After eating a dish, pregnant women have abortion boys to suffer from encephalitis!You are still eating this kind of snails, but you are still eating

Ms. Huang, 29, has a wish, that is, go to the outside world to take a look and complete a trip.Taking advantage of this holiday after this pregnancy, accompanied by her family, she finally had time to travel to Erhai.

Ms. Huang was very happy to play in Erhai Lake. Whether it was the local Volkswagen or the niche attractions and punching place, she went again.In the evening, I ate barbecue and stir -fry, and a plate of Erhai Tian snails were placed on the table.

After dinner, Ms. Huang had symptoms of fever and leg pain in the middle of the night.Because I was on my pregnancy, my body temperature has been high, and I had the phenomenon of hind leg pain for a long time in the past, so no one put this abnormality in heart, only to be tired.

However, the development of the future beyond everyone’s expectations.Ms. Huang first had high fever and shuddering, and she couldn’t even sleep.When the hospital was checked, the doctor quickly locked the culprit-"Erhai Tian snail".

Ms. Huang, who was delayed, was lying on the hospital bed and received a lot of sins.She has made 6 waist punctures, took more than a dozen boxes of insecticides, and tied 300 bottles of water.

In the end, an accident ending caused by "Erhai Tian snail" was hormone and drug deformation caused by hormones and drugs. It was necessary to terminate pregnancy and kill the child.

In fact, Ms. Huang eats the real field snails at all, but she looks very similar to the field snail with a parasitic of 6,000 blessings!

Not only Ms. Huang, the 7 -year -old boy had a headache unbearable after eating a plate of snails.After testing, the child’s intracranial pressure and abnormal white blood cell values are considered as intracranial infections.

Since the pathogen was not confirmed at the beginning, after a magnetic resonance examination, the doctor found that there were multiple lesions in the skull of the little boy’s skull.There is no evidence of infection, and the routine eosinophils of the blood rises, considering the parasitic infection.

In the end, it was the real murderer through the sequencing of the pathogens of the pathogen — Guangzhou tube circular width.

How can a plate of snails be so fierce?

How many unscrupulous merchants are secretly selling from scientific research and introduction projects to "Shoushou snails"?

In the 1980s, Fushouluo set off a bumper boom.Even the Intelligence Institute of the Agricultural Sciences has a lot of Fushou snail breeding training courses.

Although it is a variety of foreign introductions, Fushou snails are better to feed than traditional field snails. They can be thrown well in any freshwater area. It can grow well by itself.

Moreover, Fu Shouluo and Tian snail look like, and there are many heads than Tianluo.An adult Fushou snail is worth three or four field snails.

The most important thing is that Fushouluo’s breeding offspring speed is like the factories flowing line, but the spawning speed is unable to catch up with the toss.

A normal field snail, the number of snails produced in one year is about 100.

And what about Fushou snails?For several generations a year, it has set a record of breeding 325,000 snails.

Fulu is long and Shouyan for thousands of years.This is the expert’s impression and vision of this snail, so it is named Fu Shouluo.From the introduction of varieties to invasive species, Fu Shou snails have changed into "Shouluo" without spending much time.

Farmers found that Fushouluo was very destructive to crops.After two years of introduction in Taiwan, the snail disaster broke out.The loss of rice alone is 300 million yuan.

Later, Fushou snails harmed crops and harmed people.

What are the most popular dishes on the night market?Crayfish, spicy snails, barbecue.

However, in 2006, the Fushouluo incident that shocked Beijing was infected with more than 80 people.In the process of compensation, the restaurant involved had evaporated more than 20 million yuan.

The restaurant’s original new dish, when trying the dishes, chose a conch of 450 yuan per kilogram.Considering the price factor, the final selection is Fushou snails with a price of only 1/10.

As a result, after the incident broke out, after a long examination, the medical institutions confirmed that so many patients had "Guangzhou tube circular width disease".

For tube roundworms, humans belong to non -normal hosts, and the human body is not suitable for the growth of roundworms, so once they enter the body, they start to jump up and down.

The tube roundworm will be traveled in the cerebrospinal fluid, causing people to have symptoms such as high fever, headache, and stiff neck.In the end, patients may be diagnosed with cerebral edema, meningitis, etc.

Undaled merchants secretly sell, trying to hide the sky, how to distinguish it?

Fushouluo itself is not toxic, which causes the cause of life to be infected by parasites.If the poison is the snail itself, many merchants dare not hit this idea.

Thinking that many people can’t distinguish the Tianluo and Fushou snails, so some merchants mix the Fushou snails in the field snails, or directly serve as the field snails, which has become the fuse of many Fushou snail infection incidents.

So how to distinguish Fushou snails and field snails?

01 Look at the color

Generally speaking, the shell of Fushou snail is yellowish, while the shell of the field snail is blue brown.

02 Plugging shell

The shell of Fushouluo is very crispy. If you pinch with your hands, you can pinch it, and it can be broken to the ground.But the snail shell is much harder.

03 Look at the tail

The tail of the Fushou snail is relatively flat, and the screw mouth is large.The tail tail of the Tian snail is long and pointed, and the snail mouth is small.

Dr.X said

Learning to distinguish Fushou snails and field snails is particularly critical.But more importantly, if you eat things in your mouth, you must be cooked, otherwise other foods may be infected by parasites.

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