After more than ten days, the nurse came in in the middle of the night and scared me


This is my third time with me.The experience of taking the old man last time, in the middle of the night to secretly go to the toilet alone, I chose to face the toilet accompaniment. As soon as there was a movement, I could know it for the first time.accidents.

Never expected that things happened.

In the early morning, there was a noise from the outside of the room. For a while, I pushed open the bathroom door and found that the old man fell behind the door, sitting on the ground paralyzed, and spoke helplessly, shook his head helplessly.

I have taken the elderly to the hospital for a doctor five times this year. Today I took the old man to check it. I felt that the elderly had to be hospitalized for examination and treatment.

The doctor read the inspection report, and it was said that he was hospitalized immediately.We immediately go through the hospitalization procedures and do the formalities until noon.

Both the bed doctor and the nurse are very enthusiastic, paved the bed immediately, conducted necessary testing, and arranged infusion.

Two days ago, at home, there was no appetite at home, and the amount of meals was very small. I felt that I had no taste to eat. I had no strength to support it. I lay in bed and rest after meals.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the elderly still have a little energy, they do not lie in bed easily.When I got up, I had tea and chat with my family.

Last night, he also refused to go to the hospital for examination. He said that he had not finished taking the medicine at the last examination, and he had to check what he had to check.

After he fell in the morning, he felt weak. He didn’t say that he would not go to the hospital for examination, and he also took urine and stool samples.He is really weak.

The simple toilet with the home is placed beside the bed, and the accompanying bed is placed across a curtain.

One night, he had to urinate many times, drink water many times, cough many times, and turn over many times.Every time he urinate, I face the toilet, wearing a mask, and enduring the smell.One night, he diarrhea, up to 18 times.Every time I have to clean inside and outside.

Fortunately, this time, he did not secretly get up to the toilet alone.One night, he might feel strong. First, he grabbed the guardrail on both sides of the sick bed, and sat up like a small boat.After I discovered it, I had to call me to help him get out of bed.

This time, he weighed more than 140 pounds, like an old man who was pregnant.I couldn’t hold him to the bathroom like five years ago.

Because of his big belly, he was very difficult to sit straight, and it was easy to fall down.I have to let him lie on the pillow accurately, so as not to sting the back on the railing by the bed.

This time, several people took turns, infusion during the day, blood drawing, blood drawing, eating, taking medicine, and applying medicine, all normal.I was accompanied by bed at night. Ten days have passed, and I go home during the day in the next few days to sleep, and my body can eliminate it.

In the first few days, in the middle of the night, a nurse came in and scared me.It turned out that she came to the room, and helped me cover the quilt that fell on the ground.

Nurses often come to the room, but I didn’t find it because I’m too tired.After all the flowers, after all, the years are not forgiven, and you can’t help but toss for many days and nights.

With the care, even if the caregiver is invited, it may not be saved. Anyway, the patient’s three meals a day must go home for delivery.

I thought he was very honest this time, cooperated with doctors for treatment, and took medicine on time.As a result, he was too naive, and I was wrong again.

In the early morning, he opened the quilt secretly, put down the guardrail, and lay flat on the bed, sliding to the stool on the simple toilet like a slide slide.

He got up in a hurry, and the sound of rubbing the air cushion woke me up.I opened my eyes and looked at my eyes quickly. I lifted the quilt with one hand and grabbed the old man in one hand. He almost didn’t slide to the ground.It’s so thrilling!

After helping him put on the toilet, I had no place to get out of his stomach, and he took a few words.He told his family that it was a pity that he was finally discovered by me.

Five years ago, the thrilling scene reappeared!I asked him why this is like this?He said he wanted to try himself to get out of bed.He even sat down unstable. When he sat, he fell crooked and stood unstable. When he was standing, he was shaking like a bird who had just learned to stand.Try to get out of bed?In case, I really dare not imagine.

The stubborn old man is really responsible and hard work!

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