion, premature birth, and death.

Can’t drink after pregnancy, this is a common sense of pregnant mothers.So why are there so many people drinking during pregnancy?

In the final analysis, there are two reasons: one is that the awareness of alcohol is not high, and he is lucky.Another most common, many women did not know that they were pregnant at the time.

So many women have doubts: Can children still ask for children after drinking?

This requires specific analysis.

It is said that aside from the dosage, toxicity is a hooligan. Similarly, whether the child can also be related to the amount of alcohol.

The Canadian Obstetrics and Gynecologist Association stipulates the "standard volume" of alcohol in the "Guide to Drinking and Pregnancy Clinical Practice" -thery drinks contain 17.7 ml of pure alcohol, which is equivalent to equivalent to

17.7 ml’s pure alcohol = 350 ml ordinary beer

17.7 ml’s pure alcohol = 150 ml wine

17.7 ml’s pure alcohol = 45 ml liquor

Generally speaking, low -dose drinking has a small impact on the fetus and will not terminate pregnancy.However, the medium -to -heavy drinking may produce malformations.

But pregnant mothers can’t be lucky. Drinking at low doses may still occur in fetal alcohol syndrome.

Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the amount of safety during pregnancy. If you want to be safe, you will not drink.

Whether or not the fetus can do it, you need to do the following production inspections.

7 ~ 8 weeks of pregnancy: B ultrasound

11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy (+6 days): NT examination

16 ~ 18 weeks of pregnancy: Tang Si

20 ~ 28 weeks of pregnancy: 4D color Doppler ultrasound

The results of the checkup will tell you whether the fetus can be required.

Alcohol will cause sperm and egg cell malformation to a certain extent.

According to statistics, three months before pregnancy, the chance of drinking a drinking fetus will increase by 44%, while the woman’s chance of drinking a heart disease will increase by 16%.

Therefore, for the health of the baby, both couples need to quit drinking for at least half a year.

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