After infection with HPV virus, can you still have a sexual life?Can I get pregnant?

"Doctor, I have been sexing for one and a half years, and my wife is very dissatisfied. When will this annoying HPV infection turn overcast? I am worried about me!"Consult the doctor.

In fact, there are many HPV infected people in life who feel that HPV comes from sexual contact, so he rejects sexual life, and is often afraid that his HPV will be transmitted to the child, so he dare not get pregnant.So, after the HPV virus is infected with HPV virus, can you really not have sex?Can’t you get pregnant?In this regard, Dr. Su Yanyan, a female department of Shunyi Maternal and Children’s Hospital, gave the answer.

So, can HPV infected people live sex?

Dr. Su Yanyan pointed out that HPV virus is the abbreviation of human papilloma virus, and the most common way of spreading is sexual communication.Some data show that more than 70%of women with sexual life will have the chance of HPV infection.HPV virus is divided into low -risk subtypes and high -risk subtypes. Low -risk subtype HPV infection can cause skin and mucosal wart -like growth, such as genital warts.However, high -risk subtype HPV infection will mainly lead to cervical cancer and anal cancer.With the improvement of people’s understanding of health, at present, human papilloma virus (HPV) infection has increasingly attracted people’s attention.

1. The susceptible group of HPV infection: one is poor state, including poor sleep and decreased immunity; one is the appropriate environment, such as multiple personalities and unclean sexual life.60-80%of the infection is naturally cleared within 1-2 years.

2. HPV infection pathway is mainly sexual contact: so use condoms throughout the whole process to pay attention to the hygiene of sexual life.

After being infected with HPV, will sleep with your child be transmitted to the child?

Dr. Su Yanyan introduced that there was still a mother who consulted, "Doctor, my HPV was infected, can I not sleep with my daughter’s bed?" "You can sleep with your daughter." Dr. Su gave the mother reluctantly.Not only sleeping in a bed, but not infected with daily contact, everyone can rest assured.

After the HPV is infected, can you not get pregnant and give birth to a child?

Dr. Su also shared a clinical case.This is a 34 -year -old beauty. She asked: "Doctor, after HPV infection, starting from the age of 30 to prepare for a child. It is almost 4 years old and has been busy treatment.What should I do? "Doctor Su soothed her and said," Although HPV infections in these years, the recent vulgariacoplasma has been checked in cervical lesions, and you can prepare for the child immediately.Review. "

Women who are preparing to get pregnant can continue to be overcast after eliminating the cervical lesions, and it is indispensable to dance with HPV.Many antiviral methods cannot completely remove virus infections. HPV lurking generally does not affect pregnancy ending, nor will it affect the next generation of health.So you can actively prepare for pregnancy.

Patients with HPV infection should be far more anxious.According to statistics, women with sexual life have a chance of infection with HPV in their lives of 85%-90%, and 30 million HPV new cases in the world each year.The purpose of our popularity of cervical screening is to discover the role of early cervical lesions and escort the patient’s health.HPV infection is often excessive, which is not equal to carcinogenicity. Patients’ anxiety can cause poor sleep quality, fear, reduce autoimmunity, and make HPV more difficult to turn overcast.

In the end, Dr. Su Yanyan wanted to tell female friends that, in fact, HPV infection was not so terrible. As long as he obeyed the doctor’s advice and actively cooperated with treatment, most of them could return to normal.

Text | Su Yanyan

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