After miscarriage, I was pregnant again and was worried about the tragedy.

On September 26, 2016, I married my husband who had been in love for three years. I started to quarrel from before marriage, because my family has many customs in the city in the city, and their family has no customs!First of all, she made a lot of money. Her dad thought that Cai Li was a bad custom habit, but there was no gift in the countryside.In the end, I sent tens of thousands of words to her dad to give 50,000 money gifts. 20,000 my mother took to buy things, and 30,000 were given to me!His family also said that when he got married, he wanted to buy a gold necklace for his son or a piece of table. My mother bought a gold chain for my husband to spend 12,000.In fact, the rural areas bought belts. My mother finally bought another belt. My relatives and friends had about 60 tables. His dad could only approve 20 tables. Our 10 tables went to the hotel.All my parents were invited here.All my brothers are arranged by my brothers, and his family cares about nothing.Before I got married, I cried and ranked grateful for my parents for everything for me, so I got married.

After marriage, I felt that I was deceived and married. My husband was lazy to do nothing. He also went to work at work. I had to wash clothes and cook the house all day. He would not help at all.We always have to change for these quarrels, and we can’t change him in the quarrel. In December 2016, we discussed with a monkey baby. The second month of smoothness was pregnant. I knew that I resigned from the unit after pregnancy becauseI radiate too much in the mobile company, so I won’t go. His dad is very unhappy and I think I will not go to work anymore. If it is not because of radiation, I will definitely go to work.Bleeding to the hospital Chabao has no drug flow!I couldn’t accept my tears all day with tears.I always burst into tears when I saw the pregnant person.

My husband is busy at work. We do n’t have a honeymoon. My mother -in -law took me to travel to South Korea. My parents drove me to travel to Hunan for half a month. I came back and adjusted my mentality.I just had a miscarriage for 2 months and I was pregnant again!I cried at the toilet at home because I was worried that I was afraid of the tragedy.In order to protect the fetus, I lived in my mother’s house for almost 4 months, and I returned to my home after stability.In this October, it was extremely difficult to conceive. The bleeding in the second month was normal. Fortunately, the baby was normal. By eight months, bleeding scared me to lie at home for four days. I went to the hospital to say that it was my vagina.There are polyps in it, and go home to cultivate again.

I was more than 180 when I was born 120 before I was pregnant.The pillow was a bit back pillow, and I was too obese during my pregnancy.My father -in -law still wants me to wait for a few days to give birth. My mother disagrees, saying that my fat looks likely, my mother and my husband have always made me cesarean section. I am not guilty.On the morning of the 15th of the first month, my son was born. I always thought I was pregnant with a girl. They had a boy and they were all happy.Because my mother in the countryside, my mother gave birth to two daughters. I have a sister.Hey, this world is cold, I don’t know what to say.

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