After drinking several times, I found that I can stay when I was pregnant?

Doctor Chen, I have a clean menstruation, and then I ate Meilin several times because I have a fever. I did n’t hold back my homework a week later.The days when menstruation should not come, early pregnancy test strips are tested and pregnant. Can children stay?

Merrillin is a mixed suspension of ibuprofen. The composition of the mixed suspension of ibuprofen is ibuprofen. It is a non -sterite anti -inflammatory, heat -relief, and analgesic drug.

This medicine is a commonly used drug of pediatrics, which not only has a fever, but also has an analgesic effect.It is generally used to treat children with fever caused by colds. In addition, it can also relieve symptoms such as toothache, headache, and joint pain.

If the fever is not too serious, it should first be the main time to physical cooling. If the physical cooling effect is not good, it can be appropriately mixed with the suspension.

As for virus infection or high fever, it may have adverse effects on the embryo.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, within 3 months of pregnancy is a fast period of embryonic growth and development. It is very sensitive to adverse factors. At this time, if you are exposed to toxic and harmful substances, it is likely to cause embryo deformities and abortion.

However, a large number of clinical evidence in foreign countries shows that there is a time period called a full or no phenomenon, that is, in the early pregnancy, that is, within 30-32 days from the first day of the last menstruation, use medicine or accept X-rayFreshly influence on the baby in the stomach is only two results:

The first result is adversely affected, tire stop or natural abortion;

The second result is that it is not adversely affected, and naturally grows normally.This is currently the theory of "all or nothing" in the internationally recognized early pregnancy.

Because during this period of time, because the embryo has just been bed and the organ system has not yet reached the period of rapid development, the fertilized eggs have only performed simple cell division, and the tissues and organs have not yet been differentiated.deformity.Therefore, the influence of toxic, harmful substances, and adverse factors in the outside world is usually all or nothing.Will not give birth to the malformed babies that people worry about.

In fact, in order to avoid too much fatigue, Yang Kang should take a break for a while. Don’t rush to do homework.And it is best to wait for 2-3 times to get pregnant after menstruation.But according to what you said, there is no problem, so relieve your fetus.bless you!

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