After pregnancy, do you always feel "nervous"?In fact, these four taboos are funny you play!

Pregnancy is a very important thing in a woman’s life, and it can be described as a turning point in your life.So when you are pregnant, the elderly in the family will tell you the taboos of various pregnancy. For example, this cannot be eaten, that thing cannot be done, so it is likely to make you nervous all day, but when you think of the child, everything is everything you are.Tolerance.So after pregnancy, you are always "nervous"?In fact, these four taboos are lied to you!

1. Can’t eat spicy and cold foods when pregnancy?

After some women are pregnant, anyone will tell pregnant women that they cannot eat spicy food, otherwise they may also affect the development of the fetus.In fact, for ordinary people, if you eat spicy things, or cold things, you can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.So the same is true for pregnant women.Therefore, after pregnancy, it is not to say that you ca n’t eat spicy and cold things, but just say that you should eat as little as possible to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort and affect the development of the fetus.Occasionally eat a little, and it is still possible to satisfy your mouth.

2. Can durian during pregnancy?

Durian is rich in nutritional elements, but the sugar content in durian is also very high, so some people say that pregnant women eat durian, which may increase the blood sugar in the body and cause adverse effects on the fetus. Is this really the case?In fact, pregnant women have no effect on the fetus, but for pregnant women, they should eat less as little as possible for their own health. If they eat too much, it may cause pregnant women to gain weight.

3. Can’t play with mobile phones and computers when pregnancy?

Many people say that there are radiation in mobile phones and computers, so it is best not to play after pregnancy, otherwise it is likely to cause malformations in the baby in the abdomen. Is this true?In fact, this statement is not completely right, because radiation in mobile phones and computers does not exceed the amount of radiation of security standards.But your mother should not play unscrupulously, because watching mobile phones and computers for a long time is likely to be bad for the eyes.

4. Do I have to lie on the left side to sleep at night?

After pregnant women are pregnant, because the belly grows slowly, if she chooses inappropriate sleeping positions, it may not only cause the pregnant mother to sleep uncomfortably, but may even cause hypoxia in the abdomen.Therefore, many people recommend that pregnant women take a sleeping position on the left side after pregnancy, which will be better for the baby’s development.In fact, this sleeping position varies from person to person, that is, how comfortable the sleeping position is. In fact, the mother is comfortable, and the fetus in the abdomen will be comfortable.

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