After learning that his girlfriend was pregnant, the man reacted like this, and he should send him to prison herself

After learning that my girlfriend is pregnant, her boyfriend’s response is very important to his girlfriend. You can perceive whether he really loves you, and sometimes you can see his essence.

When the warm -up boy is pregnant, he will care and care for his girlfriend Bega. If you do n’t want a child, you will also sincerely persuade his girlfriend to get a fetus. What will the scumbag who will not want to be responsible for selfishness?Let’s take a look at a real case that happened in Manchester, England.

According to the British "Sun" reported on May 14, when a man learned that his girlfriend was pregnant and wanted to give birth to a child, he repeatedly abused and beat his girlfriend in order to force his girlfriend, which eventually caused him to be arrested and jailed.

The 21 -year -old man named Victor Sibthorpe, who met Nicole McStravick, who was 21 -year -old at school in May 2018, is also 21 -year -old.The two began to communicate.

One day in February 2019, Marstlawik found that she was pregnant, and she asked Siberpu to choose a name for the child.Siberzop, who had already had a child with another woman, immediately asked her to kill the child, but Marstlawik refused. Siberpup was very angry. He began to threaten Marstlawik in various ways.

In order to let Marstlawik get rid of the child, Sibiscoppy insulted her as "fat woman", "slut", "idiot", "broken shoes", slipped into her car, and slapped her slap,She hit her belly, held her throat, and resisted her neck with a knife; chased her home, threatened to kill her and killed her family.Siberpu also changed Mostagram’s passwords without authorization and sent hundreds of malicious text messages to Marstlawik on Facebook.

In the face of Siberpu’s harassment and threat, Marstlawik was scared and didn’t know how to get rid of it.

On January 17, 2020, Sibiscoph was arrested and jailed.In the Manchester Criminal Court, Sibiscoph acknowledged his crime, was sentenced to two years and three months in prison, and was banned from contacting Marstlawik.

In order to get his girlfriend, Sibesopp is as crazy and uses everything.He doesn’t want a child, he can be calm and talk with his girlfriend. If his girlfriend disagrees, he doesn’t want to be responsible, he can turn around, why should he chase his girlfriend, and it is really difficult to understand the thinking of the scumbag!

This pregnancy not only made Mostlavik know that Sibiscoper had no love for her, but also saw his essence, but also caused her psychological trauma for a lifetime!The so -called unsatisfactory encounters, endless troubles!

Picture source: Cavendish Press Pixabay

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