After giving birth, how long is the "menstruation"?If menstruation does not come, will you get pregnant?

Under normal circumstances, women come to menstruation every month. Menstruation not only reflects the health of women, but also is related to women’s fertility.If a woman’s menstruation is laws, then women are more likely to get pregnant. When a woman is pregnant, menstruation will stop. After giving birth to a child, menstruation may not come for a while.

After giving birth to a child, after a while, menstruation will return.However, the time of menstruation will be affected by various factors.So, how long is the "menstruation" after giving birth?If menstruation does not come, will you get pregnant?

1. Breastfeeding, how long is menstruation?

The feeding method will also affect the time of menstruation. If you insist on breastfeeding after giving birth, then the time of menstrual recovery may be later. It is about six months after giving birth.There are also some mothers who may be delayed to about one year. If you have not come to a year of menstruation for a year, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

2. Do not breastfeed, how long is menstruation?

If you choose to drink milk powder for your baby after giving birth, without breastfeeding, then the hormone level in the body will recover faster, so the postpartum menstrual recovery time will be earlier.Under normal circumstances, if the confinement is taken well, then the uterus recovery will be better. About 2-3 months after giving birth, menstruation will be recovered.Of course, there are also some mothers who may be delayed to about six months after giving birth. As long as it does not exceed one year, there is generally no problem.

Some women think that menstruation does not come, and they feel that ovulation ovulation has not recovered. Even if they are inaccurate in the same room, they will not get pregnant. Is this true?In fact, after giving birth, there are some situations that have not recovered, but ovulation will have returned to ovulation.In other words, ovulation recovery may be recovered earlier than menstruation, so do not have any fluke. As long as you start the same room after giving birth, you must contraceptive.

Do you know about postpartum menstrual recovery time and whether after childbirth contraception?Do you have any other questions about this, you can leave a message in the comment area below.

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