After he left, she donated 20 million

Fan Jinshi is 85 years old. Her long life is a cultural travel travel in Dunhuang.

In her life, she did only one thing -research and guarded the Mogao Grottoes.

In the summer of 1995, the evening after the heavy rain was not romantic. The flood of the dangquan river in front of the Mogao Grotto spread. In order to protect the caves from eroding from the rain, Fan Jinshi led everyone to fight the flood.

She looked up and saw a large golden light appeared in the Sanwei Mountain in the east of the dangquan river.

Many people like this Buddha will not see it all their lives, and Fan Jinshi has only seen this only time.

In the middle, she felt that the road ahead was getting clearer, and the Buddha gave her confidence and strength.

This year, Fan Jinshi was 57 years old and was already the thirty -two years when she came to Dunhuang.

The Mogao Grottoes decades ago were the same as today. At that time, she lived in the soil house, drinking salt water, eating potatoes and radishes, and there were always shaking dust on her body.

The life of the lonely Gobi beach made Fan Jinshi gradually forget what he used to look like.

In the days when she went to work in Dunhuang, as long as she thought of the past life, her family in Shanghai, and the cafeteria of Peking University, she would feel lost.

In many people’s eyes, at the age of Fenghua, give up a great future, leave his family’s flesh, and dedicate himself for most of his life to Mogao Grottoes. Such Fan Jinshi is undoubtedly great.

It is precious from scarcity, and most people do not have such courage.

Fan Jinshi felt that he was always flat and ordinary, and he missed several opportunities to leave Dunhuang several times.She stayed in Dunhuang for half of her life and attributed her to fate.

Fan Jinshi has been engaged in the protection of Dunhuang’s cultural relics for a total of sixty years.Recently, in that Dunhuang, who was extremely familiar, the seminar officially named the number 381323 asteroid as "Fan Jinshi".

The average distance from "Fan Jinshi" to the sun was 464 million kilometers, which was distant and romantic.

After donating 10 million yuan to Peking University to support Dunhuang studies, Fan Jinshi used his bonus to save and accumulated his personal savings to donate 10 million yuan to the Dunhuang Grottoes Protection Research Foundation in China. Her heart always thought of that land.

Fan Jinshi is 85 years old.

She recalled the past, and felt that her relationship with Dunhuang began a kind of illusion when she was young, beautiful and far away.

In the middle school textbook, Fan Jinshi read a text about Mogao Grottoes. A large number of murals and color plastic in the caves impressed her.

Fan Jinshi, who has lived in the sediment environment for most of his life, is actually a woman in Jiangnan. He was born in Hangzhou and was born in Peiping.When she was very young, the family moved to Shanghai to make a living.

Her father graduated from Tsinghua University and was an engineer, and her mother was also intellectuals.

After the family moved to Shanghai, his father changed his business. His foreign language was very good, and he liked Chinese classical literature and art.

Growing up in such a family environment, Fan Jinshi has a scholar’s temperament since he was a child.

Following her father, she read various literary works at home and foreign.Fan Jinshi has liked to listen to the evaluation and go to the show with his family. When he arrived at the theater, he could eat delicious snacks.

Fan Jinshi (right) and sister when you were young

In the war years, no one could live without living.

In this bustling city in Shanghai, Fan Jinshi has witnessed what is the "Shili Ocean Field" since he was a child. He also witnessed the Japanese slaughter of civilians. Some villagers were shot and killed by the Japanese army during the escape.

Shanghai has become an isolated island, and the majority of places are the occupation areas of the Japanese army. The poor are homeless, and tens of thousands of people have been frozen and starved to death.

Poor people.

After the victory of the Anti -Japanese War, Fan Jinshi went to Shanghai Xinhu Middle School to study, and his homework was at the forefront.Her parents have always been assured of her academic performance, and they almost ask, the only thing she is worried about is her body.

Fan Jinshi, who had a child paralysis at a young age, has always been weak and almost killed.

When she was a child, she liked to eat fat and grew fat. The family was called Fan Jinshi "Little Fat".

Fan Jinshi when he was young

One day, her neck was swollen and had a high fever. After a few days of stitches in the hospital, she did not see the results, so the doctor suggested that the surgery.Fan Jinshi was weak since he was a child. His mother was worried that her daughter could not bear it, so she found Chinese medicine.

Under the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, Fan Jinshi’s body gradually recovered, but it was still weak.She was sitting in the classroom, her face was hot, and her sweaty beads flowed down.

On the way to her classmates, Fan Jinshi found that she couldn’t walk until fainted.

The family thought that the child had cartilage, and later diagnosed as pediatric paralysis.

Under the medical conditions at the time, once the child had this disease, it would be difficult to escape the fate of paralysis or even death.

However, after a period of treatment, Fan Jinshi’s legs slowly became conscious and could walk.

Later, she felt that she was lucky and escaped from the hands of death. After the first healing, she could still speak normally, walk, or even jog.

Maybe there is some kind of mission in Heaven, and she must be sent to her.

Soon, Fan Jinshi graduated from high school. She did not ask her parents. She made her own admission to the Department of History of Peking University and was successfully admitted.

She soon left the south and went to Beijing to open her brand new youth.

Peking University in the 1960s

In the autumn of 1958, Fan Jinshi was admitted to the archeological major of the history department of Peking University. She took a three -day and three -night train alone from Shanghai to Beijing.

For choosing archeology, Fan Jinshi bluntly said that he was influenced by his father.

When studying in Shanghai, her father always took her to the major museums to enjoy the cultural relics, watch the exhibition, and learned that most of the exquisite cultural relics were unearthed by archeology.

Since then, Fan Jinshi has had a beautiful reverie and expectation for archeology.

Later, she learned that not many people were willing to study archeological majors, because they were bitter and poor.

Archaeological Peking University teachers and students

After entering the school, Fan Jinshi has more opportunities to participate in field archeology.In order to rescue the cultural relics found in large -scale construction projects across the country, the staff of archaeological relics were cultivated, and the Department of History of Peking University established the archeological specialized education and research room.

Teachers of Archaeological majors of Peking University are all writing textbooks. They are supported by historical materials and their own opinions.

Archaeological teachers and students often go out to inspect together. There are many opportunities for practice, and the academic atmosphere is strong.

In the 1950s, Peking University students were full of desire for knowledge. At that time, many celebrities came to Peking University to give a speech.There is a Soviet writer Cadaev, Chinese scholar Wu Zuguang, a crosstalk master Hou Baolin …

Fan Jinshi likes archeology and art.Once she went to the Beijing People’s Art Theater to watch the drama "Thunderstorm" with several classmates. They took a bus 332 and got off at the zoo to get off at the zoo, and then took a tram 103 to Beijing.

After watching the drama, they missed the last bus, and they sang songs in groups in groups. They walked back to the Peking University dormitory from Wangfujing all the way. It was already four in the morning.

Fan Jinshi never forgotten such a passionate day.

Stills of the drama "Thunderstorm"

In 1962, Fan Jinshi, who read a junior, read an article "Under the Qilian Mountains" written by scholar Xu Chi, was deeply shocked.

"Go to Dunhuang! Yes, he also knows that this is not easy. That is outside the" Yellow River from the distance of Baiyun ", at the end of the Hexi Corridor, under the Qilian Mountain!Ancient Zhang Jian’s spirit, as perseverance like ancient Su Wu.

As soon as he entered the cave, he fell into the dyeing tank, and the whole fell in the color world, and the horses jumped around."

According to the practice of archeological majors in the Department of History of Peking University, graduate students can choose cultural heritage sites such as Luoyang, Shaanxi and Dunhuang to participate in the internship.

Fan Jinshi chose Dunhuang without hesitation.

It was the place where she longed for many years, and was the holy place of the ruins of the Chinese Buddhist grotto.


The 24 -year -old Fan Jinshi came to Dunhuang for the first time and walked in the grotto. She watched the murals and color plastic in the cave staggered. From the characters of the Sui and Tang dynasties to the architecture, from the son -in -law to the sky, she was shocked and lingered.

This is not a paradise. Leaving the grotto and returning to real life is a completely opposite world.

Local living conditions are extremely difficult, no electricity, no water that can be drunk, and soil and sand everywhere.

The temperature difference between day and night in Dunhuang is extremely large, and the climate is dry.Fan Jinshi was originally weak. She was insomnia almost every night, and she couldn’t keep up with her nutrition. When she entered the grotto, she was difficult to walk.

Before that internship, Fan Jinshi left Dunhuang in advance due to severe soil and water, and the final internship report was also completed at the home of Shanghai.

Before leaving Dunhuang, she thought: "I will never come again."

In 1962, Fan Jinshi and Peking University’s internship classmates took a group photo in Mogao Grottoes

The fate of Fan Jinshi and Dunhuang was not over.

In 1963, 25 -year -old Fan Jinshi graduated from Peking University. She and her classmate Ma Shichang were assigned to Dunhuang by the school.

Ma Shichang’s mother cried on the spot after learning that her son was assigned to Dunhuang.

Fan Jinshi didn’t want to go to Dunhuang, but she personally understood the hardship of the land.

In fact, the teachers of the Archaeological Department of Peking University knew that she had a bad health and knew that she had a boyfriend at the time, but Dunhuang urgently needed talents in archeological majors. I hope that these two graduates can go first and replace them back in three or four years.

Fan Jinshi’s boyfriend Peng Jinzhang is from Hebei, and the two are Peking University classmates. He is sincere and loyal.

The two are interested, they attract each other, close, and combine.After graduating, Peng Jinzhang was assigned to Wuhan.

When he was young, Fan Jinshi and Peng Jinzhang

His father was distressed by his daughter and wrote a long letter to the leaders of Bei University. The first sentence was "the little girl was weak and sick."The letter was intercepted by Fan Jinshi, and she felt too shameful.

She thought that this was a way to compensate for archeological internships in such a way in this way.

Before departing to Dunhuang, Fan Jinshi returned to Shanghai from Peking University to say goodbye to his family.

My father already knew his daughter’s decision, so he stopped saying much.

Before leaving, he only said one sentence: "Since it is his own choice, then do it well."

Fan Jinshi cried, her mother shed tears silently.

Every time she returned to Shanghai to visit her relatives, her parents would filter biscuits in her bag, Shanghai toffee.They couldn’t bear to ask their daughter’s current situation, and she couldn’t bear to say.

Fan Jinshi comforted himself. After working in Dunhuang for three or four years, he could be transferred to Wuhan to get together with his boyfriend and his family.

I didn’t think, this is a lifetime.

Fan Jinshi in Dunhuang

Fan Jinshi bid farewell to his family and his lover and went to the desolate place.

The train is driving in the Hexi Corridor. In the vast Gobi Beach, I occasionally see the distant oasis. The closer to Dunhuang, the more she feels lonely.

After three days and three nights, Fan Jinshi finally arrived in Dunhuang, and she almost got out of the car with her body.

When she came to Mogao Cave again, she ran into the cave eagerly to see the murals.

Those early murals are full of enthusiastic earth -red tones, the brilliant scholarship of the Tang Dynasty, and the imaginative composition and color light and shadow. This was never seen by her in the archeological class of Peking University.

The murals in Mogao Grottoes

Dunhuang murals are exquisite, but the actual conditions are very cruel.

Although when she came to Dunhuang last time, Fan Jinshi personally appreciated the harsh conditions in the northwest, but when she really came to live here and lived in the broken temple next to Mogao Grottoes, she knew exactly what was suffering.

Dunhuang at that time was almost isolated from the world.

Everyone lives in the soil house, and there is always a shaking dust on their bodies.

The winter in Dunhuang is extremely cold, with more than 20 degrees Celsius. The thick ice layer needs to be cut with water, and the ice is drunk.

Eating almost every day is potato chips, radish slices, cabbage slices.In spring, eat the elm lines on the elm tree, sprinkle with salt and flour, and steam into the pot, which is delicious dishes.

Dunhuang is short of water. Everyone drinks water and washing, and uses bitter salt water in the dangquan river.Fan Jinshi has never been washed here since I came here, always sticky because of the alkaline of water.

At that time, there was only one handling in the Dunhuang Protection Research Institute, and it was difficult to communicate. It could only use candles or flashlights at night.

Every night, the cold wind whispered, mixed with the howl of the wolf, making people shudder.

Fan Jinshi’s residence in Dunhuang

To go to the toilet, you need to go to the soil toilet that is far away from the broken temple. One night, Fan Jinshi just walked out of the door, and saw a dark thing, with a green light.

She scared out a cold sweat and quickly returned to the house, thinking that the local villagers said that there were often wolves here.After dawn, she opened the door and looked at it. It turned out to be a donkey.

Later, Fan Jinshi admitted:

"If I have never been hesitant to shake, it is a false words. Compared with Beijing and Shanghai, Dunhuang is indeed two worlds. I often feel like the whole world has forgotten me. Peking University has forgotten me.Peng also forgot me. "

During the day when she was working in Dunhuang, Fan Jinshi would cry silently late at night. She was lonely in her heart. Thinking of her family in Shanghai, the lover of Wuhan, the teacher of Peking University and the cafeteria meals, she would feel a huge loss.

In order to resist this loss, Fan Jinshi forced himself to let go.

She put the mirror that the former sister came to Dunhuang into the suitcase, no longer shining the mirror, and let go of her appearance.

After a long time, Fan Jinshi slowly used to the dust of the sky; I was used to the hair that could never be washed; I was used to the salty and bitter water; I was used to the mouse who fell on the pillow when she was sleeping in the middle of the night.Shake the soil and continue to sleep.

Fan Jinshi and colleagues at the Office of the Dunhuang Research Institute

Fan Jinshi and Dunhuang gradually became unbelievable.

She copys murals in the cave, protects repair, and studies her literature.

Life is fulfilling, and she feels that it is worthless and tired.

Fan Jinshi thought of those devout monks, and in the caves day after day, the caves have never been built, statues, paintings, and practicing hard, trying to get the ultimate sense of liberation in a barrenness.

Being able to guard the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang’s body and mind is because behind Fan Jinshi, there is an unconditional lover -Peng Jinzhang.

Those stormy days, they accompanied each other and never gave up each other.

She is in Dunhuang, he is in Wuhan.

The two wrote a letter to express their thoughts. When they graduated from Peking University, Fan Jinshi, who was about to go to Dunhuang, Peng Jinzhang said, "I am waiting for you."

Fan Jinshi cried, she knew the weight of these three words.

At the time of graduation, Peng Jinzhang took a group photo with Fan Jinshi on the campus of Peking University

Non -thoughtful, this is 19 years.

In 1967, 29 -year -old Fan Jinshi married Peng Jinzhang, 30.

The young teachers of Wuhan University were two people and a dormitory. Peng Jinzhang’s roommate gave out the room out that night and gave them a new house.

They bought candy, tea, cigarettes, and entertaining colleagues.

Peng Jinzhang has always been simple, without any decent clothes. Fan Jinshi prepared a pair of leather shoes and a Wasana pants for him.

Later, when she came to Shanghai, she specially found a tailor for her husband to make a Chinese cotton jacket.Until the death of illness, Peng Jinzhang all treasured this little cotton jacket, but he was not willing to throw it.

After a few days of marriage, Fan Jinshi took her husband back to Shanghai. This was the first time she took Peng Jinzhang home.

Fan Jinshi and Peng Jinzhang

At that time, Shanghai’s family had been copied, and the family was rushed to another small place to live.His father watched his daughter calling her husband "Lao Peng", and also called him "Lao Peng".

Fan Jinshi later thought that fortunately, he took Lao Peng back to Shanghai to see his family that time after marriage. It was the first time he was his father.

At the end of the wedding leave, she rushed back to Dunhuang.

Fan Jinshi always said that he was not a good wife, nor a good mother. Lao Peng gave the family for a long time and warmth.

The partners who have been with each other for many years understand each other. They have never told each other to love you, but they always want to give them the best to each other.

Fan Jinshi and Peng Jinzhang

A year later, Fan Jinshi became pregnant.

Before the basin, she was still picking cotton in the ground. She was originally planned to produce in Wuhan, but the organization was not approved. Fan Jinshi had suffering.

The nurse of the hospital helped her send an emergency telegram to her husband in Wuhan.

Peng Jinzhang found a pair of flat burdens, filled with clothes, milk powder, eggs, red dates and other items prepared for mother and son. He took three trains and changed to a long -distance car to reach Dunhuang.

When Lao Peng Fengchen picked up the burden and appeared in front of Fan Jinshi, the two were relatively speechless, but only crying silently.

Fan Jinshi and Peng Jinzhang

The child has been born for several days, and Fan Jinshi’s inner grievances turned into crying, which was the first time she cried.

Peng Jinzhang had to go back to work in Wuhan for only ten days.

Fan Jinshi took the child alone by the "Mom Handbook". After the maternity leave, she tied her child into the puppet.

After getting off work, when she heard the child’s crying from a distance, she was more confused, but she would be scared without hearing.

Once after get off work, she found that the child fell off the bed, her face was covered with cooler, and she almost met the stove. The consequences were unimaginable.

This incident made Fan Jinshi scared. After discussing with her husband, they decided to send their children to the old sister Peng, Hebei, hometown.A few years later, the second son also ushered in the same destiny.

Family and work, the body and mind cannot be peaceful, it seems to be the fate of every Mogao cave.

Fan Jinshi’s eldest son and younger son

In 1968, Fan Jinshi’s father died suddenly, which collapsed.

As an intellectual of that era, his father was "picked up" and became a "reactionary academic authority", and his physical and mental was greatly impacted.

Fan Jinshi’s father has always been humble and low -key, and he is very cautious, and do not let him go.

It was an early morning. She received a telegram sent by her younger brother in Shanghai, saying that her father was sick.

Fan Jinshi panicked, immediately asked the organization to leave leave, and bought a recent train to return to Shanghai.

After seeing two younger brothers, she learned the truth.Someone detained his father in a small room of the unit, and was not allowed to go home. He was criticized and interrogated in turn.

His father committed suicide because he couldn’t bear this humiliation.

Fan Jinshi’s father

It was the most painful moment of Fan Jinshi in her life. She clearly remembered the sound of nailing on the coffin when her father’s coffin was coffin.She knew the difference between sadness and joy, and also understood the distance between life and death.

As soon as his father left, Fan Jinshi, 30, has since assumed the responsibility of supporting the whole family.

She only asked for a few days of vacation and soon rushed back to Dunhuang. Fan Jinshi gave her brother more than 200 yuan since her work, and promised to remit money at home every month in the future.

After the death of his father, the family was one of them.

Fan Jinshi in Dunhuang

At that time, Fan Jinshigang and Peng Jinzhang were not married for long. During that time, she always felt a kind of sadness in her heart. She left her hometown and her lover and had no relatives.

Whenever she was distressed, she walked towards the nine -story floor of Mogao Grottoes alone. On the endless sand dunes, Fan Jinshi could cry.

After crying, she was relieved, as if there was nothing to lose again.

Mogao Grotto

The smile of the Zen Buddha in the cave brought Fan Jinshi power. She calmly obeyed the necessity of life and her inner wishes, and stayed in Dunhuang to protect the Mogao Grottoes.

She used to enter the cave records and research day after day, and saw the bodhisattva on the murals smiling; I was used to the darkness in the cave and the light in the cave in the early morning;Best life.

However, Fan Jinshi was uneasy and stressful about the name of "Dunhuang’s daughter". She admitted that she had wanted to leave Dunhuang several times, but she missed it without exception.

The days of Dunhuang’s sediment made Fan Jinshi gradually forget the appearance of Beijing and Shanghai.

From the perspective of the outside world, in order to protect the Mogao Grottoes, Fan Jinshi almost gave up his personal life. It was great to separate his personal life. It was great to separate from her husband and children. But only Peng Jinzhang knew the sourness of his wife’s heart.

"Others think she is a strong woman, and she is lonely watching the Mogao Grottoes in the vast desert. But after all, she is still a woman. I have a deep memory of her tears for her.My hometown in Hebei. "

Until Peng Jinzhang gave up his career at Wuhan University and came to Dunhuang, the family was reunited.

This year, Fan Jinshi was 48 years old and Peng Jinzhang was 49 years old.

Fan Jinshi and Peng Jinzhang family

At that time, the eldest son had finished high school, and his second son had just finished elementary school.In those years, Lao Peng became a father and mother.

Fan Jinshi said: "Lao Peng is a husband who has nowhere to find the lantern. Without his completeness, there will be no later me."

In the long nineteen years, they were in Dunhuang and one in Wuhan, but they encouraged each other and depended on each other.No one or anything can be separated.

It was 1986, and Peng Jinzhang said to his wife: "We both have one to move, so let me go."

He knew that Fan Jinshi couldn’t let go of Dunhuang, so he chose to leave Wuhan University.

Peng Jinzhang

As an archeologist, Peng Jinzhang also requires a lot of courage to abandon the archeological teaching and research cause of commercial and Zhou Dynasties for many years.

After coming to Dunhuang, Peng Jinzhang started from scratch to do Buddhist archeology.

He presided over the cleanup and excavation of more than 200 caves in the northern district of Mogao Grottoes, and went home every day.

Peng Jinzhang has a good meal and returned home

In seven years, Peng Jinzhang screened almost every inch of soil in the cave in the North District to discover a large number of precious cultural relics.

After 60 years of age, he completed the archeological work of "Grasson in the North District of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang", and then focused on the study of Hanmi murals in the cave in the cave in the southern district of Mogao Grottoes.

What makes Fan Jinshi feel at ease is that her husband Peng Jinzhang also found his love and found his career again.

Peng Jinzhang works in the North District of Mogao Grottoes

The couple were accompanied by Dunhuang’s ideal in the desolate northwest, and spent a long life.

Some family members are beside him, Fan Jinshi can devote himself to his career.

Peng Jinzhang and Fan Jinshi

In 1998, 60 -year -old Fan Jinshi served as the dean of the Dunhuang Research Institute.

At the age of upcoming, she re -raced with time and continued to guard the favorite Mogao Grottoes.

In order to protect the Mogao Grottoes, Fan Jinshi began to monitor the micro -environment of the cave and the natural and human environment, and research the materials and diseases of murals …

After the west is open, more and more people come to Dunhuang. Every time tourists flow into the air, the flow of the cave will cause irreversible damage to the murals.

Fan Jinshi often thinks that it is not good to protect the Dunhuang Grottoes, so he is a sinner.

What was uneasy about her happened. Someone smelled business opportunities and wanted to develop commercial development of Mogao Grottoes, and intentionally let it go public.

Once the precious cultural relics fall into the vortex of utilitarian, the protection of the grotto murals will become a nightmare.

Fan Jinshi resolutely opposed it, dragging his elderly body to move to Beijing with Lanzhou many times to communicate with relevant departments.She thrown off the elegance of scholars and patted the table to fight for it.

As the president of the Dunhuang Research Institute, she did not want to waste money and insisted on living with only 20 yuan underground guest house.

Under Fan Jinshi’s adherence, Mogao Grotto’s plan was finally stunned by the business.

In 2003, the 65 -year -old Fan Jinshi proposed to establish a "digital Dunhuang", processing caves, murals, and Dunhuang -related cultural relics into digital images to allow Dunhuang to achieve eternal life.

"Digital Dunhuang" research and development process

In the same year, Fan Jinshi visited Mr. Ji Xianlin at Beijing 301 Hospital. The two sat together to talk about the study of Dunhuang.At the time of parting, Ji Xianlin repeatedly asked Fan Jinshi to pay attention to his body and not to be overworked.

At the Centennial celebration of Dunhuang, Ji Xianlin described Fan Jinshi in a word: the merit was countless.

More than ten years later, "Digital Dunhuang" was successfully released. Since then, people all over the world can enjoy all the scenes in more than 30 caves in the Mogao Grottoes through the Internet, vivid and realistic.

This year, Fan Jinshi was 78 years old.

She is worthy of "Dunhuang’s daughter".

In July 2017, Peng Jinzhang died of rectal cancer.

This year, Fan Jinshi was 79 years old. She said with tears: "Without Lao Peng’s love and understanding of me, there is no Fan Jinshi today.

She enlarged a husband’s favorite photo and put it at home.

Peng Jinzhang

On New Year’s Eve 2019, Fan Jinshi cooked the dumplings and said to the photo, "Lao Peng, we watched the Spring Festival Gala together at night."

In his later years, he lost his life’s love and made Fan Jinshi suffer great pain.She went to the cafeteria at noon and boiled millet porridge at night, just like her husband.

Fan Jinshi and Peng Jinzhang are in the house of Dunhuang, prepare for dinner

Fan Jinshi’s long life spans the old and new.

She is the newcomer of the old age, the old man of the new era.In a sense, she assumed the role of the cracks of the times, and used 60 years to make Dunhuang full of dazzling Dunhuang.

Facing the praise from the outside world, Fan Jinshi believes that he has been the protection and archeology of Mogao Grottoes for a lifetime, which is the arrangement of fate.

"I should be like this. Mogao’s spirit is not me, but a senior. They don’t leave, and they have become a part of life. I am now, it has become my life."

59 years ago, in the Mogao Grottoes Courtyard, the Dunhuang Research Institute made a statue with Fan Jinshi as a prototype, named "Youth".

The short -haired woman’s eyes were firm, holding a straw hat in her hand, carrying a backpack, and seemed to be in a hurry, her face was courageous for their ideals.

Many years later, Fan Jinshi, who was nearly 80 years old, had white hair. She said goodbye to her for many years. She looked at her younger when she was young and said, "Let me touch my youth."

Fan Jinshi lovers Peng Jinzhang and statue of "Youth"

Then why not his youth, for his wife to come to Dunhuang to start again …

This touch, most of the life passed.

Dunhuang’s daughter, old.

Fan Jinshi once said that if she had to leave a word when she died, she would stay: "I do my best for Dunhuang."

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