After drinking, the couple is pregnant, should this child want to? Experts say that be careful to make the 10,000 -year ship.

My husband and I have just been married. During this time, my husband and I were busy. I was busy greeted my relatives and friends. On the first day of marriage, my husband was poured by a few friends. We were in the same room that night.After a week, my aunt did not come on time, and I went to the pharmacy to buy the early pregnancy test strip. The two bars were red. I knew that I was pregnant. I went to the hospital to consult a doctor.I can’t pay attention to it, you can help me go out of something -said from a newlywed wife.

In fact, many newlyweds have had troubles that have been pregnant after drinking.Here are authoritative experts to explain. For the health of the baby, let’s take a look.

If the couple drank a lot of alcohol on the day of conception, and after drunk, the same room would affect the quality of sperm and eggs because of the high concentration of alcohol in the blood.A mutation of eggs and chromosomes leads to fetal chromosomal diseases or cause early abortion.

If you accidentally get pregnant after being drunk, you must do a sieve of fetal quality. In the 14-20 weeks of pregnancy, you must do congenital stupid screening, and do system B -ultrasound at 20-24 weeks, such as Tang’s screening high risk.If you are older than 35 years old, it is best to do amniotic venomar in the middle of pregnancy and take amniotic fluid as a fetal chromosomal examination.Experts say that after drinking, be careful, "be careful to get thousands of years."

Modern medical research proves that after drinking a large amount of alcohol, alcohol is absorbed by the blood and runs the whole body, which has a certain harmful effect on germ cells (sperm, eggs) and various systems throughout the body, which reduces the quality of fertilized eggs.In particular, alcoholism caused by drunk is more harmful to embryos and fetuses.It can cause abnormalities in fetal development and cause intellectual obstacles. For example, dementia causes life to be unable to take care of themselves, or cannot accept education such as education.These children born after drinking have congenital malformations, congenital fool, and meningeral diaphragm. The incidence of intellectual defects increases, and even 20%is disabled, bringing a lot of burdens and children to society, families and childrenpain.

"Fetal alcohol poisoning syndrome" is the evil result of pregnancy after alcohol. These children have a mild weight, have disorders in the central nervous system, small head deformity, strange face, forehead protrusions, small eyes, strabismus, short nose, nostrils are facing the sky, upper on the sky, upper, upper, upper, upper, upper, upper, upper, and on top of the sky.The lips are shrinking inward, the wind is windy, and there will be heart defects and limbs.In order to avoid this child who is not born, it is the ideal way for couples to drop wine before conception.Mothers should not drink after conception, and this should be the case throughout pregnancy and lactation.If the woman also drinks, it is even more serious.Drinking for pregnant women is one of the reasons for defects such as fetal congenital malformations and low innate intelligence.Drinking the probability of having malformations than those who do not drink.Therefore, it is best not to get pregnant after drinking after drinking.

"Fetal alcohol poisoning syndrome

Even if the sperm damaged by alcohol, the egg can conceive the eggs, there is a strange or low energy.Some information shows that one month before the woman is pregnant, if the husband’s daily drinking 趔趄 is equivalent to 30 ml of alcohol, or drinks 10 times in a month, more than 50 ml each time, or once once a month of drinking125 ml, then the newborns born of the wife will lose about half a catty than the normal situation. Low -weight babies may resist weak resistance, slow development, and low intelligence.

Outdoor poisoning for the next generation, ancient books in my country have long been described.The family of Tao Yuanming, a famous poet in the Jin Dynasty, is the best example.Tao Kuang loves drinking, and every time he is drunk, he is often drunk for three days.He lived 56 years old, and his two wives gave him 5 sons, all of them were ignorant.This is exactly that he drinks alcohol, causing evil results, and delays his descendants.

Tao Yuanming

Therefore, a couple who wants a child must be a good surrogacy plan. During the preparation of pregnancy, we must avoid the impact of all adverse factors, establish good living habits and healthy living behaviors.It is best not to drink one week before pregnancy to ensure the quality of the sperm, which is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

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